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Trends/modifications that you've always wanted to try

What are some trends that you’ve always wanted to try but haven’t for one reason or another? They can be body modifications, hair looks, or even something like an avant garde lip color.


I have always loved the look of dimple piercings and dermal piercings, but since I work in a white collar office position I feel like they’d be far too distracting…plus the healing process is a pain in the butt from what I hear. Our corporate office is very tattoo/body mod friendly! I mean we do have Kat Von D as a brand, which is great because most corporate offices are very strict on ‘unconventional modifications’.


I’m also a big fan of full sleeve tattoos; and I’m delighted that sleeves aren’t just being sported by the boys these days. One of my good friends has a gorgeous one that goes completely down her arm. Right now I’m about 2/4ths done with my half sleeve and even that has been quite the project. My artist estimates that I have another 5-6 hours. Love the way full sleeves look, but again I doubt I’ll pursue that simply because of my career.


Something less permanent that I’m yearning to try is a darker lip. I’ve dabbled around with really deep purples, but I think it might be fun to just take the plunge and try a glossy black with simple shadow.

Whimsically yours,

Re: Trends/modifications that you've always wanted to try

I really like the look of dermals and have wanted to get them on each side under my collarbone.


I think it was around this time last year, I got a side shave and my friend at the barbershop was so scared his hand was shaking it was quite funny. He kept asking if I was sure cuz my hair was so long. Guys and cutting off a woman's long hair don't mix lol. After that went for the pixie and totally regretting it. A few more inched to bob length!

Re: Trends/modifications that you've always wanted to try

Dermals are so cute!

Whimsically yours,

Re: Trends/modifications that you've always wanted to try

Re: Dermals--- DO IT (Dermal enabler does her enabling) 

Re: Trends/modifications that you've always wanted to try

I currently have a couple tattoos on my arms and a chest peice and now am looking at getting my feet done then my arm, I also saw a SA with a Medusa piercing and really liked how it look and am half tempted to get that.

Also I want to try a really vibrant red for hair but I am already dark brown now so I know that it would be a process

Re: Trends/modifications that you've always wanted to try

Funky hair colors!!
But working in an office doesn't allow that. :/

Re: Trends/modifications that you've always wanted to try

I have a dermal right in the middle of my chest between my collar bones, and most people think it is just a necklace but they can't see the chain, or that it is glued on. (I have had more conversations with strangers that start as "how do you get that to stick there?" than i can count)  I LOVE it!  It bruised heavily when it was done for a week or so, but I actually thought the healing process wasn't bad.  I thought it was way easier, than say, a cartilage piercing in your ear.  But I suppose it depends where you get it done, and if it is in an area that is bumped or moved a lot.   I will say, it was PAINFUL to get done, because it is done in two steps. The insertion of the jewelry doesn't tickle.


Okay, that's enough of me enabling you to get a dermal Smiley Happy 







Re: Trends/modifications that you've always wanted to try

Next summer I'm getting a helix and possibly a 4th set of lobe piercings.


I will also be getting permanent eyebrow makeup to match my hair color...because filling them in every day is a pain in the keister!


Also getting laser hair removal...because shaving sucks too.


And a few tattoos here and there. Can't act on any of it until next summer though as I'm still recovering from Accutane. Smiley Sad

Re: Trends/modifications that you've always wanted to try

I second the laser hair removal. I'd rather pay for that than keep buying razors and shave gel constantly :/

Re: Trends/modifications that you've always wanted to try

Probably any type of piercings and tattoos however I am not of age to get any and my body had an allergic reaction to earrings when I did have them. However I have had my hair basically any color possible, and I wear all sorts of makeup so I guess it just comes down to piercings and tattoos.

