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Virtually Dusting Off My BT Account

Hi!  It's finally summer time!  I kind of have a life again! lol.  I haven't logged on in forever due to my first round of student teaching.  How is everyone?  Awesome summer plans?  Anything new?  I have no idea what all to ask first lol.


I've also noticed a lot of new users since I last logged on.  I hope you all are doing well, too, and enjoying the forum! 


Quite a bit has happened throughout the semester.  I know I've posted asking about curly hair advice, and I did something totally different with my hair.  I let my future mother-in-law chop about half of it off.  I found some styles I liked on Pinterest, and she said something like that would look good.  My new hair:


new hair.jpg

The bottom left picture is what was chopped off.  I love my short hair!  Some of my friends said I could fit in with the 1920s lol.  I've had long hair for the longest time, and it was probably the longest during high school.  On Instagram, I did a Transformation Tuesday: High School Senior to College Senior. (I officially became a senior in the Spring)




I know I shared with you all about what happened to my dogs, Jewel and Meat Head.  Well, there is a new dog in the family, now.  My aunt bred her chocolate lab, and she let us have one of the puppies.  My dad picked the girl runt, and I named her LuLu Mae *last name*


lulu 1.jpg

lulu 2.jpg

lulu 3.jpg

She is my little buddy, and Brutus loves her, too.  However, she is still too small to be in the lot with him full time.  She's 7 weeks old now.


I have still been playing around with nail art when I have the time.  I hope to practice more with acrylic this summer.  I have some neon green nail tips that I have been wanting to use.  My makeup collection has probably changed a bit, especially since I've finished off some products, including my full size Benefit Dandelion that seemed like it was never ending lol.


photo 1.JPG

Face type products.  I bought the Dandelion set in order to try more products.  


photo 2.JPG

I LOVE my Naked 3!!!  It is my absolute favorite.  The green shade in the Build a Palette is a Nyx single eyeshadow, and the others are UD.


photo 3.JPG

Primers, mascara, brow stuff, and liners.  My favorite eyeliner, UD Underground, is almost gone.  


photo 4.JPG

Lip products.  I've become a Nyx fan.


photo 5.JPG

Stuff that smells good.  I have a few uses left of Pulse.  When I finish a product, I go for every last drop lol.



During the Winter Break, I was finally able to start watching The Walking Dead on Netflix.  I am a HUGE fan of it now, and I caught up before the second half of season 4 aired.  I'm devoted to that show lol.  

Re: Virtually Dusting Off My BT Account

Welcome back, kimmi1115! Smiley Happy Your dog is the cutest! I hope you are enjoying her! I love your haircut too! Smiley Happy

<3, Randee

Re: Virtually Dusting Off My BT Account

That new hair is PERFECT!

Re: Virtually Dusting Off My BT Account

Hi, Kimmi!  Your shorter hair looks great on you!  It really shows off your face.  naturallycurly dot com is a decent website for learning about curly hair.  I needed to find something when my hair turned curly from the stress of working two jobs and going to grad school.


Your puppy is adorable!  I'm so happy for you!


Congratulations on surviving your first student teaching experience.  I'm sure you'll be a wonderful teacher!  Smiley Happy

Re: Virtually Dusting Off My BT Account

Congrats on finishing the first round of student teaching! For me, the second round was even crazier!


Also, that hair length looks awesome on you! Even more flattering than the long hair length!

Re: Virtually Dusting Off My BT Account

Yay Kimmi you're back! Smiley Happy I love updates from our beloved BT'ers we haven't seen in ages (even though I've still seen you on IG haha) I LOVE peach scented lotions! SO excited for all the new summer sprays and lotions! 



Luv&Lipgloss, Diana
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