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VIB and Rouge Badges

How do you get the VIB or Rouge label to be next to your username on BT?

Re: VIB and Rouge Badges

Hi DoctorMrs,


In order to obtain the badge you will need to qualify for either program! VIB is based on a calender year of $350 and Rouge is based on $1,000.

<3 Melissa

Re: VIB and Rouge Badges

I know about the dollar amounts. I just wondered how you get the badge on once you've spent the money. I've spent at least $1000 this month alone.

Re: VIB and Rouge Badges

Usually it takes a few days to update, but it should show up automatically! If you know you've spend the $350 to hit VIB longer than say, a week ago, maybe your online account isn't connected to your Beauty Insider card properly? Are your Beauty Insider points showing up at the top of the page?

Re: VIB and Rouge Badges

I do have a card that isn't connected and I've also made purchases without my card, but I know my online purchases for July were over $1000 (while signed in to this account).  My points look good. They seem to credit immediately. I'll give it a week or so and see if it updates. Thanks Rikkie!  It's silly to care about it but now that I've been on BT for a while I WANT ONE TOO!!

Re: VIB and Rouge Badges

No way! It's not a big or really tangible thing maybe, but it's a symbol of the status you've earned and you deserve to have it! Plus if you get your other card merged with this account, then you'll have all your points in one place for whenever you choose to get a bonus perk. ;D 


You said you shop without your card sometimes, did you know if you gave your email address at checkout they are able to credit your purchases to your account too? It also means there's a record of everything you got accessible online, in case you wanted to know how long since you bought that mascara and is it time to toss it, or what the exact name of a product was if you've tossed the packaging. Smiley Happy

Re: VIB and Rouge Badges

I never realized that there were nice perks to get with points. I just always thought the card was like the ones they try to get you to use at the grocery or hardware store. I get annoyed with all of those "club" cards in my wallet. Now I know better and I'll make sure everything gets recorded in the proper way. Thanks Rikkie Smiley Happy


Re: VIB and Rouge Badges

When your account gets updated and you can access the VIB board (I assume you can't yet since you aren't showing the badge thing) there is a post with a ton of point perks that we have discovered are still working in addition to the ones currently advertised and a list of active promo codes to add to your online orders as well! I hope to see you on there soon. Smiley Very Happy

Re: VIB and Rouge Badges

Thanks Rikkie. You've been very welcoming. I'll check it out as soon as I'm able Smiley Happy

Re: VIB and Rouge Badges

It can take a few business days after the qualifying purchase has been made in order to see the badge updated on BT!.

<3 Melissa
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