Re: Trends/modifications that you've always wanted to try

@beautyjunkie325 - I wish you could get a semi-permanent 'Tester' Tat, don't know if that would end up being less or more profitable for them in the long run. My dad's a Navy man himself, no tats though, he knew his father would Kill Him!!! Back when kids really believed that parents might go through with their threats,

Just wanted to share that when the Spice Girls were popular we were in CVS and I nearly bust a gut when I saw him dancing & singing in one of the aisles. He's too old to care what people thought and did it all the time when we were kids, he'd even take the mannequins down and dance with them. So funny. Anyhow, at the Spice Girls time I named him Old Spice, partially because he wasn't a spring chick and also because he wore Old Spice Cologne. I often call him Old Navy these days. Is he on board with you getting a tat?

Re: Trends/modifications that you've always wanted to try

My dad always said that if I wanted to get a tattoo he would actually go with me.  His tattoo advice, don't get it on a bone it will hurt like heck, make sure it's something you won't regret and don't get one just to get one. 


Re: Trends/modifications that you've always wanted to try

@LKuhle - I'm so sorry for the loss of your grandparents. I didn't know either of my grandfathers and I really missed out there. Luckily, I spent a lot of time with my Grandmothers and cherish those memories like.....well you know how you treasure those memories, I don't have to elaborate. I think it's beautiful that you want to memorialize them somehow. I'm a hidden 'tat' girl - don't have any myself. I am glad you had that last holiday with your Grandpa and hope he was well enough for you to all enjoy it. I personally think he held on until after the holidays, he surely loved you very much. I think time, prayer (if you're 'thereSmiley Wink looking around, going with your gut and trying to channel them, if you know what I mean, will bring you the right images, words, tattoo artist and that undeniable feeling and need to get it done. I wouldn't rush, could be 3 months or 3 years. It will happen when the time is right.

Again, you have my sympathy, that is all so heartbreaking. I'll keep you in my prayers, even long after I don't remember your name, I'll remember your situation. Hope you'll come back eventually and will post it for us, but only if and when you're ready to share it with us. You could PM me, I tend to drop off the boards at times. Don't let anyone pressure or sway you. You'll do great. Best wishes to you and your family.

Re: Trends/modifications that you've always wanted to try

you are so sweet, thank you! this message really means a lot. yeah, my grandpa was battling lung cancer and wanted to make it for christmas and then two days later he was gone. kind of on his terms, I guess. my grandma passed away really suddenly, so it was nice to have that time with him. so I'll eventually get something small, but meaningful, I just don't know what it is yet. it'll come to me, I'm sure. Smiley Happy thank you again for your extremely kind and thoughtful words.

Re: Trends/modifications that you've always wanted to try

I think I'm gonna switch it up a bit and give you my 'do want' and 'don't wants'


**I want to get back into my size 3's *this stament followed by much whining & need for massive amounts of ice cream .

**I think belly button rings are super sexy and would love to get one but I'm too chicken. Piercing my ears nearly killed me. (Okay, there's a slight amount of excageration  there ?spelling?)

**I've always wanted to dance with Gene Kelly and Patrick Swayze Smiley Sad  beyond sad ;( - no ice cream could cure that. but.....

**I Do wish I could dance with Derek Hough - Dancing with the Stars who I call a walking-talking human.......color collection  by Nars..which rhymes with SchmORGASM.

****I DON"T want to be Pamela Andersons breasts, UGH (or worse, that lady that has like z cup bras and lives and has huge posters in LA)

****I Don't want a nose like LaToya Jackson.

****I Don't want to be Kenny Rogers Facelift (sorry Kenny, nothing personal, love ya, There are a lot of other people but you just popped into my head.......Or that CAT WOMAN lady in NY that you see on various TV shows, Yikes-


****I don't want this to be taken in a witchy, evil, nasty way, It really came from a funny place - not a hateful one in any respect - If you knew me, you'd know that and would be cracking up right now.


*******THE REAL BIGGIE******************************************                                                                                 I I don't EVER, EVER want to be a Greyhound if there's such a thing as life after death. What the go through is Horrific and disgraceful. I saw a picture in a newsletter that I get and at 1st glance I couldn't tell what the picture was. When I looked more closely I realized that it was a Pile easily 5 feet tall of Dead Greyhounds who were no longer useful so they were all shot in the head and piled up, it was easily 10+ feet long. I don't know what happened from there. SO Sorry if this was too graphic, I'll try to go back and put a spoiler b4 this paragraph..

