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Urban Decay NAKED 2 swatches

My NAKED 2 palette just came in today, YAY!  Here are the color swatches, note I am really pale and FOXY is about my skin color, it is packed on, but just barely shows up. It is a great highlighter for under the brow bone.


Colors top arm, left to right:

FOXY (barely visible on my pale skin, sorry,





SNAKEBITE (gorgeous!)

Bottom arm:








Foxy, Tease and Blackout are matte, Bootycall is nearly matte, other colors are shimmer.


Hope this helps you all in deciding to get this palette or not.  Personally, it is my new absolute favorite!!!!!!

Re: Urban Decay NAKED 2 swatches

Thanks for posting the swatches, the colors look gorgeous! I cant wait for it to hit stores!

Re: Urban Decay NAKED 2 swatches

Wow the color pay off appears to be really good Smiley Happy. Loving that the palette consists of cooler hues, and the fact that there are 2 1/2 matte shadows!

Whimsically yours,

Re: Urban Decay NAKED 2 swatches

Thank you so much for posting these!!  I can see Foxy (I can't help but think of my bf's cat lol) a bit, and I bet it does make a wonderful highlight!  This palette looks much friendlier for light complexions compared to the first Naked, and seems like it would still look good for the summertime tan.  I only have 3 colors from that palette (Verve and Suspect from the Rollergirl Palette and Chopper from Urban Ammo), so it would still be a pretty good deal.  The colors also appear less shimmery/dramatic compared to the neutrals from the 15th Anniversary Palette, which are more for bolder looks in my opinion.   I can't wait for this to hit the stores!!

Re: Urban Decay NAKED 2 swatches

@kimmi- The colors are definitely less shimmery than the 15th palette, I tried all of them out (my lids look slightly pink from all the makeup remover I used to do this) lol. There is also no fallout, which is a big plus for me because I get bloodshot eyes if I use a shadow with a lot of fallout unless I use a sealer, and sometimes in the AM if I am in a rush, there isn't time. You can pack the color on for a dark look or blend it out and you still get a very definite look. I also like the matte colors, which is rare for me, they usually just look dirty on me, these ones in NAKED 2 don't have whatever color component that gives matte shadows that unpleasant look. 


I can't say enough about how much I love this, I will definitely get another one for travel after everyone else gets one, I don't want to be piggy!

Re: Urban Decay NAKED 2 swatches

@prettyinpa  That is good to know that they're less shimmery.  It sounds like the Naked 2 palette is very universal with looks.  How is the brush it came with, or did you use brushes you use on a daily basis?  I read one bad review for the brush on Facebook, but the person may have been using it differently or something.  Never know on Facebook.



@katie1724  Thanks for posting the comparison pic!  Some ppl on FB said the two are too much alike, but I can see quite a few differences in your pic.  Then again, I don't own the first one.  But I believe the second one is calling my name! lol

Re: Urban Decay NAKED 2 swatches

@kimmi-  I did use the brush it came with along with a bunch of my other brushes as I didn't want to muddy the colors up using the same brush twice. I also didn't have time to wash brushes between colors, it was getting dark out and I wanted to take the picture in natural light.


The brush it comes with is a good synthetic bristle brush (like the Vegan Good Karma brushes).  I used my UD multipurpose brush to pack on the FOXY color because it has really short bristles and can pick up a lot of powder in one sweep. I knew that color was going to need a lot of work to show up on my pale skin, and it did. I think for regular use, FOXY would apply just fine with a regular shadow brush, just not for photo purposes when the model is a ghost. lol


I washed out the NAKED 2 brush after using to get out the BLACKOUT color and no hairs fell out. I don't think you will be disappointed with the brush. BTW, the shadow colors are very long lasting, I had to wash vigorously to get off all the BLACKOUT and some of the darker colors from my arm! 


@angiepie- I ordered mine from Urban Decay's website, which is the only place it is currently available. They are supposed to get some more in this week, and you can sign up for email notification when the new palettes are in. Or Sephora online is supposed to get them Dec 27th and in stores Jan 26th.  It would have been nice if UD could have gotten them into the stores for Christmas, I'm sure many people have NAKED 2 on their holiday list!

Re: Urban Decay NAKED 2 swatches

Thanks! There are enough similarities that you probably don't "need" both unless you really want Naked 2. These are the only two UD palettes I own, but I love neutrals, so I had to have it! I do not regret the purchase -- these are great colors. I definitely prefer the packaging of Naked 2, though -- my Naked palette gets so dirty looking, even though I don't carry it with me; it just collects fuzz. The Naked 2 container is nice!


Tentatively (and this is just a first impression), I think I prefer the original Naked to Naked 2 -- but I always tend  to be loyal to my initial favorites, so maybe it will grow on me and I will wind up loving them equally (yikes! there's reason #48248230 I should never be a parent).


