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USPS losing packages? :(

Have any of you had trouble with USPS (not UPS) losing a package?


I just now checked the tracking number for a package I was waiting on (an order from Stila) and it says it was delivered today around 3 pm, but when I checked the mail before I went out this evening (around 5:30) we only had the regular supermarket ads. My apartment complex does this thing where if the package is too big to fit in your mailbox the letter carrier leaves you a note with a key to a locker near the leasing office, but there was nothing like that when I checked the mail. They only knock on your door for packages if it's too big to fit in the locker or if the package needs a signature, and I only ordered one thing so the box could have easily fit in the locker - so it's not like I missed someone knocking on the door or leaving a "sorry we missed you" slip.


Should I contact the post office / the leasing office / Stila customer service tomorrow morning? Has anything like this happened to you when ordering from a company that ships via USPS? ugghhhh I'm worried, the stuff I got was a present for a friend whose birthday is really soon and it wasn't cheap either Smiley Sad

Re: USPS losing packages? :(

any luck getting your package?

Re: USPS losing packages? :(

I've been checking the tracking and it's out for delivery today, maybe there was an error with the tracking program. It's weird because yesterday it just showed "accepted" on the tracking page with no other information, but when I checked this afternoon it's "out for delivery".

Re: USPS losing packages? :(

Yes, I am going through that right now. the second day it did not arrive, I called UPS, filled out a form online for an investigation to be done. Then I called Sephora, and they were very nice.  They said it would take up to 8 business days to finish the investigation, and then I could have refund or redo the order if the package did not turn up.  It turns out it was accidentally shipped to Cali after it arrived in my hometown in Pennsylvania.  It is delayed up to 5 business days but is arriving.  Had I not made those calls and filled out the form, I probably never would have received it.  They seemed to locate it for me right away.  Contact UPS and Stila right away. Good luck!

Re: USPS losing packages? :(

I've definitely had problems with misdelivered packages, I once ordered something from an online shop and it got sent to Japan of all places! I live in California, wrong continent entirely. Luckily the seller was able to work something out and got me a refund. I'm glad your Sephora order is on the way to you.

Re: USPS losing packages? :(

I have a problem like this... USPS lost my package (they "left a notice" >no notice was left. I went to the post office 3 days a week for my package they were never able to find. A month later my item was returned to HSN because it was unclaimed... 3 days later it states it was delivered)

Nov. 29 Ordered

Dec 9. "Notice Left"

Around Dec.13 I called HSN and explained what happened.

Dec 17. 2nd shipment arrived

Dec 26 Shipment was unclaimed and sent back

Dec 29. It was delivered... (my zipcode)


2 Weeks ago I got a letter from HSN saying that they investigated and my order was delivered I had to return it or I will be charged. I contacted USPS and they made a case # I called Consumer Affairs and everytime I call I am on waiting for about 2+ hrs. When I finally get thru I get disconnected. Last night I was charged for this order, I called USPS and they told me they sent me a letter...


When I order things online, I stalk the mail man... and sometimes they look at me weird... last night the mail man told me if I was stalking him because he doesn't even make it to my door. I have seen other mail people not even knock on a door and write the notice. I have caught some in the action. and once it leaves my front door I have to go to hell to get it back. so I make sure they don't do that.



Re: USPS losing packages? :(

oh wow, that is really messed up. I hope you can get through to them get and the HSN thing straightened out. Smiley Sad

Re: USPS losing packages? :(

I have had way too many problems with usps, I have many mail sent to my well the post office that I used hired a bunch of new people that in my opinion doesn't know the alphabet or how to count! Way too many times I track a package it says delivered I go and there is a key in my box, so then I go the box listed on the key and the box is empty! The man working up front kept arguing with me because what was he suppose to do! I got a supervisor and he was going to find it which thankfully they did. Now the man in the front know me and is not happy with his coworkers when he see me get in line because he know exactly why I'm there!

Re: USPS losing packages? :(

agh that sounds so frustrating, I'm glad you were able to get your package though even if it's a huge hassle when they mess up!

Re: USPS losing packages? :(

Sadly USPS lost an Ulta package, and right before the holidays too Smiley Sad they claimed it was delivered but to the wrong address, and they took a month to admit that the package was forever lost. USPS told me to contact Ulta directly, and all Ulta could do was send me a new order, but by then one item was OOS and the promo I had wanted to get was also gone. I was refunded the amount for the lost item but it was such a bummer To not get everything in time for Xmas. I hope you have better luck!

Re: USPS losing packages? :(

Ahhh nooo how awful, I'm sorry you missed out on the promo and getting your stuff in time for Christmas. Smiley Sad I remember how frustrated a lot of people on here were with the way Ulta handled holiday shipping this past year, what a mess.

Re: USPS losing packages? :(

I would first check with your leasing office.  I also live in an apartment complex with package lockers, and when the packages are too big to fit, they get left at the leasing office.


If the leasing office doesn't have it, then I would contact Stila's customer service and ask them to file a claim for the lost package.


Good luck!!

Re: USPS losing packages? :(

I'll do that when they open in the morning, they tend to be pretty helpful about mail stuff. Usually when I've ordered from Stila the items are shipped in a box small enough to fit in the mailbox, which is why I was surprised it wasn't there.

Re: USPS losing packages? :(

yes contact them all, i'm sure it will turn up, your package has a tracking number even the driver who's supposed to deliver it to your house can be tracked. don't worry. Smiley Happy

Re: USPS losing packages? :(

Yeah, I figure this will all get straightened out soon enough. I've only ever had one problem getting a package delivered here, it was coming from overseas and the sender wrote down my address wrong on accident.

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