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Wedding Dresses

'Tis the season of engagements. That, plus kellsmuneoka's thread about Ridiculous Prices and IllegallyBlonde's Engagement Rings thread, made me start wondering about wedding dresses. If you're married, what was your dress like? If not, what is your dream dress? How much are you willing to spend?

I'd love to hear your thoughts! Although I'm engaged, I haven't even started looking for a dress because we won't start planning the wedding until my fiance moves up here...but that should be happening soon! My research has now begun by watching marathons of Say Yes to the Dress lol.

Anyway, rant and rave away!

Re: Wedding Dresses

I am getting married in November of next year and already found my dress a few months ago, much earlier than I thought I would. I made an appointment at a local boutique not expecting much, and what do you know, the first dress I tried on was the dress Smiley Happy My budget was $3000 and my dress was around $1600.


I watched A LOT of Say Yes to the Dress lol!! And bought bridal magazines galore. It really helped me figure out what styles and silhouettes I liked. Before my appointment I picked out some dresses on the store's website that I knew I wanted to try on. I tried on a couple after the first dress, but honestly I didn't really care at that point and none of them came even close to the first.


Can't wait to get fitted for my dress, and I do still have to pick out a veil and shoes. I kind of want to go with a fun pair of shoes or an interesting color since nobody really sees them anyway Smiley Happyupload_5238688328052742538.jpgupload_1558058310366828578.jpg

Re: Wedding Dresses

Congrats! This dress is lovely. Somehow it is structured and ethereal at the same time. Beautiful.

Re: Wedding Dresses

Thanks and congrats to you too! Have fun shopping for dresses Smiley Happy It was a total blast for me and one of the least stressful parts of wedding planning so far

Re: Wedding Dresses

So pretty! That's something I think I would be attracted to at the store, too. Congrats!!

Re: Wedding Dresses

Very pretty -- congrats!

Re: Wedding Dresses

Haha...I did the exact same thing **say yes to the dress marathon** before getting married. I never went to Kleinfeld but I went to a few sample/flash sales in LA. I ended up choosing between Lazaro and Rosa Clara Bridal ( I adore her classic dresses ala Audrey Hepburn).

Re: Wedding Dresses

I would cringe if i saw a bride in real life that had a sheer dress like that (the ones that show your whole torso). I hope this doesn't offend anybody, Lol

Re: Wedding Dresses

boo that was supposed to be a reply to lilyyy

Re: Wedding Dresses

Ugh, I hate wedding shows. They make me hate weddings even more than I already do.

Oh, don't get me wrong, I have nothing against marriage or a ceremony uniting two souls and all that jazz, but the entire wedding industry is a crock from a customer's perspective. If you work in the industry, however, and are really good at selling nonsense, it's gold! /endrant


Anyway, my wedding took place in around one million B.C. so there are no photos online of my fact, I haven't seen anything like it in a number of years so I can't just post a comparable pic, alas.

Anyway, it was white satin with lace appliqués, pearls, sequins and shiny beads all over. The skirt was extremely full, with a cathedral train that weighed more than I did. The skirt had a pretty lace trim and lots of crazy cutouts and appliqués all down the train.

It had a sweetheart neckline with a low Queen Anne collar in the back.

The back itself was cut out with draping strands of pearls, and one strand of pearls hanging in the center. Of course you couldn't see any of that from behind my giant cathedral length veil but whatever.

There was a thin, horizontal bow at the back with 3 rosettes in the center (no giant 80's butt bows, thank you).

The sleeves were long, slightly puffed at the top and came to a point at the end, with lots of mesh/appliqué cutouts in between.

Quite an elaborate thing...I don't remember the price. Like I said, it was a long time ago so price would be irrelevant now anyway.


I literally looked through hundreds of dresses and couldn't decide so my (now ex) husband ended up picking it out. I showed him some of the top contenders but he kept going back to this one, so that was the one I ended up getting.


If I ever remarry, I will probably just wear black leather pants next time!

Re: Wedding Dresses

Ouch! I don't think it's fair to paint an entire field with one brush.

