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Very off topic - but best laptop?


   Hey Beauties, 

I know this is super off topic, but I need help deciding on a laptop.

I personally don't think SAs at Best buy are the most objective people... 

I've been using Samsung for a while, and I have no problem with it like I've heard people do with Dell... I did have problem with Sony though.. it's pretty but didn't last. 

I don't know if I want to continue getting Samsung or Switch to apple. 

I've also heard about the google chrome book that Samsung has..

What do you guys think? 

I know Apple is super popular with their laptop but I'm wondering if its just the "trend", design and marketing that draws people in...


What might be some pros and cons of both apple and other companys' laptops

Re: Very off topic - but best laptop?

I have a Chromebook and I just use it for email and internet and photos. Syncs with all your Google products (I have a Google phone and tablet.)



Re: Very off topic - but best laptop?

YESSS!!!!!  Finally!!  I have a fellow Chromebook appreciator!

$199 @ B.B. + hubby had some kind of additional coupon or something and got it for me for like $99.

LOVE how lightning fast it is since it doesn't have all the programs that slow startup and loading time.

Re: Very off topic - but best laptop?

Great deal for you! I can't believe 5 Chromebooks = 1 Mac Book Air!


My only complaint is that you can't download iTunes, but then I started using Spotify and stopped buying music so it worked out in the end.



I convinced my friend who is in IT to get one.

Re: Very off topic - but best laptop?

What?!! $200 for a laptop from Google?!!!

I heard great things about chrome book and kept it as one of my options. 

Samsung sold them really expensive.. but I'm going to have to check this out!!

Thank you so much girls@!


I don't use itunes, but just to be sure... it does accomodate microsoft office right?

Re: Very off topic - but best laptop?

I'm with LCResz, Asus are the best computers.  I'm not a gamer, so I have a slightly less "beefy" processor on my Asus Aspire.  I need to have a laptop with decent speed, as I work from home and teach over video, and I've had this computer for 3 years and love it.  It was really inexpensive (about $450), and it is easy to use.  I also own an Asus netbook, which after 5 years is pretty poopy, but that will be the case with any computer.


If I didn't need to have a "real" computer for work, I would definitely get a Chromebook though.  Outside of work, almost everything I do is on Google Chrome these days.

Re: Very off topic - but best laptop?

Thank you for your suggestion! 

I never thought about Asus. I've seen many students use them on campus, but never gave it a second thought!

I should read a bit more about them! 

I've also been hearing good things about chromebook from my friends as well. Its pretty new.. so I don't know if I want to get them a few years from now when they come out with revised ones or decide on chromebook... Google is so big right now... I myself never use firefox or microsoft browsers anymore Smiley Sad

Re: Very off topic - but best laptop?

I always love Toshiba for laptops and TV's.  The quality and price are great, and they last forever.  If you are looking for a touchscreen, I did a lot of research and recently bought my daughter a Toshiba touch screen for about $400 on sale at Walmart, and we are very pleased with it.  I have owned Toshiba products for years and have never been disappointed!

Re: Very off topic - but best laptop?

Thank you for your suggestion! 

I remember Toshiba being really popular a few years ago! but I didn't know if they still were with all the other Japanese products degrading Smiley Sad 

but I'm going to definitely look it up!! $400 for a touch screen laptop is a crazy deal!

Re: Very off topic - but best laptop?

I love Apple, and I feel like I've had every other brand of laptop. All my windows laptops would burn through power cords and batteries within 6 months. They would slow down by a wear. They would more prone to virsuses and crashing. Best Buy also had a terrible warranty process, where everything had to be shipped off and took weeks to get back, even if it was a battery issues. Plus, you could only have some many replacements of a part, and when my HP went through 3 power cords in a year, it sucks.


I'm not a gamer or anything, but I need a good laptop since I was in school for like a decade (so notes, papers, research, etc) and I do like to stream music and movies on my laptop since I miss a lot of programs and don't have tivo.


My apple has been amazing. I've had it for a year, and it has been reliable, fast, light, user friendly and fulfilled all my needs. I had one minor problem just recently with a cord fraying, and all I had to do was take it to the store and they replaced it at no cost to myself. I had a friend get water in her laptop from rain, and they fixed quickly and with no charge. Plus, it being so compatible with my phone is great too, with pictures and emails, and etc. I love it, and I highly recommend it. If you are a student they do a discount, and a good quality windows laptop isn't going to be that much less expensive than an apple.

