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Website changes

Anyone noticed that instead of shopping list we have a red heart sign now? So, when you browsing stuff if the heart is red it means you have the product in your (old shopping list). If not, then its a white/clear heart. Kinda cool Smiley Happy

Re: Website changes

I noticed it! i was like... umm??? why is there a heart now?? and when i hovered my mouse it says "LOVES: YOUR SHOPPING LIST" 


I love how sephora just continuously updates their website for the better! 

Re: Website changes

I just noticed the heart myself, but I didn't see how it affected the actual product pages yet. That's pretty cool :-)

Re: Website changes

I like the format of the new shopping list a lot... but I was disappointed that there still isn't a way to sort items or make multiple lists!

Re: Website changes

Agreed.. We really need categories. I love the new format, but give us organization!!!!

Re: Website changes

i would love to see the ability to customize lists (like amazon) so I can create a way to organize by type - foundation, blush, setting powder, gifts ideas, etc.  


I do like the new format with the pictures and when you hover it shows the name and price. The larger pics make me want to buy the products more! LOL

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