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VIBTOPIA sale hauls!

the big day has finally arrived, so what did you actually pull the trigger on?


i picked up the following:


i also chose the Tarte mascara, Korres night mask, and Clinique Chubby pencil as perks... My whole haul came out to about $48 out of pocket, thank the good Lord for awesome family and friends for enabling my Sephora beauty addiction. My hubby will probably not be surprised when three boxes find their way to our doorstep; during the 3X promotion I went a little nutty then too!


oh, and here's a weird thing, with each of my orders the free tote was automatically added. I feel a bit guilty, especially with all the confusion/frustration over the Blitz bags and how some were able to get multiple and so e only were allowed to use the code once (I was one of those goody-two-shoes who waited for the official launch to make an order Smiley Tongue) if in the end some people don't get to receive a tote because of the mess that happened with some accounts, I will gladly give away my extra totes (if I actually receive them!) fingers and toes crossed!

Re: VIBTOPIA sale hauls!

1146617_10103072139918871_597826638_n.jpgI am obsessing right now---  This is Part 1 of my VIB Rouge Sale Haul; I may need to check myself into rehab after this past week of Sephora shopping...

Re: VIBTOPIA sale hauls!

grrrr want those brushes... lol im ok with my travel size ones. for a begginer. they're good... for now...

Re: VIBTOPIA sale hauls!

I made 2 more last minute purchases today!    The Murad was just too good of a deal especially with 20% off, and the Marc Jacobs brush actually went back in stock today, so I couldnt help myself....





Re: VIBTOPIA sale hauls!

I kind of made a few big splurges that I've been wanting for a while. I got:


Sunday Riley Juno Transformative Lipid Serum

Omorovicza Cleansing Foam

Origins Super Spot Remover Acne Treatment Gel

Tocca Beauty Piccolo Regalo Fragrance Duo

Koh Gen Do Cleansing Spa Water

Tokyomilk Gift Set

Bobbi Brown Pretty Powerful To Go Set

Nest Midnight Fleur Rollerball

Sephora Favorites Fragrance Sample for Him (for my husband)


Phew! I am totally not looking forward to this bill -_-

Re: VIBTOPIA sale hauls!

MimiHaul 1/3, in-storeimage.jpg

Crappy picture resolution/focus is crappy, I'll take a decent one of everything when the online orders arrive. 


Sephora Eyeliner Stickers silver/gold

Sephora Cleansing Water

Korres Sleeping Facial set

UDPP mini

Re: VIBTOPIA sale hauls!

So...I was being a bad girl and I went back this afternoon [I've been every day since Friday u_u]. I got three things:


1. Urban Decay 24/7 Shadow Pencil in Deliquent [Which is the EXACT same color as their Vice eyeliner pencil...So I bought it 'cause it was the same price for more product]
2. NARS Lovejoy Blush [Which was supposed to be gotten in one of my first three outings but was sold out at all the other stores]
3. OOC All Star Mini 4 Set [All because I wanted Black Dahlia...That was the entire purpose of the trip]


And I didn't realize it until I got home, but she gave me a birthday gift. But I got one yesterday so now I feel bad. ;_;


So over all I got nine things during the sale, ten if we count the foundation I got for my mom :


1. Urban Decay Vice 2 Palette
2. Urban Decay NAKED Foundation [surprisingly light weight]
3. Urban Decay 24/7 Shadow Pencil inDelinquent 
4. NARS Matte Lip Pencil in Train Bleu
5. NARS Blush in LoveJoy
6. NARS Blush in Mata Hari
7. NARS Blush in Exibit A
8. NARS Blush in Taos
9. OOC All Star Mini 4 Set
10. Becca Foundation [For my mommy. Smiley Very Happy]


Over all I only spent $12.51 of my own money. The rest was used from exchanges I have been to lazy to take back over the past few weeks.

Re: VIBTOPIA sale hauls!

I think in a span of 4 days, I went overboard for the first time.


1. Clarisonic Mia 2

2. YSL Volupte shine in #8

3.  YSL GLossy stain in #15

4. Soy Fresh Exfoliant

5.Anatasia Brow Wiz, ash blonde

6.MUFE Smokey Extravagant Mascara

7. GlamGlow eye treatment

8.Clarins hand nail cream

9. Armani Silk Foundation

10. Clarisonic Opal

11. Marc Jacobs brush-the face I

12. Dior lipgloss #363

13. Guerlain Meteorites- tient dore

14. Sephora pro allover powder


I think thats all, dam I even realize how much that is.



