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Wednesday Afternoon Questions!

Hi ladies!

Since no one has given us questions to answer for the day I decided to take the liberty of doing some myself just for kicks.


1. How would you describe your personal style?

2. What is a secret talent or skill that you have that the BT community doesn’t already know about?

3. What is the oddest job you’ve had?

4. If you could add any feature to BeautyTalk what would you add?

5. How do you like to spend your Wednesday evenings?

Whimsically yours,

Re: Wednesday Afternoon Questions!

1.Casual Chic!

2. i'm a great cook

3. Folding towels and sheets at a laundry plant that serviced hotels

4. interactive games

5. If the weather is good i like to take a walk, then relax on my front porch with a glass of wine.


Re: Wednesday Afternoon Questions!

I was still MIA when this thread started, but I see others are posting late too, sooooo...

1. Feminine comfort with a touch of boho. I'm most comfortable in leggings and loose tops, shorts with pretty sweaters, sun dresses... I love to get dressed up, but being comfortable is my number one priority. I prefer flip flops over heels; for some reason even though I have high arches my feet do not get along with a heel higher than 2.5-3". Usually I find dressy wedges for special occasions. 

2. I'm fluent in Ukrainian, does that count? 

3. I don't think it's odd, but I did work at Build-a-Bear while in Nursing School because my old boss from another retail store was the manager & I needed a job with flexible hours & no weekends. 

4. More Mobile friendly, maybe switch to a true forum site for ease.

5. A typical weeknight where work or other obligations don't get in the way...   Cooking dinner, watching the sunset from our balcony with a glass of wine, then catch up on some shows. 

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