So, I obviously have Greyhound issues and currently have my 2nd Greyhound. Love her like crazy. I know I will Never be truly satisfied with any other breed of dog and every Grey owner I've ever talked to says the same. So many wonderful and funny stories I wish I could share. I was a little upset when I got my 1st one because she just turned 4 yrs old 6 days before we got  her, I wanted the fun puppy stage. Let me tell you, you DO get the puppy phase because all things in a household are completely foreign to them. My dog didn't know what to do when she saw a staircase, funny story, too long. So many wonderful things. They truly know you saved them.


**Also, I Do wish I could make my posts shorter (sorry) and finally.. I Do hope some of you made it through this and got a laugh and that there weren't too many typos. So that's me.

** I always hope to make you laugh or give you some good feeling when you read some of my often sarcastic responses. They are never meant to hurt, hope you all know that. Smiley Happy


Re: Trends/modifications that you've always wanted to try

Hahahaha agree with you on the ice cream! Although I would never fit a size 3 no matter what Smiley Tongue At 5'8", I look like I'm dying anywhere under a size 7/8.


And navel piercings aren't bad, I'm a total wimp and I went for it, it's super quick. My bf and I got piercings one Valentine's day and I went first because there was no way I was going to go through with it if I had watched him get his nipples pierced first. Now that looked painful :/

Re: Trends/modifications that you've always wanted to try

I really want to get wings tattood on my back and/or a small trail of stars on the nape of the neck similar like in the pictures below.




Re: Trends/modifications that you've always wanted to try

I would LOVE to dye my hair like a dark blonde. I am tan, and i see that Beyonce can pull it off, and Nicki and even Kim Kardashian now. But, I am so apprehensive about it! I am afraid first of all that it won't look nice on me, but also I am afraid to damage my hair! I have really frizzy, dry hair! I have my hair ombre and my tips are blonde and they look like they are screaming for a trim! So i am afraid the rest of my hair would look like that! 

I have also wanted to sport a bob, but since i am on the chubby side, it will just make me and my face look more round. Plus, I have been trying to grow out my hair for a while now and i really like long hair. 

I wish it was just as easy to grow hair than to cut hair!

Re: Trends/modifications that you've always wanted to try

Oh my vote is to do it! I am also very tan and thinking of doing Ombre like Khloe Kardashian but a tad more blonde since hers is mostly brown. I think when done right it can go very well with a tan complexion! And if you just keep up with deep conditioning treatments and repairing oils you should be fine! Smiley Very Happy

Re: Trends/modifications that you've always wanted to try

I have a light complexion, dark hair, and blue eyes.  I wear my hair  in an elevated bob. I want to have a little drama going on with my makeup this fall and winter.    I really  want to be able to wear a look that I love-porcelain finished skin with a rich red lip.  I don't want to look ghostly or overdone.  I want to do it right or do something else.  Of course, I want to have a second look  that rocks dramatic eyes with a nude lip.  A girl can never have too many options, right?  Smiley Happy 

I think I would love a tattoo but I am not sure .  I might be too old to go there. LOL

Re: Trends/modifications that you've always wanted to try

I would like to grow my hair longer and dye it burgundy.  I would also like to wear darker lip colors (not black; it would be too harsh).  I also feel like I wear rather frumpy clothes.  It'd be great if I could update my wardrobe, too.

Re: Trends/modifications that you've always wanted to try

Wow, I can't think of much that I haven't tried. I've had every color hair in the rainbow, had very long and (currently) very short hair, had a bunch of piercings (down to 8's in my ears and that's it), have several large tattoos...


I guess the only things on my list are visible tattoos (everything I have except the back of my head can be covered with a t-shirt and shorts), and maybe some crazy makeups. I usually stick to pretty classic looks, so it might be fun to do something very dark or very bright.

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