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VIBTOPIA sale hauls!

the big day has finally arrived, so what did you actually pull the trigger on?


i picked up the following:


i also chose the Tarte mascara, Korres night mask, and Clinique Chubby pencil as perks... My whole haul came out to about $48 out of pocket, thank the good Lord for awesome family and friends for enabling my Sephora beauty addiction. My hubby will probably not be surprised when three boxes find their way to our doorstep; during the 3X promotion I went a little nutty then too!


oh, and here's a weird thing, with each of my orders the free tote was automatically added. I feel a bit guilty, especially with all the confusion/frustration over the Blitz bags and how some were able to get multiple and so e only were allowed to use the code once (I was one of those goody-two-shoes who waited for the official launch to make an order Smiley Tongue) if in the end some people don't get to receive a tote because of the mess that happened with some accounts, I will gladly give away my extra totes (if I actually receive them!) fingers and toes crossed!

Re: VIBTOPIA sale hauls!

Glad to help!


They're different enough to justify each purchase, which is great.  I'm on a neutral kick right now, not sure why.

Re: VIBTOPIA sale hauls!

@sunflower837 - I couldn't resist, I bought the Dior polish too Smiley Happy

Re: VIBTOPIA sale hauls!

can't wait to see what you picked up starletta8 Smiley Happy (always enjoy your haul posts!)

Re: VIBTOPIA sale hauls!

I'm currently painting my nails, LOL.


Discovered a new Dior polish that I didn't know about- 236 Abricot.  It's stunning.

Re: VIBTOPIA sale hauls!

I've been wondering about Abricot! Glad to know you like it. How can I find your blog? I'd love to read your posts!

Re: VIBTOPIA sale hauls!

nice!! you should post it on your blog Smiley Happy

Re: VIBTOPIA sale hauls!

Done and queued. Smiley Happy


I just wish I could get better photos since this is such an amazing color.

Re: VIBTOPIA sale hauls!

Ooh, what's your blog? I'd love to check it out Smiley Happy

Re: VIBTOPIA sale hauls!

Here's what I got yesterday  Smiley Happy 



Re: VIBTOPIA sale hauls!

Kicking myself for not getting HG Diffused Light… Ugh.  I only have Ethereal, Mood, and the palette.  

Re: VIBTOPIA sale hauls!

"Only"...count your blessings my friend, some girls are very jealous of you right now Smiley Tongue try to see the silver lining.


I have dim and adore it...think we've had this convo already haha!

Re: VIBTOPIA sale hauls!

Has anyone noticed how much I love stalking this thread when I'm bored? I love hauls so much!

Re: VIBTOPIA sale hauls!

Me too! I love seeing what other people buy! It makes me happy and excited!

Re: VIBTOPIA sale hauls!

Hauls=happy place.  

Re: VIBTOPIA sale hauls!


Re: VIBTOPIA sale hauls! I know posted earlier saying something like "oh I made two orders and that's it for me" Yeah, well...yeah right. So here is my "haul for the things that are in the back of my mind and I'll probably kick myself for not getting":


-21 Drops 21 Drops Quick Fix Gift Set

-Atelier Cologne Deluxe Miniature Duo

-SEPHORA+PANTONE UNIVERSE Full Spectra Eyeshadow Palette in Day Break


-Tocca Beauty Piccolo Regalo Fragrance Duo

-Urban Decay Brightening & Tightening Complexion Primer Potion

-NARS Guy Bourdin Holiday Collection Limited Edition One Night Stand

-Deborah Lippmann Big Bang


...and the BUXOM Glow & Tell - BUXOM Glow & Tell 500 point perk.

Re: VIBTOPIA sale hauls!

I feel like I really need to get the Daybreak palette, but I have so many that it's hard to justify.  I have Nightfall and I'm really liking it.

Also, Guy Bourdin palette is really quite nice.  

The 21 drops sample I received gave me really strange, freaking weird dreams.  Just a heads up.

Re: VIBTOPIA sale hauls!

I will keep that in mind.  I have strange dreams already.  The other night I was on an elevator with a colleague of mine, I remember thinking I was late for work, which is weird because we don't have elevators in my building.  The place I work has turned into quite an interesting place.  It's a good job but the managers can be such tyrants!

Re: VIBTOPIA sale hauls!

No shame

Re: VIBTOPIA sale hauls!

Made a spur of the moment trip and bought this in Teint Beige 02!

Re: VIBTOPIA sale hauls!

this is what i got

marc jacobs 7 piece showstopper holiday set $89

boscia mask kit holiday $38

sephora brush set travel size $ 32

bliss fab foaming wash, which was $24 dollars, but they cleared it and it was $12.... strange....

my total savings with the 20% off was $34.20 but tax.... urg,..... $12.31 and my total was $149.11 89 cents off of what i brought. 

and also i found 40 in my purse and i felt good about saving, i headed over to normstroms and i saw the lancome counter, lady was nice, gave me free make over and samples and i bought a pretty purple eyeshadow. Smiley Wink