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I have just about had it with this Sephora and this stupid steps that I have to go through just to get logged in to the Community page. I have sent numerous pm's to admin, cleared cookies and have done just about everything I can do to keep my patience with this. Here again VIB's going through stupid crap to get something accomplished with a different ticket number coming up each time with "Sorry and unexpected error has occurred" Sephora you have more than enough money to fix this website and if not I'm done going through the madness of trying to log on.


Eeep! That's sad to hear you're bumping into issues!


I can finally access BT on my Android phone and post in threads and personal message. Before either I wouldn't be able to log in or I couldn't use punctuation marks or capitalize my letters, how odd is that?! Luckily that's been taken care of, maybe the admis and programers are working on things and in the meanwhile certain portions go down and cause errors to pop up which happen to run in with your log in times.


Hope it clears up for you soon!


@prettyinpa-Rant all you need to I agree 100% the site used to be fine I wish they would've left well enough alone!


It truly is crazy!  The website worked much better for me last year before all the changes got made in October. I had to change browsers because it wouldn't run on my older version of Safari and I kept getting the error messages like you. Then the shopping portion of the website wouldn't load product pictures, so I just went shopping at ULTA's site, theirs works fine and they had the F&F 20% off sale, so it was a no-brainer.


I really don't understand why the site can't be restored to a version that we can use, It's not like inventing something new or a patch, it's going back to something that worked fine before someone got creative and broke it. *end of rant*


Agreed, I remember those days and how frustrating they were. I hate how it logs you out so quickly though too. I have a MBP and use Firefox and it seems to work quite well. Safari and I have never been friends. lol



That sounds like a giant pain! How unfortunate that something that seems like it should be so easy to fix would cause so much hassle that it would make you have to give up coming here. Smiley Sad I have a few things that annoy me about the site but nothing that bad. It doesn't seem to understand I want to shop in America and get emails accordingly, the Canadian emails are useless and waaaay late. It drives me insane that half the sale section sends you to a "product not carried" page, and well, I'd better stop before this turns into an enormous rant, haha. But I hope something comes from making this post and your issues get taken care of! 


Hi ladies, 


We hear your concerns and are always forwarding your feedback on ways to improve the community Smiley Happy  We appreciate everyones contributions in making the community what it is today Smiley Happy  


xo, Mia


I agree with you this website needs to be stream lined. But this beauty board is new and I hope change will come in time.

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