Re: Very off topic - but best laptop?

I should mention I've had HP, Dell, Toshiba, Sony and a Lenovo for my Sims.



Re: Very off topic - but best laptop?

Thank you so much for your detailed opinion! 

I never had Dell computers, but they must be really bad... no one recommends it... 

I like Samsung products just because I trust them and everything I have from them were great and long lasting, but Apple is just so trendy.. and the fact that there is an apple store is a huge plus.. 

(there is no samsung store... I never had to get an A/S but I feel like if my laptop gets older I might..) 


Do you know if Macbook air is also a great choice?

I know that macbook pro is like the standard choice, but I'm more attracted to the macbook air.. but if its any "not as good," I don't want to be losing on anything Smiley Sad 

I need to check out the discounts too! College students can never save enough money Smiley Happy

Re: Very off topic - but best laptop?


Re: Very off topic - but best laptop?

agreed! I'm looking for a new laptop too, didn't think i would be too soon but my dell is acting up after a year and a half. I took it to a tech who told me that there is nothing to do... Smiley Sad

Re: Very off topic - but best laptop?

I've had my macbook pro for over a year now and I already want to upgrade to the retina. This was my first Apple laptop and I don't think I will be switching brands any time soon. I love the sleek design and how convenient the trackpad is. I had a Sony before and it was so clunky compared to my Apple. Other laptops always seem to crash and slow with use but my Apple still works great.

Re: Very off topic - but best laptop?

SWITCH TO APPLE! Seriously. I had an HP for just over 2 years and I swear I had problems with that thing every single month. Luckily my dad is an engineer and he was able to help me with most of the problems, but it was not user friendly at all. I had to replace the battery twice in 2 years, which was just plain ridiculous. Then one day it just completely crashed out of the blue with no warning signs that anything was wrong and there was nothing they could do to fix it. I have now had my Macbook Pro for almost 2 years and I am a complete Apple convert (I never owned a single Apple product aside from an iPod before that...I have since acquired an iPad and iPhone as well and I love them all!). In nearly 2 years I have had a problem with it exactly 1 time. I did have to send it out for repair, but they went above and beyond. Instead of just replacing the one broken part, they essentially replaced almost everything except the hard drive so I have a nearly new computer now. The size, design, and features are all amazing. It is also so user friendly, and I can do more with it than I ever could on a PC (which is all I ever had for the first 20 years of my life...not all of those computers were laptops, but still). Obviously the con of a Macbook is that it is more expensive than a lot of other laptops...but in my opinion the quality is reflected in the price, and it will last significantly longer than other brands. Maybe some people do buy their first Apple product because of the design and marketing, but I honestly think it's the quality (and just plain awesomeness) of the products that keeps them coming back. Once you go Mac you never go back...I know I never could!!!

Re: Very off topic - but best laptop?

Wow Thank you for your opinion!

I do agree with all of the things you've said. I don't think any brand could beat the apple store... 

if anything, the extra cost can be justified by the in store service.. 

and plus, Samsung laptops are as expensive as the apple. Their ultrabook and chrome book is crazy expensive Smiley Sad I trust the brand, but I don't know what I'm going to do if anything happens to it.. 


I think I'm completely sold on the Macbooks and iphones in the near future when my contract ends 


Re: Very off topic - but best laptop?

Switch to Apple. I did about a year and a half ago and never want to go back to any other laptop brands! It really is the best with everything. When I had other laptop brands, I found myself buying a new one almost every year and they were not cheap either. Eventually all that money added up and was basically wasted. My friend has had his MacBook Pro for over 5 years now and never has had a problem. He plays games, watches movies, photoshop, everything you can think of and it still works as if it was new from day one.

Re: Very off topic - but best laptop?

I am the same way -- using any other brand now seems inconceivable! Smiley Happy

Re: Very off topic - but best laptop?

Thank you for your opinion! 

I don't know why I haven't considered actually switiching to apple before, but I'm sold 

didn't think apple was this popular actually to be honest

Re: Very off topic - but best laptop?

