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Wednesday Questions!

i feel like we haven't had these in a couple days, so here they are for Wednesday Smiley Happy


1.) what is the most ridiculous amount of money you've spent on any one thing, that you felt was not worth it?

2.) since today is 9/11, do you remember where you were when you heard about the attack?

3.) whats one beauty product you love, and you are surprised when other people say they don't like?

4.) Do you have a pandora bracelet? if so, what's your favorite charm?

5.) Best kind of bubblegum?

6.) Pick one! Fall or winter!


1.) Over the weekend i went to teavana and i found a teapot that i loved, the guy went to tell me it was 85.00 plus tax, i ended up buying i was walking to my car i thought what a bad purchase it was an returned it right away lol 

2.) i feel like i'm much younger then everyone else on here, but i was in 3rd grade in class, everyone was really scared but i didnt really know what was going on.

3.) Purity Facewash Gel, its the only thing i can find strong enough to remove my eye makeup in one step. i've been using it for years and then i recently heard a bunch of you day you wernt a fan, i was surprised

4.) Yes, i have the wrap around leather one, and i have a charm my dad gave me with a crown that says my princess on it Smiley Happy

5.) I liked big red when it was around, i can never find it anywhere anymore.

6.) Winter! 

Re: Wednesday Questions!

I remember the Challenger - we watched it for science horrifying to see at that age

Re: Wednesday Questions!

I was in Home Ec and a kid stopped in and told us what happened.  No one believed him.  A few minutes later our principal came over the PA and told everyone what happened.  Living in Houston at the time it was especially difficult because NASA is such a part of the culture.  Even now when I've taken the tour of Johnson Space Center and the tram stops at the Memorial Grove the sense of loss is palpable.  I don't think I've ever made it threw without a few tears.


Re: Wednesday Questions!

Me too. I was in 2nd grade when the challenger crashed. I was home with chicken pox. It was the first news story I was interested in. 

Re: Wednesday Questions!

@ghkim-not a kid here either-would have been in the ER had my mom not been visiting-bless all that are gone and those with broken heartsSmiley Sad


Re: Wednesday Questions!

  1.  I bought one of those Dyson bladeless fans...looks cool but doesn't work any better than other tower fans
  2. I was in Dallas for training and could hear fighter jets overhead (was near the airport).  The training facility had no TV's and limited internet (this was awhile back), so we didn't really know what was happening after 9 Central Time.  I couldn't get a hold of some friends and was kind of freaking out.  Eventually they got messages to us (this was before Facebook).  Thankfully, I drove to the training but others had to find other ways of getting home to California, etc...
  3. Can't really think of one
  4. No Pandora bracelet
  5. Don't really chew bubblegum anymore
  6. Fall and winter are about the same down here but Fall!


Re: Wednesday Questions!

I just bought the Dyson Hot/cold fan.  I'm really hoping it does a good job heating our family room!  The fan part is insignificant to me right now.

Re: Wednesday Questions!

I thought about that one, but I don't mind the cold as much....not that it gets very cold here

I had a bunch of reward points with Best Buy, so though - why not?  Yes - it doesn't have that buffeting effect that other fans's a very smooth air flow, but I don't it gets as cold as others.  I hope the heating is better on that one than the cooling.

Re: Wednesday Questions!

I can understand the fan being a flop.  But I have an addiction to Dyson's products.  They are AMAZING.  Whenever I use a restroom that has their hand dryers I squeal with delight.  I love my Dyson vacuum so much I would marry it.  Smiley Very Happy

Re: Wednesday Questions!

I had to add a post-9/11 story.  Not too longer after, I was in Boston for work and on the way back, the lines were really long, soldiers with big guns, etc...  Of course, most people understood, but couldn't help be frustrated.  Then, I see something in the distance...near the front of the security line...hearing people laughing and clapping...What the ?!

I see some curly hair bobbing up and down...then finally...Richard Simmons!  He was trying to cheer people up in the line - in his usual way...  I guess he had just arrived and saw the line and figured he could make it his own receiving line Smiley Happy

Re: Wednesday Questions!

I flew to Houston the week after 9/11.  I was one of only 20 passengers on a normally full flight.  When I got to Houston there were more military personnel and Continental airline reps in the airport than passengers.  It was really spooky.  My flight home a little over a week later was a little more normal.  

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