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Wednesday Questions!

i feel like we haven't had these in a couple days, so here they are for Wednesday Smiley Happy


1.) what is the most ridiculous amount of money you've spent on any one thing, that you felt was not worth it?

2.) since today is 9/11, do you remember where you were when you heard about the attack?

3.) whats one beauty product you love, and you are surprised when other people say they don't like?

4.) Do you have a pandora bracelet? if so, what's your favorite charm?

5.) Best kind of bubblegum?

6.) Pick one! Fall or winter!


1.) Over the weekend i went to teavana and i found a teapot that i loved, the guy went to tell me it was 85.00 plus tax, i ended up buying i was walking to my car i thought what a bad purchase it was an returned it right away lol 

2.) i feel like i'm much younger then everyone else on here, but i was in 3rd grade in class, everyone was really scared but i didnt really know what was going on.

3.) Purity Facewash Gel, its the only thing i can find strong enough to remove my eye makeup in one step. i've been using it for years and then i recently heard a bunch of you day you wernt a fan, i was surprised

4.) Yes, i have the wrap around leather one, and i have a charm my dad gave me with a crown that says my princess on it Smiley Happy

5.) I liked big red when it was around, i can never find it anywhere anymore.

6.) Winter! 

Re: Wednesday Questions!

1.) what is the most ridiculous amount of money you've spent on any one thing, that you felt was not worth it?  Right now, Clinique CC cream and Purity cleanser.


2.) since today is 9/11, do you remember where you were when you heard about the attack?  I was 19 and sophomore year wasn't starting for another two weeks, so I was home and asleep when the first plane hit.  My dad woke me up and I went into his room to watch the news...I was just in time to see the second plane coming in.  Then there was the news for the Pentagon and I distinctly remember Dad saying that the first plane wasn't an accident and there's likely another heading for the White House (after the Pentagon hit). Sure enough, there was the one that went down in the field.  We spent most of the day just watching the coverage.


3.) whats one beauty product you love, and you are surprised when other people say they don't like?  A lot of Clinique products, actually.  The skin care line works well for my sensitive skin, so I don't generally mess with my skin care.


4.) Do you have a pandora bracelet? if so, what's your favorite charm?


I don't.  They're very pretty, but I can't justify that kind of money.  Not to mention the fact that the jewelry I *do* have is expensive, because I'm allergic to nickel.  I'd much rather spend that kind of money toward another trip to Hawaii or an eternity ring for our 10th anniversary in a few years.


5.) Best kind of bubblegum?  Most gum makes me sick, but Doublemint and Spearmint do not.  One of the sugars in the others is what does it, so if I do get gum (which is rarely) I have to read the ingredient label very carefully.


6.) Pick one! Fall or winter!  Fall, hands down.  Ashley's birthday, my birthday, Alyssa's birthday, Thanksgiving, and beautiful fall colors.  It's also not as cold as winter...just wet and rainy!

Re: Wednesday Questions!

1) I bought a designer purse in Paris, and realized when I got home that I could've bought so much makeup with the money that I spent on the purse


2) I was age 2 when we were attacked, so I don't remember at all. But I hear stories all the time about how my dad was at the airport in San Francisco that day, and his flight was cancelled. He came home and told my mom, who hadn't heard about it yet. She started freaking out, and yeah.


3) A lot of people like Naked 2 better than Naked, but I prefer Naked.


4) I don't Smiley Sad I do have a charm bracelet from a better brand though, and my favorite charm is a pink flower.


5) Double Bubble


6) Fall! Gets so cold here in PA in the winter.


Re: Wednesday Questions!

did your charm bracelet come in a little robin's egg blue box with a white bow? - i have one of those also, but all of my enamel charms are the blue and silver - then i have a gold one with just one charm, a heart-from my parents after i found out i had breast cancer - eight years clean and clear Smiley Happy


Re: Wednesday Questions!

i honestly don't know what box it came in, I got it as a gift 5 years ago and lost the box.

Re: Wednesday Questions!

1 - I spent 250 on a bag I cant even stand looking at right now >.< I have made many wrong purcheses in my day.


2 - I was in school, just got in to school actually & it was crazy, I think I was in 1st grade & I just remember we had to leave early. As soon as I came home, my older brother & me ran to our bedroom & we had these two huge windows in our room & we just stood there watching the smoke spread all over new york, (I lived in brooklyn at that time) it was very scary.


3 - Hmmm, havnt really crossed anything yet Smiley Tongue


4 - I do not actually! There not really my taste, Im not into charm bracelets actually.


5 - The hubba Bubba or whatever it was called, I literally stuff my cheeks with it till my jaw hurt Smiley Tongue


6 - Definitely fall!

Re: Wednesday Questions!

where is teavana?

1. 600+ on a pair of Manolos that i only wore once because i had to hold onto my sweetie's arm to walk; the heels are too high for my small feet-toe shoes would have been more comfortable

2. i was having coffee with my mother in my living room - she had come to visit for a week and was to leave that day - the gas lines were miles long and the interstate was closed, so i got to spend some more time with her

3. clinique anything - its not my favorite brand but they have a couple of things i really like

4. no Pandora bracelet, but several old school charm bracelets including the one while growing up with a charm for every event and trip-it is heavy

5.Extra Berrymint


Re: Wednesday Questions!

i don't know if they have them where you are, im in south florida, but its basically a gaint tea store and they have like beautiful tea pots and like hand blended tea that you can buy by the pound its really good

Re: Wednesday Questions!

1.) Hard to say...I've been ripped off so many times. For the sake of argument, I once bought a $40 electronic hair removal device that didn't work at all.

2.) Kind of. I know I was in my first apartment and found out when I turned on the radio or the TV that morning...I can't remember which. I remember seeing footage on TV of one of the planes crashing and my husband walking through the front door right then. His work let him out for the day. Most of his company's clientele were based in NY so they lost a lot of business.

3.) Can't really think of any.

4.) No, I find them extremely tacky.

5.) Bubblicious grape, hands down! lol

6.) Winter 

Re: Wednesday Questions!

1.) A membership to NutriSystem. I don't handle soy very well, what a catastrophe that was.
2.) I was 24, and on 9/11/2001 my now-husband and I set up our first big date around 1 am. 8 hours later the world turned upside down, but we kept our date or else the terrorists would have won.
3.) Some perfumes, but then I like things most thers find too strong and I dislike things others love because they're too fruity or floral.
4.) Nope.
5.) Big League Chew.
6.) Don't really get either in SoFla, but I like the Fall due to so many awesome b-days and fun holidays. Although I'll take winter in Paris any day!

Re: Wednesday Questions!

I agree with you on the south florida thing, we have hot half the year and hot and rainy the other half! our winter is a couple weeks long and thats at like 70!

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