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Wedding Dresses

'Tis the season of engagements. That, plus kellsmuneoka's thread about Ridiculous Prices and IllegallyBlonde's Engagement Rings thread, made me start wondering about wedding dresses. If you're married, what was your dress like? If not, what is your dream dress? How much are you willing to spend?

I'd love to hear your thoughts! Although I'm engaged, I haven't even started looking for a dress because we won't start planning the wedding until my fiance moves up here...but that should be happening soon! My research has now begun by watching marathons of Say Yes to the Dress lol.

Anyway, rant and rave away!

Re: Wedding Dresses


Re: Wedding Dresses

DSCF3165.jpgI just had to add my picturs to this thread...I LOVED my wedding dress...found it onlne for less than $ bridesmaid's dresses  were more than that!  By the was FREEZING that snowed on June1!!!!  but it was a beautiful wedding.  I now use my wedding dress as a part of my wedding display.  I took a bunch of stuff from the wedding and made a nice shelf full of wedding memories...and the dress is like the "tablecloth" for the's beautiful!

Re: Wedding Dresses

I have a few dream dresses.




Re: Wedding Dresses

The 1st and 3rd ones are absolutely gorgeous!!!!

Re: Wedding Dresses

This was my wedding dress. We were going to get married in a court house or in Vegas, but then I watched that one HUGE/amazing wedding proposal on TV with the flash mob and I started bawling my eyes out and realized I wouldn't be happy with that lol. So we hired a minister, a photographer and I bought a dress on clearance and was much happier in the end Smiley Happy


Re: Wedding Dresses

Monique-Lhuillier-Ball-Gown-Ivory-2004.jpgThis was my wedding dress. I still love it many years later.

Re: Wedding Dresses

I love weddings, but I never wanted one.

Huge congrats btw!!! I hope you have fun planning & find an amazing dress.


I am a huge sucker for Vera Wang's dresses.

This one is stunning and there are SO many more!



Re: Wedding Dresses

I'm becoming inspired by these dresses, gonna have to send the boyfriend on here to check out this post. See which dress he'd like :-D. I want something elegant, not too blingy but something that'll be breathtaking !. Ahhh the fun of planning a wedding !

Re: Wedding Dresses

Be careful! The wedding message boards always have messages from women who are in a panic because their fiance saw a dress in a magazine on on TV and made a flippant, negative remark about it.


He will like WHATEVER you wear. 

Re: Wedding Dresses

that's what my wedding dress looked like, I fell in love with and I still love it!!jasmine-couture-t431-1011.jpg

Re: Wedding Dresses

image.jpgThen my dress flares out at the bottom. I'm 6' and it fit like a dream. 

Re: Wedding Dresses

When my last boyfriend & I were discussing our eventual wedding (which was supposed to take place earlier this year), I actually bought a dress to save for the occasion:


DB dress.jpg

The idea was to have a very small, intimate wedding in Hawaii (most likely just him & me) and I thought the shimmery bamboo-like print was perfect for a tropical setting, and I loved the way the chiffon draped. I loved the simple, elegant style too. Nothing poofy or pretentious, no trains to get ruined in the sand. The fit was incredibly flattering too. Almost everything about this dress seemed perfect.


But of course the wedding didn't happen and I returned the dress. That was a unique sort of disappointment that I hope none of you ever have to experience.

It's been a month and a half since we broke up so I was reluctant to even post this because it reminds me of our ill fated plans. Smiley Sad


That's life though.

Re: Wedding Dresses

Midnight angel, I'm really sorry to hear that! 


I don't know if this will help or be salt in the wound, but the dress I'm wearing in the post below was not bought for that wedding.


I had an engagement end about two months before I met my now husband. My dress was custom and couldn't be returned or cancelled and came in just after the wedding was called off. 


In the end, everything has worked out for the best. It hurt then, but there were some amazingly cathartic moments on the way back to feeling like myself again. I wish you all the best on this road. XO

Re: Wedding Dresses

Thanks, Aggiegirl2012.

Sorry for your loss but glad things worked out for you in the end. Smiley Happy

Re: Wedding Dresses

I didn't like your post because I like the fact of this but I liked it because you spoke out. Maybe things will mend out between yall in due time? I hope you aren't too saddened, you've always got all of us on BT for support. I think the print on that dress would have went great with the Hawaii idea, very pretty and beachy perfection!

Re: Wedding Dresses

Thanks, Spyski.

Definitely no desire to reconcile with the ex. I'm glad I didn't marry him like I hoped/planned to, but breakups always suck even if they're for the best.

Re: Wedding Dresses

Whenever I daydream about my future wedding dress, two designers come to my mind.






FRANCIS LIBIRAN (Filipino Designer)




Re: Wedding Dresses

Wow amazing, I love the details on the 2nd to last dress.

<3 Melissa

Re: Wedding Dresses

I'm obsessed with that Marchesa dress in the top-left corner! Smiley Happy

Re: Wedding Dresses

article-2587691-1C86F78E00000578-50_634x1132.jpgI just loved Dannii Minogue's wedding dress. Quite simple yet pretty and stylish.

Re: Wedding Dresses

I wore a Judd Waddell to my wedding in 2011! At the time I wore glasses, had longer hair, and stuck to very natural-looking makeup.



BUT I still think the dress suit me perfectly. I loved the lace tiers and the slightly unusual color. It looks quite white in the photos, but it was kind of a peachy-pink with an off-white overlay. 

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