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Water Support Group AKA Soda Pop Anonymous

From the NYE posts I know I am not alone in struggling with beverage addiction. My New Years Resolutions included giving up the Diet Dr. Pepper dragon for good and for good reason! I need to drink more water! Nothing could be better for my skin... when I gave it up for a couple of months before my skin was luminous! I need to break the hold it has on me and, frankly 4+ a day is beyond ridiculous!!! 


Yesterday went well, except when I automatically ordered a soda yesterday without even thinking about it. I quickly switched to unsweetened ice tea. I ended up having 1 cup of coffee, 2 teas and lots of water. I went so far as to putting water in a pop can *ashamed face* but I find the bio-feedback so pleasing! (like e-cigarettes for smokers who need to hold something in their hands I guess?)


If this is one of your resolutions as well, come one, come all! Even if you just want to drink more water & cut back. I am an all or nothing girl and have never done well with moderation. It's time to make this happen! I KNOW I can do lots better with some SUPPORT. If you aren't an addict and want to encourage those of us who are we could certainly use sponsors! I loved reading all the advice from all of you on good reasons to quit and techniques on how to get through! Who's with me? 

Re: Water Support Group AKA Soda Pop Anonymous

Youthberry Orange Blossom from Teavanna is soooooo good!



Re: Water Support Group AKA Soda Pop Anonymous

Awesome! I will definitely give that one a try! I love anything orange & berry  so it should be great. I'm excited. Thanks!


Re: Water Support Group AKA Soda Pop Anonymous

I love adding a touch of honey to it, it's great hot or iced!

Re: Water Support Group AKA Soda Pop Anonymous

The summer resolution page made me think of this.


We're almost approaching June... how many people stuck to it? I have! Smiley Happy 

Re: Water Support Group AKA Soda Pop Anonymous

Good luck! I went cold turkey from my two/three can a day Pepsi habit over three years ago and haven't looked back. It will get better. Now just looking at soda makes me gag. Your taste buds will develop a resistance after a while so things will get better. I found that adding a little Crystal Light to my water helps me drink more water.

Re: Water Support Group AKA Soda Pop Anonymous

My Doctor changed my headache prevention pill.  I drink water 99% of the time as is, but I do order the occasional soda when I eat out.  Not anymore. The medication makes it taste funny.  Tried three different places to confirm.  Why drink the extra calories (yes, I cannot stand diet soda) when the medication has ruined all of the fun?  My headaches are no less than they were on the other pills either, and I am already on day 12, I believe.  If it is not better by day 30, I will not start the second bottle.


I hate coffee and tea, but I love water.  It has to be soda or water for me.  I guess the pills are a blessing in disguise, right.  Now, I will be 100% water (even at the restaurants that do not have bottled water and have nasty tap water, which are the ones I ordered soda at). I will just add three lemons!

Re: Water Support Group AKA Soda Pop Anonymous

I had a summer resolution to cut back on my coffee intake. I'm pleased to say after a few weeks, I'm doing really well! I started at 3 to 4 huge mugs of coffee every day and now I've cut back to 1 small mug in the morning and every other day I'll have another one in the evening. I'm so proud of myself for working to overcome my caffeine addiction! Smiley Very Happy

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