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What is at least one trend that you're sad went out of style, AND at least one you would like to quickly exit? 


Personally, I miss the crackle nail polish.... I loved to paint my toenails with a black base with gold glitter crackle.


I would love to say good bye to the pointed nails....  they look like panther claws.


Now your turn :-)

Re: Trends.....

I kinda miss the hair feather - not so much the earrings... probably because I didn't really see anyone rock it well... but I really liked the subtle feathers that a lot of people had... it was like a hidden treasure :-D

Re: Trends.....

I too miss the hair feathers. I have long hair and they really added an extra touch of prettiness IMO. I miss crackle as well especially since I still have polishes left in it.


I tried to like the Ombre hair look but it just always highlights the damage or split ends in someone's hair to me. Also, most people don't do enough of a colour gradient when doing ombre and it starts to look more like color-blocking which is a bit jarring.


I'm not really a fan of the metallic/duo-chrome/ombre lipstick trend either...

Re: Trends.....

The feathers were pretty fun! I will never forget the first time I saw my friend wearing them (years before it really got popular). They looked fantastic and really added some subtle depth without being too over the top. She was even able to curl them!

Whimsically yours,

Re: Trends.....

I really love the coral trend. It's one of my favorite colors and it's nice that it's so easy to find right now.


One trend I really don't like and I see it starting to make another entrance is frosted lips. It looks good on very few people.

Re: Trends.....

Yes Kenny---- the coral, coral everywhere! I can't get enough!


swfupload_6268672409677436072.jpgPicked these up today at Nordstroms. (Sephora's right next door Smiley Happy  )






Re: Trends.....

Adorable sandals! Smiley Happy

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