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Why did you choose your username and profile pict? Just a random question but I thought it would be fun to see Smiley Happy 

Pandapple is a Hello Kitty Character and I love it because it is a panda with an apple as a hat! How cute Smiley Very Happy 

I chose a moose profile pict, because I love moose Smiley Happy (btw the plural of moose is moose Smiley Happy )



Re: Usernames

Interesting topic! 


My username comes from my nickname that my family calls me, Kimmi.  They still call me Kimberly, but all my younger cousins have always called me Kimmi.  I don't think I've heard them say Kimberly before lol.  Other Kimberlys (that sounds weird lol) usually like to go by Kim, but not me.  The day I was born, my parents didn't want me to be called Kim as a nickname.  Thus, I don't like to be called Kim lol.  So thank you all for calling me Kimmi on here lol.   1115 is my birthday.  Nothing fancy about that number combo lol.


My profile pic is a recent picture I had on my phone at the time I changed my picture.  On Facebook, my profile picture is a picture of me with my boyfriend, but I wasn't sure what he would think if I used it on here, so I played it safe even though he probably wouldn't care lol.



@pandapple  my mom loves the moose, too.  Especially all the figurines and stuffies that come out at Christmas time lol.

Re: Usernames

good question! i use the name chewcifer because a dog i had was named chewbacca and the first time my now husband met him he called him chewcifer because i called him chewy. chewy is not around anymore and of course i miss him, but chewcifer is the best username because i know that nobody else uses it!


i picked the profile pic because that gloss looks like NARS sweet dreams lip gloss, which is my fave gloss.

Re: Usernames

Great question! I live in PA and my Dad always called me pretty as in "Miss Pretty, go rake up the backyard"!  Generally when he had a messy job for me to do, but as I grew older he called me "pretty" just because he liked to. He's not with us anymore, but I still like being called pretty even though I think I'm only of average looks (no excess pride here!)


My avatar sort of looks like me with the strawberry blonde hair and hazel-green eyes. I have bangs now but when it was made, I had long bangs that I tucked behind my ears.

Re: Usernames

Well, my name's Charlotte and charlotte was unavailable so I put x's and o's (for hugs & kisses! Smiley Happy ) around it. Yeah, not super creative, but I was in 6th grade when I made it, I'm glad it wasnt something like 'HannahMontanaFan4Ever' or something ridiculous like that, haha!


My picture is just a picture of an eyeshadow palette I found, I wanted something 'makeup-y' but didn't feel like taking a real picture, lol.


xoxo, Charlotte Smiley Very Happy

Re: Usernames

Cool! I use the same user name I used from a website I dont go on anymore. They had you choose your username from a bunch of random words so I chose smart and mint because those were the first ones I saw that I liked!


I have a pink gloss heart as my avitar because pink gloss is my makeup-must have!

Re: Usernames

Great question Pandapple! It's fun and interesting reading everyones answers!


Here's the reasoning behind my nickname and picture:


When I was little I was very close to a girl named Lauren, and one day we decided it would be so fun to have nicknames for eachother. Since then she is known as Lolo (at least to me), and she calls me Hayhay. A few years later I received a Webkinz for my birthday, my 7-year-old brain was incapable of producing a good username so I asked my mother for help and she came up with the clever idea of combining me and my friends nicknames, creating Haylolo. From that day forward Haylolo has been my username for almost every site I've signed into. As for my profile picture, it has absolutely no significance to me whatsoever except for the fact that I'm a huge lipgloss fan and I found the lipgloss heart to be some what cute. I would change it to something more interesting and relevant to me, but I've been to lazy to click a few buttons. Haha Smiley Tongue



Re: Usernames

YAY! i love talking about this. one day i discovered sephora, and wanted to talk about things i bought. at first my name was gonna be evilyoshi18 but then i thought first thing i got from sephora was nano eyeliner. ny nickname is clairebear so i took the bear. and i love the number 18 cuz it's from two odd numbers, and the two odd numbers that make it are 9 and 9. and 9 id 4 and 5. a odd numder and a even number. and the pic is cuz i am a anything lippie i love lip products!!!

Re: Usernames

hey this is a really cool thread I'm makeuppiggy  because of my obsession with makeup and piggy because i have a guiena piggy. Smiley Very Happy

Re: Usernames

When I was registering with Sephora I could not of think of a name which was not associated with the think I love the most, my Greyhounds. Then I thought of all the MAC makeup I own, thus the name MACUser. I must admit before I joined this site I did not own many other brands besides MAC, now because of these I site I have started buying other brands.


The avatar is just the color purple which I like. One of these days I when I figure out to make an avatar I will upload a picture of one of my greys that has naturally beautiful eyeliner.

Re: Usernames

Ha I thought you were using mac user because of the computer you use; a mac not a pc.

Re: Usernames

Reading all of the name and avatar stories is very interesting.


@prettyinpa  I love the story behind your name.  When I first saw your avatar, it reminded me of The Sims! Smiley Very Happy


@macuser  I thought the same thing that anaa did, the computer.  Greyhounds are beautiful breeds!

Re: Usernames

I love greyhounds too!  I had a neighbor who had three of them and he used to walk them  together.  They's so elegant and beautiful.   My user name is just an abbreviation of my last name.  I starting using it to sign in to Sephora to review products before Beauty Talk was created.

Re: Usernames

My real name is Corrin obviously, and 99 bc Corrin was taken.  The pic is of my pup, the full pic is of me and my little brother picking our pup from the litter.  His name is Marvin, a Golden Retriever, he's about 6 months old now.


Re: Usernames

This is such a fun post to read!  I chose my username because of my Maltipoo puppy, who I got last summer (and 66 is just my favorite number haha).  He's black and white and fluffy, is very frisky and loves to play, but also takes several naps every day.  He's fully grown now at about 9 lbs, and I love him more than anything.  At night, he likes to curl up in my bed and I cradle him like a baby and rock him to sleep before putting him in his bed.  And that's my baby boy!  His name is Adagio by the way-we call him Dage or Dagy for short.  Smiley Happy

Re: Usernames

This is a fun post to read. I never even thought of the MAC computer when I picked my user name. When I use greys people think of Greys Anatomy not Greyhounds.


When I saw Makeuppiggy I thought of makeup and pigments (piggy) not her guinea piggy!

Re: Usernames

@maltipoo66  That is so adorable!!  Rocking your lil dog to sleep.  You should post a pic of him sometime!

Re: Usernames

Great topic!


I've been working exclusively in conservative office settings for 14 years (yikes). While I've always loved makeup and beauty products, I started wearing a lot more makeup in an effort to try to look older at work. I guess the whole business casual thing became a part of my identity for a while.


Things are different now and I'm only at the office every other day. This is the only place I've used "officegal" as a username, though. I might have created this profile while bored at work one day. Smiley Wink

Re: Usernames

This is a fun topic -- though others' posts are way more interesting than the background of my own user name! "Katie" is probably pretty self-explanatory; 17 + 24 are numbers that are significant to me. Smiley Very Happy

Re: Usernames

My username and pic are both from the lovely fashion icon, Dita von Teese <3

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