Hey there!

I've very recently been through this very issue and so I did a lot of research. I'm very tech friendly and my bf is a professional techie, so I'm confident in the info I have.


Apples, although they are def trendy, are expensive for a reason. They are exceptionally solid, well-made machines. I always had Macs until 2008, when I decided I just couldn't afford them anymore. The first Mac I bought was in 1995 and it was STILL RUNNING when I finally trashed it 15 (!!) years later. None of my Apples ever broke, they just became too out-of-date to be usable. Apple knows what they're doing. You DO have the issue of whether peripherals (printers, etc) and software are Mac-compatible, but that's become less of an issue over the past several years. They're also quite a bit less vulnerable to malware (spyware, viruses, etc) because most malware is written for Windows. If you can afford one and you aren't concerned about the compatibility thing (yes, Microsoft Office has Mac versions), I would recommend one.


Chromebooks are their own thing -they're not conventional laptops. They have minimal resources (low RAM, low-speed chips, etc) because they're intended to mostly be used for web browsing. They do NOT run Windows, so they can't run Microsoft Office, although they do have apps that can view MS Office documents. That's why they're so inexpensive. They can be great as an alternative to a tablet, but not as your main computer.


As for regular laptops (that run Windows), there aren't a lot of brands that are always great. Alan (the techie bf) says that he and his tech buddies used to call Lenovos "Le-No-Gos" because they always failed. Asus is a very highly-regarded brand, but I often hear them compared to Jaguars in that they're super sleek and run like crazy - as soon as you figure out and fix whatever its glitch happens to have. Dell has a decent reputation, although my personal experience with them has been not great. The machine that I'm replacing is a Dell and its had multiple parts fail. Neither of us have much experience with Samsung laptops (just phones and TVs - they're famous for having the best screens, btw.) Alan is a fan of Acer; he says they're good machines and you get a lot of bang for your buck. I've heard a lot of good things about Toshiba. I have a friend who is still running a Toshiba laptop that's nearly a decade old! 


If you want to avoid Windows 8, HP has come out with a new line that all have Windows 7. HP also has a decent rep, but it seems like they're always in the middle when being reviewed. They're rarely the best and rarely the worst. Keep in mind, though, that if you do get a machine with Windows 8, you really need to have a touchscreen. Technically, you don't HAVE to have one, but it would be a massive pain in the booty if you don't. Similarly, if you get Windows 7, a touchscreen would be pointless.


Then there are the hybrids- machines that can be a laptop or a tablet. But I think I read somewhere in here that you already have a tablet, so there's probably no point in one of those. Smiley Happy 


If you want to feel confident in the particular model you buy, look up reviews for it. CNET is pretty good for that. I can't really recommend a particular model, though, because I don't know what you want to get out of it. If you want something super speedy, go for an SSD hard drive (pricey) and I really really recommend the most recent generation of Intel chips (4th generation, nicknamed "Haswell") since they're not just quicker but are much better for your battery life.


I hope that wasn't too much information! And I hope at least some of it helps. Smiley Happy

Re: Very off topic - but best laptop?

We're a two-tech-employee household and I approve this message. Smiley Happy 

Another benefit to Apple computers: the ability to buy Apple care and just walk it in to an Apple store and have them fix it or replace it. The majority of the tech employers I've dealt with in the last decade or so issue Apple laptops - Air, Pro, anything that comes with an aluminum body. To me, that says something about how easy they are to use, how powerful they can be, how hardy they are, and the value for the money spent. Most tech employers don't provide desk phones to their employees because "everyone has a cell phone" and you'll have email/IM through a company supplied laptop why should they pay for a phone line; they don't tend to throw away money on equipment that just looks good, you know? 

On the Toshiba front, I just had a personal-use Toshiba Satellite (something I bought for $250-$300) finally quit on me. After seven years of hard labor and being battered by life with small kids (no matter how much you watch your kids, if you use the computer in their presence, it will see water, hummus, the few accidental knocks off of the table, and a few "hey, that button lights up, what happens when I push it" incidents.) 

My spouse has had a few ASUS laptops in the last decade-ish and I'd agree on "find the quirk, then they run fine for the most part." If they aren't a lemon, though. 

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