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Valentine's Day Rhymes

Happy Valentine's Day, everyone!

Rather than make this a thread about your status, I figured we could work our creative nerves a bit and put a spin on the traditional "Rose are red, Violets are blue" rhyme and create our own, but with a twist!


Let us see how many variations we can come up with that involve skin care, hair care, and beauty products!


Here's a few to kick start the game!


Ruby Woo is red

Bad Gal can be blue

No matter what you wear

Let you, be you!


Your cheeks can get red
Your eyes are blue
Try a skin-calming serum
And gold eye shadow looks good on you!

Re: Valentine's Day Rhymes

This is hilarious, only on BT would you find poetic odes to makeup and skincare!!


My face is red,

My lips are blue,

Oh skincare advice,

How I love you!

Re: Valentine's Day Rhymes

Yeah I know we like to have fun but we're devoted to what makes us beautiful~~~~~~~

Re: Valentine's Day Rhymes

Chanel has lady which is red

Dior has many that are blue

And when you wear them

All eyes are on you!



Let me just say I'm not a poet or any where closeSmiley Tongue

Re: Valentine's Day Rhymes

I like the incorporation of designers!!!

Re: Valentine's Day Rhymes

Well ya know it's Valentine's Day and when I think of  the things I love those two just popped into my head. (You notice the little message I left at the bottom of my post for ya- No where near a poet). Just having fun!

Re: Valentine's Day Rhymes

Poet or not, as long as you have fun!

Re: Valentine's Day Rhymes

@lylysa- You know what's gonna happen? Someone looking for poets to write poems in Valentine's Day Cards is gonna see all of our poems and make us famous.Smiley Very Happy

Re: Valentine's Day Rhymes

Ohh the possibilities!!!


We all can be the BTPs....Beauty Talk Poets!

Re: Valentine's Day Rhymes

This year's runway shadow of red

Plus shocking lips of blue

Crazy makeup trends abound

And wild spring fashions too!



Re: Valentine's Day Rhymes

I can't wait for more launches of brights and Spring products!

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