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heyy there. i know i bring alot of my love questions to yalls, but your all like experianced (not like old or in a dirty way, but in love and stuff)....

so i liked this guy (dylan) in january but he asked out this girl. i hated her guts, but i figured i should be nice to her. they dated for 4 months. and she became one of my best friends (emily). i kinda stopped liking the guy, but only because a while later another guy asked me out ( colton, boyfriend of 3 months. we broke up a while back). But a month-ish before emily and dylan broke up, dylan got really flirty with me and i was like wtf? but it didnt really bother me. Emily and Dylan broke up, so he started hanging out with me and i started liking him agian. we talked all the time and hung out as much as possible, and alot of rumors started that we weer dating... then 5-4-12, he asked me out! i was so excitedSmiley Happy and truthfully, before he asked me out, emily told me that i should date him cuz he obviously liked me. one of my biggest problems is that im in 8th grade and hes in 7th. well be going to different schools next year, and hes goes to nevada every summer! well now its 2 days until our one month, but 6 days until school ends. and he leaves that saturday to go to nevada! we want to make it work, and im sure that i love him, but how?

ps for all of you that are gunna be like your in 8th grade you dont know what love is... i know. but hes soo amasing, super sweet, generous, funny, cheesy, and always knows what to say and do. last night we took a walk in his nieghbor hood, and we went to a soccer field and we just layed down in the middle of the field and talked till 9 o'clock at night when it was to cold to stay outside. we kiss, but we never like make out or do anything dirty.... 

but srsly, what the heck am i supposed to do?

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