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Wednesday Questions

Let's keep the questions going....


1. Dogs or Cats?

2. Favorite Summer Pastime?

3. What kind of food do you not like? 

4. If you could live anywhere, where would it be?

5. Favorite eyeshadow color? 


Re: Wednesday Questions

1. Dogs or Cats? I love both but I currently have a kitty. Smiley Happy


2. Favorite Summer Pastime? Getting to relax. I really like traveling and going on vacation.


3. What kind of food do you not like? I think I'd have to say sushi. I don't like fish and raw fish just grosses me out. Also Cali rolls make me sick. Smiley Sad


4. If you could live anywhere, where would it be? In Disney World. haha


5. Favorite eyeshadow color? Neutrals.

Re: Wednesday Questions

1. Definitely cats.

2. Chopping up flowers/herbs to put in a jar and leave outside in the sun. It extracts their oils.

3. Ah... frozen foods. I'm thankful to live in an area where I can buy lots of fresh food for little money.

4. *sighs loudly* I can never decide between Finland, Venice, and Quebec.

5. I rarely use anything but nude colours, but purple looks quite nice with my green eyes.

Re: Wednesday Questions

1. dogs, but Dibbuns (my cat) is awfully sweet Smiley Happy

2. doing stuff with friends or family and reading

3. probably endive

4. I have no idea. I have gotten to live in some neat places and I like so many places that I really can't decide

5. a shimmery champagne

Re: Wednesday Questions

1. Definitely dogs. =)

2. Sitting outdoors in the sun, drinking a cup of tea and reading a good book,

3. Cucumbers...ew..I don't know what it is but I hate them.

4. Italy <3 Such an amazing country with so much history and artwork.

5. I don't really have a favorite, but I tend to gravitate more towards purples and nudes

Re: Wednesday Questions

1.  Cats probably.  I love dogs but i feel a special bond to cats.


2.  Sitting in the backyard drinking g&ts enjoying the sunshine.


3. super spicy food


4.  maybe san diego?


5. anything in the naked palatte.

Re: Wednesday Questions

1. Both are adorable. Special place in my heart for Corgi's though. Stubby legs, too cute.


2. Reading blogs Smiley Happy


3. Bitter melon


4. Any of these would be cool: London, Berlin, Munich, Paris or St. Petersburg 


5. Not a fan of eyeshadow Smiley Sad

Re: Wednesday Questions

1) Dog person for sure.


2) Sitting outside with the sun on me, having a nice cold drink, and relaxing by reading a book or listening to music.


3) Pizza... I know it is weird. It is a mixture of the dough, cheese, and the sauce. I can't do it.


4) Greece! I love the architecture, the food, the ambiance, the ocean, everything.


5) Bronze and Taupe shades

Re: Wednesday Questions

1. Dogs

2. Laying out just relaxing on a warm summer day with a nice breeze. I don't get many chill days so I really appreciate the ones I do get.

3. Sweet Potatoes (not the fresh ones- I like those- but the super sweet baked ones)- yuck ;P

4. Florida

5. Copper

Re: Wednesday Questions

1. I have both, but I'm slightly partial to cats. I really like how standoffish they are, but once you spend time with them, their love is sooo rewarding!


2. Swimming or relaxing by the pool or beach Smiley Happy


3. I really don't like cheese or super bitter foods.


4. San Francisco or Hawaii!


5. Deep blue-teal or bronze

Re: Wednesday Questions

Woohoo!  Half way done with the work week!!


1. Dogs or Cats?

Dogs for sure.  Kittens are adorable, but I'm allergic, so thats a no go Smiley Sad
2. Favorite Summer Pastime?

As a kid, I looked forward to camping every summer.  We used to go every single weekend!  Now-a-days, I look forward to warm weather & pool/beach days with my girls.  I love a good tan Smiley Wink

3. What kind of food do you not like?

I'm willing to try just about everything once.  The only thing that I will NOT eat is onions.  White, green, yellow... doesnt matter.  That is the one & only thing I refuse!
4. If you could live anywhere, where would it be?

While I would be thrilled to live somewhere tropical, I love being here in the Bay Area.  I have my family all close by & would be so sad without them!
5. Favorite eyeshadow color?

Purples & golds.  Always the perfect combo!


xo, Mia

Re: Wednesday Questions

1 - Cats!  i love cats, always have.  I dont care much for dogs, they are just too noisy, messy and they shed like crazy!


2 - fishing on a lake in a small boat with delicious summer beer and good freinds


3 - i don't like mustard or pork rinds, yuck.


4 - i would live in a house right on the beaach in Del Mar, CA.


5 - i love the color Kitten by Stila.  It is the perfect color for any occasion!

Re: Wednesday Questions

1. Dogs or Cats?  DOGS
2. Favorite Summer Pastime?  Summer Camp
3. What kind of food do you not like?  Eggs
4. If you could live anywhere, where would it be?  Seattle, WA/Bogota, Colombia
5. Favorite eyeshadow color? Buxom Mutt

Re: Wednesday Questions

1. They have pluses and minuses so it's hard to choose. I love the company of a dog, but they smell. Cats are cute but can be fickle. It also depends on the breed I like all kinds of cats, except the strange bald ones. They are expensive and have to be bathed weekly, unless you want a cat covered in acne that stains all of your stuff with the oil from it's skin. Dogs are the same way the little ones are so yappy, cute to look at but a pain to own. I think in the end I love more cat breeds then dogs. However nothing is better than a Norwegian Elk Hound. They are the best pets and have the nicest personality. I highly recommend them for family's that have children. I'm sorry I made that overly complicated.

2.Watching hummingbirds


4.Up on a mountain

5. Pink or purple 

*Norwegian Elkhounds are not German Shepherds. Mine has been mistaken several times as one. 

Re: Wednesday Questions

I love Norwegian Elkhounds, so pretty, but shed a lot. Right now we kidnap my parents 15 pound Tibetan Spaniel. He sheds, but doesn't smell & doesn't tap. He barks, but definitely doesn't yap, not all small dogs yap Smiley Wink

Right now we're in the market for a red Doberman puppy. Another breed that has minimal shedding, drooling, and stink. 

Re: Wednesday Questions

My dogs an outside dog, so the shedding and stuff isn't as bothersome. I still brush her though. Every time I give her a bath she finds something dead to roll on. All my hard work to make her pretty and clean for nothing.  

Re: Wednesday Questions

1. dogs

2. beach vacations with more of my family members, and not just my mom and dad

3. Mexican

4. the beach

5. champagne

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