@kimmi: If you don't own Naked, Naked 2 is an excellent investment Smiley Happy

Re: Urban Decay NAKED 2 swatches

Those are very pretty colors, but I'm still on the fence about this palette. Knowing me though, I'll probably end up getting it because I love anything Urban Decay Smiley Happy

Re: Urban Decay NAKED 2 swatches

Yay! Glad you were able to get it today. Thank you for taking time to post the swatches.

Re: Urban Decay NAKED 2 swatches

Thank you for posting!


I have to agree with everyone, VERY pretty and I love the selection of shades in there. Smiley Happy I definitely do not need it but.. I have a feeling I may give in sooner than later. 

Luv&Lipgloss, Diana

Re: Urban Decay NAKED 2 swatches

Lovely! Thank you for posting -- I think mine came today, too! Smiley Very Happy From these swatches, I really like Pistol and Snakebite...

Re: Urban Decay NAKED 2 swatches

Mine came today also, they did a great job of getting the orders processed very quickly! 

Re: Urban Decay NAKED 2 swatches

I think mine came today, per USPS tracking...I'm counting down the minutes until I can get my hands on this thing! Is it awful that I think I'm skipping the gym after work to go check my mail? (I know, I know...but it's also so crowded...I don't want to wait even longer!)

Re: Urban Decay NAKED 2 swatches

Hope it arrived!

Re: Urban Decay NAKED 2 swatches

I am LOVING the colors in Naked 2 so far.  I wore Verve on my lids, Blackout in the outer corners, and Pistol in the crease, with Booty Call as a highlight.  Blended it all really well and it looked so natural!  Well, as natural as it can for daytime with Blackout and Clinique Cream Shaper for Eyes in Black Kohl. 


The only thing I should have done differently is gone upstairs to get my UD eyeliner in Perversion or Zero instead.  I had forgotten how easily the cream shaper eyeliner smudges and doesn't set.  Not exactly the look I was going for with eyeliner smudged after 3 pm this afternoon.


I used Snakebite in the look I wore yesterday in the outer corners with Verve on lids again (can't remember the one in the crease at the moment) with UD eyeliner in Flipside.  Looked great and I got complimented on the eye makeup and liner specifically at Pioneer Place yesterday while my sister and I were shopping!

Re: Urban Decay NAKED 2 swatches

Thanks, anaa -- it did! Now I can't wait to compare the two. At first glance, it looks similar to Naked, but from the swatches, I know it's different. I can't wait to try it out Smiley Happy

Re: Urban Decay NAKED 2 swatches

I didn't do swatches, but I thought it might be interesting to see a side by side shot Smiley Happy Naked 2 is on the left. I really like the metal packaging!


Re: Urban Decay NAKED 2 swatches

@katie1724-  I love the new metal packaging that UD is using now. The Mariposa palette is also in a nice metal box and it is so easy to keep clean and I think would be better protected from stray damage while packed in my suitcase. I have accidentally damaged things in my makeup bags from my curling iron poking the bag while travelling. I hate the giant plastic box from the 15th anniversary palette, it is clunky, the lid is always in danger of falling on the floor and is way too big to pack in my suitcase. After all, I do need a few clothes in there besides all my makeup!Smiley Very Happy


Also, nice pictures!  I had a hard time taking my swatch pictures, the camera kept trying to change settings on me while I was juggling it and trying to hold my arm still so the picture wouldn't be blurry.

Re: Urban Decay NAKED 2 swatches

OMYGoodness!! Aahhhh!! I have to have this, especially after seeing pictures of Naked&Naked2 Palettes side by side. ThankYou for posting! Where did YouAll order from, UrbanDecay online? I am so sad I missed out. IHope I can get UDNaked2 for maybe a Christmas Present.. ;-) So Happy that You Lucky Girls were able to get, I know UD Naked Palette was almost extinct after Product release last year. I was very Lucky to be one of the first owners of it @Sephora Store Briarwood. HappyHolidays! AngieB.

Re: Urban Decay NAKED 2 swatches

For all you out there who missed the first offering of UD's NAKED 2, they are available on their website- it's now 12:51, don't know how long they'll last, so if you want one right now, hasten over there.

Re: Urban Decay NAKED 2 swatches

NAKED 2 is currently available again on UD's website if you just have to have one now. It's about 1PM, don't know how long they'll last.....

Re: Urban Decay NAKED 2 swatches

Thanks for the swatches! I finally was able to order it online yesterday so I am sooo excited to get it! Yay! Smiley Very Happy

Re: Urban Decay NAKED 2 swatches

Hi ladies!


If any of you have some great tips and color ideas on how to mix and match and apply the Naked 2 Palette shades, please share them here! Smiley Happy 

Luv&Lipgloss, Diana

Re: Urban Decay NAKED 2 swatches

@diana- I posted my favorite color combos on your link, I also have great fun using colors from NAKED 2 with NAKED 1.  Some of the colors from 2 like Verve and Bootycall really brighten up the look of the dark colors of NAKED 1, so I can wear them together. 

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