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Unrelated to Beauty, Related to Happiness

As some of you may or may not know, my fiance and I have been in a long-distance relationship for a little over 2 years now. The whole reason I wanted to go to graduate school in Boston was because he had a job offer in Boston. I applied, was accepted, and accepted my offer - only to find the department where Luke was going to go work lost its funding, and he lost the offer. The only good part was that he hadn't yet quit his current company.

I've been up here since August of 2011, and he's been looking for a job up here. Not the whole time - at one point, I was so depressed that I was going to quit school and go back to Cincinnati. However, I realized it's best to go for this opportunity and stay in school. So he started up his job search again.

Three months ago, he saw there was a position open in the Boston branch of his current company. He applied and waited and waited...and HE GOT IT. The love of my life is coming to Boston.

Unfortunately, I have to wait a few more months while they get his replacement at his current position (engineer stuff, needs government clearance, hush hush).

That's all, I just thought I'd share the good news with my BBFFs! Heart

Re: Unrelated to Beauty, Related to Happiness

Thats great!  Im very happy for you!

Re: Unrelated to Beauty, Related to Happiness

Aww, so excited for you!! My boyfriend and I are kind of long distance right now... I'm in college and he's working so we're in different states. But I'm looking at grad schools over near where he is and there is actually a program at a school near him that I'm really interested in. I hope we'll be reunited like you two!! 


BTW I'm from Boston! I'm out of state for school but that's where home is Smiley Happy It's an amazing city! 

Re: Unrelated to Beauty, Related to Happiness

Aww I hope it works out for you too!! Boston is really cool, but it'll be even better when I can enjoy it with him Smiley Happy


Re: Unrelated to Beauty, Related to Happiness

I am so happy for both of you!  I hope everything works out as planned and you get to spend a lot of quality 3D time together!! Smiley Happy


Re: Unrelated to Beauty, Related to Happiness

Congratulations, @jellybean!

Re: Unrelated to Beauty, Related to Happiness

This is wonderful news!  Will he be working in the city or outside in one of the tech belts?  I'm glad you didn't give up on grad school because I know you're at a great place, but it will be so wonderful when you're both able to be together again.  And Boston is a great place to be, especially in high tech.


I know it will seem like ages dealing with government stuff, but at least it will be happening.  Now you'll have to get used to living with someone instead of on your own. Smiley Happy

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