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US Secret Santa 2021



It’s time yet again! Just reusing the thread from last year cause why not? I am pleased to host the BT Secret Santa for the seventh (I mean that sounds right? Maybe not?) year!


The rules are pretty much the same as the last few years!  




1. US only

2. Must have a minimum of 600 posts on BT and be an active poster within the past two months! This is a community activity so participants should be an active part of said community.

3. You must make an account on elfsfer! That’s where the wishlists will be and the drawing will take place! Make sure your wishlists are updated with proper SHADE information and your address. 

4. The spending minimum is $50. Meaning you can buy one item that is $50 and have it count or multiple items to total up to $50! And as per usual, you can spend over on your elf if you so choose!

5. If there is even the slightest possible hint that you're going to buy something on your wishlist, do not put it on your wish list!

6. Include a gift receipt if the item your buying includes shade selection!








- To Sign Up:  November 3nd..  Names will be drawn on November 4rd and elfster will send you an email with who you got. Shoot me a message and I'll send you the sign up link! I know its a little quick this year because I started late but I always try to do it with the sale.

- To Send Gift: December 11th. Gifts will need to be sent by or on this date. 



any questions feel free to post them here or shoot me a PM!


Happy Santa-ing!Decret-santa





Re: US Secret Santa 2020

It's tiiimmmmeeeee

Re: US Secret Santa 2020

Thanks for inviting me, @IttyxBittyxMe ! I'm still waiting to see how many other gift exchanges I might participate in between now and January, but this one's definitely on my Want To list. 🙂 If I do participate again this year, I'll have to be much faster at gift gathering because the USPS will be extra slooooooow this year (thanks mostly to the usual holiday shipping crush and the USPS's crazy new service slow-down policy 🙄). Might even have to use UPS or FedEx instead. 😄 

Re: US Secret Santa 2020

Awww, thank you for tagging me @IttyxBittyxMe ! 🤗. I didn't have the heart last year but I am eager to participate this year!❤️

Re: US Secret Santa 2020

@IttyxBittyxMe I can't wait! It was such a blast participating last year. Thank you for including me again!!

Re: US Secret Santa 2020

I'm definitely in full Halloween mode right now, but this is really exciting to think about, too.

Re: US Secret Santa 2020

Thanks for the invite @IttyxBittyxMe I love this exchange but buying a new wardrobe due to weight loss so trying to save a bit and focus on my family. I’ll be watching this thread for unboxings though!

Re: US Secret Santa 2020

Congrats on the weight loss! 💖💖 Definitely take the time to focus on you and your fam. 

Re: US Secret Santa 2020

@IttyxBittyxMe I don’t know how I missed this! Thank you. I feel so much better these days. Both physically and mentally.

Re: US Secret Santa 2020

Re: US Secret Santa 2020

Thank you so much for bringing this back, @IttyxBittyxMe🎅

Re: US Secret Santa 2020

@IttyxBittyxMe  Yay so excited for this. 

Re: US Secret Santa 2020

I feel like I was late the past two years and this year was like 'Starting early dang it!'

Re: US Secret Santa 2020

@IttyxBittyxMe @It’s nice to get into the spirit early ! Especially since it’s going to be like 80 degrees this week - not the fall weather I was hoping for haha 

Re: US Secret Santa 2020

@Kim888 Haha lucky! We just had our first snowfall.

Re: US Secret Santa 2020

Oh my goodness yes! I just moved from MD to TX and it was 90 yesterday where are normally this time of I'm use to it being in the 70's. I think me missing it as put me more in the mood. 

Re: US Secret Santa 2020

Thank you @IttyxBittyxMe! ❤️🎄

Re: US Secret Santa 2020

Yay I love doing secret Santa @IttyxBittyxMe ! Can’t believe it’s time again!!

Re: US Secret Santa 2020

It's here! It's here!!! My package arrived yesterday while I was at work. I saved it for this morning after a good nights rest, and in true Ohio fashion it snowed on Christmas morning today as I got to open everything. Added bonus that my husband slacked off on taking down the Christmas tree when I was at work last weekend so it was still up to enjoy while opening too! 


@eshoe spoiled me absolutely rotten! And even more than all of the things inside that you'll see, her card message was so touching and I could feel the love and detail that went into the items selected, the wrapping, and the packaging as I unboxed. Her thoughtfulness and creativity were moving. Thank you so much for this gift, which was so much more than just the things inside it (me in tears again as I'm writing this 😭). And although the arrival timing wasn't as expected, it was just what I needed after a rough week at work and brought me so much love and joy. 


As I opened the box, I noticed that there was twine strung across the back of the lid flaps. I pulled it to open it and on the other side as it opened were "merry" and "bright" strung across the box. The sticky note instructed me to flip the switch, and lights INSIDE the box flipped on. It was so creative and festive! 




I found the adorable card next. It is defiantly home made which is sentimental because my mom has been homemaking cards for years! I immediately sent a picture to her and we gushed over it. The note inside was touching- thank you for being so very thoughtful!




