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USPS losing packages? :(

Have any of you had trouble with USPS (not UPS) losing a package?


I just now checked the tracking number for a package I was waiting on (an order from Stila) and it says it was delivered today around 3 pm, but when I checked the mail before I went out this evening (around 5:30) we only had the regular supermarket ads. My apartment complex does this thing where if the package is too big to fit in your mailbox the letter carrier leaves you a note with a key to a locker near the leasing office, but there was nothing like that when I checked the mail. They only knock on your door for packages if it's too big to fit in the locker or if the package needs a signature, and I only ordered one thing so the box could have easily fit in the locker - so it's not like I missed someone knocking on the door or leaving a "sorry we missed you" slip.


Should I contact the post office / the leasing office / Stila customer service tomorrow morning? Has anything like this happened to you when ordering from a company that ships via USPS? ugghhhh I'm worried, the stuff I got was a present for a friend whose birthday is really soon and it wasn't cheap either Smiley Sad

Re: USPS losing packages? :(

Thanks Smiley Happy Glossybox didn't ship it until the 31st (which is ridiculous) and it hasn't had any tracking updates since then.

Re: USPS losing packages? :(

The USPS lost a package that was an item I was returning for a refund.  I hadn't heard back from the retailer about the status of my refund, so when I contacted them, they said they had not received the returned item from me.


 USPS tracking last showed that they tried to deliver it, but there was never any confirmation that it was actually delivered.


I contacted them several times by phone, but they were less than helpful and I got nowhere.


I eventually filled out a claim online, thank goodness I had sent the package insured!  There was no issue with the claim, it was approved very quickly, and they sent me a check in the mail less than a week later.

Re: USPS losing packages? :(

I'm glad you sent it insured and that at least the claim process went smoothly. Whenever I return stuff by mail I always worry a little about what would happen if the package got lost, especially when I don't hear back from the company for a while.

Re: USPS losing packages? :(

spacesuit I saw that happen with a TSB except it just said electronic information received then nada then several days later it was out for delivery with all the in between scna when nothing had been there the day before. Me thinks USPS updating system is glitching. Maybe it's about frozen from all the cold weather too. I hope you get your package soon.

Re: USPS losing packages? :(

Weird, definitely. I bet the cold weather has something to do with it, I wouldn't be surprised if all the ice and snow has been causing all kinds of errors and delays.

Re: USPS losing packages? :(

So, my package was with the leasing office! The letter carrier left a slip in my mailbox this afternoon and I just picked it up. Crisis averted. Smiley Happy

Re: USPS losing packages? :(

Hooray! Happy you got your stuff!


Re: USPS losing packages? :(

Me too! My introductory Julep box got here a week early too, I was surprised!

Re: USPS losing packages? :(

WOOO. I'm so glad you got it.

Re: USPS losing packages? :(

Thank you me too! All stressed over nothing Smiley Very Happy

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