Re: Wedding Dresses

We can agree to disagree. Smiley Wink

Re: Wedding Dresses

You disagree that it isn't fair to paint everyone involved in weddings with one brush? So they're all a crock?



Makeup Artists

Hair stylists


Wait staff

Graphic Designers (whether you order paper invitations or go the tech route, a graphic designer was involved)




Dress designers & dress shops

Shoe makers


Rental companies


Any venue that host a wedding

Officiants, civil and religious


People who drive shuttle buses or limos


What is the wedding industry? Isn't it people from many different industries who are gathered together when a couple hires them to work at the event? Those vendors didn't make the couple hire them.


Maybe if a couple is highly impressionable, they feel pressured to have all the bells and whistles. I think for that, you can look to family pressure and maybe, just maybe, the wedding media.

Re: Wedding Dresses

My harp player tried to extort extra money out of us because the JP was late arriving (he was drunk in a bar and forgot, the innkeeper tracked him down but that's another story).  We'd paid her for the entire day but she decided that playing while everyone was waiting was going to cost us extra.  


Two of my mother's friends escorted her out of the inn and shoved her **bleep** into a snowbank.  She's sort of lucky they didn't break the harp over her head after what she tried to pull.  Helpful hint, never try to extort middle aged Italian-American women at the wedding of their best friend's daughter, it's not going to go the way you think.

Re: Wedding Dresses

Well since I got a shoutout (woot woot thanks jellybean) I guess I will share my favorite dressSmiley Happy image.jpg I just love the details, I love staring at this. (As you can see I copied it from Instagram lol)

Re: Wedding Dresses

This is fabulous. I loooove intricate details like this! It really makes a dress seem special!

Re: Wedding Dresses

oh and congratulations jellybean917!! 

Re: Wedding Dresses

That detail is GORGEOUS!

Re: Wedding Dresses

HeYyY Jellybean917,


Co0ongratulations on your Engagement!!! I just got engaged in November the day before his birthday...co0ompletely through me off!! LOL It's such an amaAazing magicqal time for you both and I wish you the best, best of luck with your Wedding plans. My fiance lives about two hours away and it's been very difficult trying to set up appointments and plans without him being able to attend. I think it is beyo0ond wise that you are holding off until he is available it makes things so0o much better! I knew from when I was a little girl which Church I wanted to be married in and I knew they needed a year in advance and we want to married in 2014 so0o I had to quickly find out if the Church was available and it was which was a dream come true and that spurred on more and more planning. so0o I highly recommend that if you can wait, then wait so0o then you can plan to0ogether!!! Once you know when your Wedding Date is (HEHEHEHE it's an exciting detail to know!!) then I wouldn't wait to0o long to start searching for what you would love as your gown. Say Yes To Dress is absolutely perfect to watch to give you ideas of what is out there. The gown I chose won't be even available for me to get sized in util 4 months after I ordered it...also rule of thumb tell the sales person that the Wedding Date is a month before it actually is...better to have your dress early enough to make alterations than to cut it to0o close to the big day. Look up the Fridays, Saturdays or Sundays basically the day of the week you choose look for that day a month before...I'm getting married December 6th so0o I told the Sales person the Wedding is November 15th exactly 4 weeks early. 


Also I would recommend that you do NOT bring a whole entourage of people to help you decide, I went with just my Mom and it was special but if you want you can bring your Maid Of Honor along as well just not to0o many people that's overwhelming. 


All in all lo0ok at Bridal magazines and pinterest and just get an idea of the lo0ok you desire. Don't attach pinterest to your FB account do NOT want so0ome people to see... hope this helped a little bit!!! 



>(8D) Have fun on your quest for the perfect dress!!!! 

Re: Wedding Dresses


ooh this looks super fun! I have a whole Pinterest board on my dream wedding... if I ever get married that is. Smiley Happy








Re: Wedding Dresses

I got married in the summer of 2012, and my dress pretty much fell in with my "classic" style. Its 18 months later, and I'd still pick this dress! We'll see what I say in 18 years lol...


This dress ran $1100, and it was about average price IMO.upload_5790774607234684195.jpg

Re: Wedding Dresses

soo pretty! Great choiceSmiley Happy

<3 Melissa
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