Then I got everything out of the box. Just when I thought I had found it all, more appeared. There was -SO MUCH- in the box. There was also lots of chocolate sprinkled around the box which I started eating for breakfast 🤣




Without further ado- here is all the amazing stuff she sent!




All of the skincare! Some favorites like the herbivore body scrubs (they are perfect for one step showering after work because they leave a bit of oil which means I don't have to lotion!), the osea cleanser I use a lot on no makeup days, and the YTTP sleep mask. I am so excited to try everything in the leahlani serum set. I have tried one and loved it a couple years ago, and then leahlani kind of fell off my radar until they did the "bless for the frontlines" last year, then my want to try more came back hard! I am also so excited to try the DE F balm because all things moisture and something from alpyn, which has been on my radar to try. Of course one of our masking queens sent some amazing mask selections also, including one of my favorites from primera. 




makeup (and also the henne samples I forgot to add in above)- The CT mini film star has been on my radar for a while and I'm so excited to have it in my kit! And the tatcha silk canvas primer is a love for me, I'm so excited to have a nice TS to hopefully go somewhere with this year! The henne lip scrubs smell amazing and it's a brand I've never tried before- great pick 😁




@eshoe really hit all the categories, including this lovely fragrance from jo malone and one of my favorite winter candles, diptyque feu de bois. Winter isn't over yet and I just finished up a narguile, so I have the perfect spot for it with the winter tablescape. 




I am so excited for all the lifestyle items! The hero anti-bac was very sweet, and who can't use more hand sanitizer these days? I am obsessed with all things slip and the face mask... wow! I wore it to an appointment earlier and everyone in the office was talking about how nice it was! After wearing the scratchy hospital paper ones for 12 hours a day (we aren't allowed to wear cloth at work, boo!), putting it on felt luxurious. A real treat for my skin. The sisterhood kitchen set was a great surprise, it supports refugees in Iraq and I LOVE that. Thank you for supporting such a great cause! The set had a wash towel and soap in it. The beagle ornament- me in tears again 😂. My sweet girl, although doing very well still, is getting up there in age and I love that I'll have something long after she leaves us to keep her close. I'm sorry I have no good pictures of her participating. Her insta handle is sleepy_beagle_ellie and she very much lived up to her name during unboxing.. and is currently dozing now as I type. Speaking of sleepy.. The dream team pin! I wear a fanny pack at work and was wanting to start decorating it with cute/funny nursing pins. The "dream team" is made up of the drugs we use to sedate our kiddos at work and will be a perfect pin to start my collection. 




And last but certainly not least snacks! Minus so of the chocolate that I ate along the way 😉 I already hid it all from my husband. Love everything sugarfina but have not tried the snowmen yet! The Tea sounds delicious and I have been hitting tea hard this winter trying to keep warm and cozy. And the matcha chocolate sounds so good! It is not something I would have picked out for myself but I love both matcha and chocolate and am looking forward to this luxury treat!




There aren't enough words or ways to say thank you for your kindness and generosity @eshoe! I very much appreciate your friendship and all of the effort and thought that you put into making this box so special for me 💜💜💜💜

Re: US Secret Santa 2020

You win the award for Most Patient Elf, ever @CC3616! I am amazed that everything arrived in one piece. Thank you for your enduring patience, for the kind words, and for all that you do outside of BIC. It was fun shopping for you, and having a little extra help from my daughter (who made the mini banners; her brush skills are better than mine!) made it even more so.

I have enjoyed our exchanges and getting to know you here on BIC. I was so delighted when I drew your name, and couldn’t wait to get started. Little did I know We would have to wait almost two months for your little surprise to arrive. I guess better late than never...Merry Christmas 🎄 🥰!!!

Re: US Secret Santa 2020

@CC3616  Hooray, it finally arrived! Looks like @eshoe went all out on your box of happiness, from the overall decor theme to the perfectly selected gifts. Enjoy all your Christmas In January goodies! 

Re: US Secret Santa 2020

I mean this in the best way, but this is unreal looking.  @CC3616 & @eshoe .  I mean...I feel like I'm looking at a catalog, like Crate & Barrel.  It's lovely and what a wonderful gift to start off the year.

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  • She included this amazing card.
  • Even little gifts for my fur babies!! They were SO appreciative.
  • When I opened the package, I literally squealed!!
  • IMG_7057.jpg
  • I also received this unbelievably adorable snowman ornament, and Christmas snowman socks (I love snowmen!). The ornament is already on my tree, and I'm wearing my new socks today!
  • I tried to capture it all in one photo, but there was so much!! Pictured here: a new Spiced Apple Toddy candle, and hand soap (which I really needed!!). I also received a sleep mask and an H20 eye mask (which I can always, always use for the endless bags, lol). And a brand new Roller Lash, which is my favorite mascara of all time.
  • This was the adorable toy that she sent for our dog, Meg. Not pictured are the cute little toys for Gig and Pixel, as they ran off with those as soon as they smelled the catnip LOL
  • She also sent me my most desired thing this season: NAKED CHERRY!!!! :)