Re: VIBTOPIA sale hauls!

That's a great haul, I have the Black Opal too, I like it a lot! 

Re: VIBTOPIA sale hauls!

In all fairness, the Opal and Mia 2 are products you're going to absolutely love.  I have both and they make such difference.


Re: VIBTOPIA sale hauls!

Yes I know. I am excited.


When the sale started, I firstly bought the mia 2 knowing I was waiting for this day to come. And than today as last day, I found the Opal in black at the store and HAD to get it Smiley Tongue

Re: VIBTOPIA sale hauls!

I was the same way when I found the sparkly red one, I knew I needed one but I wanted something pretty!

Re: VIBTOPIA sale hauls!

& I placed another order... 

Screen Shot 2013-11-11 at 5.43.24 PM.png

Re: VIBTOPIA sale hauls!

I couldn't afford to go hog wild, but I bought Benefit It's a Love Fest set and Murad Acne & Aging Skin Solution Set.

Re: VIBTOPIA sale hauls!

I just made one final small order because I'm too lazy to leave the house today. That, and I'm doing some swatching/testing so I'd have to do some serious cleaning up!


I used up one of my Fresh lip balms and had to break into my backup- so I had to get another.


(Yes, I always have at least one Fresh lip balm in reserve so I'm never without!)

Re: VIBTOPIA sale hauls!

I'm the exact same way about my Fresh Lip Treatment. There absolutely must be a brand new back-up in my house! Smiley Wink

Re: VIBTOPIA sale hauls!

I bought way too much and now that i realize the sale ends today and not yesterday im off to buy more. Someone stop me!

Re: VIBTOPIA sale hauls!

I'm not going to stop you lol I just placed another order this morning Smiley Happy

Re: VIBTOPIA sale hauls!

this may be a little crazy, but i only placed one order for one item! whoa. 


i got a bottle of clinique for men face scrub for my boyfriend's stocking Smiley Happy i plan on getting him the men's fragrance sampler for men and the spicebomb gift set for christmas and/or our anniversary, but we've got a whole lot going on right now so we'll see how things work out. it may have to wait until february and it can be a valentines gift Smiley Happy so long as the kids are happy at christmas (and they will be, i've already finished their christmas shopping!), i don't mind if we have to wait a couple of months Smiley Happy i get more excited for the stockings, anyway! haha



Re: VIBTOPIA sale hauls!

I picked up a refill of the Tarte Double Duty Detox mask, which I forgot I needed more of until I recommended it to someone on here!

Sephora Fragrance sampler for him-Christmas for my brother, who is cologne obsessed!

UD 100pt Perk lipstick

Nars Nail Polish in Disco Inferno

Kat Von D spellbinding lipstick set

Kat Von D Spellbinding palette

Josie Maran Escape to Morocco Holiday set

OCC in Pris

UD Vault-splitting with a couple of lovely ladies on here!

OCC Nail Laquer in Electric Sheep

Coach Poppy 250 pt perk


In store

Nars Sheer Glow Foundation in Gobi

Nars Guy Bourdin Full Frontal lipstick

Nars Guy Bourdin Blush in Day Dream

Marc Jacobs Nail Polish in Oui!

Tweezerman Striped tweezers, in the sale section.


Friends and family sale

Nars Guy Bourdin Lip set

Nars Coeur Battant Blush

Nars Lipstick in Goodbye Emmanuel

Nars One Night Stand Palette

Hourglass Mood Light Ambient Lighting Powder


The LAST thing on my list for this sale is the Hourglass Diffused Light Ambient Powder, I didn't realize it was a redness correcting powder and I need it!  I'm going up north tomorrow and I'm crossing my fingers that they have it!  I wanted 8% cash back, but desperate times call for desperate measures.  (Plus being a photo major, I'm loving make up that works like lighting techniques, it's pretty lovely in my opinion.)


Re: VIBTOPIA sale hauls!

Diffused Light came back in stock for about 4 hours, just long enough for me to snag it!  Haul complete!  Now the waiting game.  :/

Re: VIBTOPIA sale hauls!


So i bought:

Marc Jacobs The showstopper set

Guerlain Meteorites in Dore (they actually work for my 5y06 complexion)

Givenchy lipsticks in 103 206 and 312 

Victor and rolf flowerbomb travel.set (does anyone else find that they are not as lasting?)

Marc Jacobs brush The Face I

Marc Jacobs crayon in Intro(vert)