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Post in Besides Beauty


What is at least one trend that you're sad went out of style, AND at least one you would like to quickly exit? 


Personally, I miss the crackle nail polish.... I loved to paint my toenails with a black base with gold glitter crackle.


I would love to say good bye to the pointed nails....  they look like panther claws.


Now your turn :-)

Re: Trends.....

How does one get anything done with those huge things? I can only imagine this person trying to wear gloves or something in the winter. Smiley Very Happy

Re: Trends.....

I haven't had the 'pleasure' of witnessing the fan nails... And for that, I am greatful!  :-D

Re: Trends.....

I've seen some that weren't that dramatic, but either way they just don't work! 

Re: Trends.....

Just out of do you DO anything when your nails are like that??

Re: Trends.....

I could only imagine how hard it would be to have nails like that!! 

Re: Trends.....

Honey when you are that pretty you don't need to do anything, everyone else does it for you Smiley Wink haha

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