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Wednesday Questions!

i feel like we haven't had these in a couple days, so here they are for Wednesday Smiley Happy


1.) what is the most ridiculous amount of money you've spent on any one thing, that you felt was not worth it?

2.) since today is 9/11, do you remember where you were when you heard about the attack?

3.) whats one beauty product you love, and you are surprised when other people say they don't like?

4.) Do you have a pandora bracelet? if so, what's your favorite charm?

5.) Best kind of bubblegum?

6.) Pick one! Fall or winter!


1.) Over the weekend i went to teavana and i found a teapot that i loved, the guy went to tell me it was 85.00 plus tax, i ended up buying i was walking to my car i thought what a bad purchase it was an returned it right away lol 

2.) i feel like i'm much younger then everyone else on here, but i was in 3rd grade in class, everyone was really scared but i didnt really know what was going on.

3.) Purity Facewash Gel, its the only thing i can find strong enough to remove my eye makeup in one step. i've been using it for years and then i recently heard a bunch of you day you wernt a fan, i was surprised

4.) Yes, i have the wrap around leather one, and i have a charm my dad gave me with a crown that says my princess on it Smiley Happy

5.) I liked big red when it was around, i can never find it anywhere anymore.

6.) Winter! 


Re: Wednesday Questions!

1. caudalie premier cru la crème $150

2. I was 12 when it happened. I saw it on TV at home.

3. KVD lock it tattoo foundation

4. nope, I haven't worn a bracelet or a watch in years

5. I haven't had gum since last December (no joke) but I love anything minty


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