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Viggle App!

This is off topic but i noticed a ShopKick post awhile back and i do use it! But i am loving Viggle. It the same concept as shopkick where you check in and get points to redeem things. But you do it with Tv shows! I don't know about you ladies but i watch plenty of TV! You just sync it to your tv, it catches what your watching and you get a point for every minute you watch it! They have featured shows where you get more point as well! I think it is great! I've had this already for a few days and have 1,500 + points! You get gift cards you can redeem for a certain amount of points. For instance Starbucks gift cards are 12,500 points, and i assume it would be a $10 gift card. And they have a Sephora Gift Card for 20,000 points! I think i will be there in no time! Anyone else use this or think they will now??!!!

Re: Viggle App!

I love this app! I've gotten several Starbucks cards (they're only $5 though, not $10) and a big discount at and some free redbox rentals. I love getting free stuff for something I'm doing anyway! I check into some shows I wouldn't ordinarily but I've gotten int some pretty cool new shows that way too. Checked into Push Girls tonight and I really liked it.  Great app!!

Re: Viggle App!

When you're having issues, fill out the customer service form. They are really good at getting back to you and helping you out. 

Movies should be fine for the whole duration, it's the morning shows I think they have an issue with. I think each hour is considered a different "show" which is why you need to check in multiple times. Otherwise people would check in before going to work & get 2-3 hours of points for just 5 minutes. 

I admit, I don't watch a lot of the shows (like bachelorette) so I check in & then change the channel to what I want to watch. Sometimes I'll play along if I'm not too busy even though I'm watching another show.

It's amazing how much the app has grown. I was one of the beta users & remember when the FB fan page only had about 50 likes. It was so easy to rack up points then. They HAD to make changes. People complain that it takes too long to get points. Well you're sitting on your butt watching TV... what do you expect? 

Another tip, the gift cards change a lot. They run out of some stores and then they don't come back for months. If you have enough to get a Sephora card, then get it! There was a 4-6 month period where there were no Sephora cards. 

Re: Viggle App!

Thank you for the info, dannyc!  That was a major help!  During the Today Show, I check in every once in a while, and I did get the correct amount of points.  

Re: Viggle App!

After reading this tread I decided to download the app to the ipad.  I'm pretty much always on the ipad when watching tv anyway.  I even got 10 points for clicking on a pampers commercial in the app. 

Re: Viggle App!

Some mcdonalds ads are 75 points!!!

Re: Viggle App!

i downloaded viggle thanks to this post, but thankfully direct-tv customers get an extra 5,000 points just for being direct tv customers

Re: Viggle App!

Direct TV customers get a ton of points. 


Re: Viggle App!

They need to do something for people who use cable lol.  My iPhone is connected to Wifi because of high speed cable internet lol.  

Re: Viggle App!

I feel like all of the strategy and planning means I'm working for my points!


Hoping to be able to earn a Sephora card by the end of the month.

Re: Viggle App!

Even if I'm not watch tv, I'll turn it to something and sync it to my phone while I work on cleaning lol.  

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