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Traveling sephora box







I just signed up and was seleted for my first one! So if you have participated in one before, please let me know your thoughts on it (Did you get stuff you liked/wanted to try? Was it worth it for what you put in? Did you get anything of high value (Marc jacobs make up for pallettes?)  I'm so excited!

Re: Traveling sephora box

cool, thanks roxystar! Smiley Happy

Re: Traveling sephora box

I actually have a question about TSB and eyeshadow palettes. I have one palette that I only use two shadows.  Some of the other shades unused (have been swatched but not used)!


Ive thought about popping out the two I use and sending the palette out (because I know the other colors are some that I think people would really like).  


What are people's thoughts on this?  Part of me thinks that it's not ok, but the other part of me thinks… I would take a palette that was missing a few shadows (if I liked the colors) and would take them out & put them in a Zpalette.

Re: Traveling sephora box

i think that would be ok too!  I would love to get a nice palette, even if it were missing 1 or 2 shades Smiley Happy

Re: Traveling sephora box

I definitely think that's okay! I'm sure there'd be someone in the box that would either use the palette as is or transfer the pans into another container. I don't see a problem with that at all.

Re: Traveling sephora box

I just received my first TSB on the 23rd. I was early on the list so the box was a medium box and wasn't completely full yet, but there were several worthwhile goodies that I wanted to try out. Now because the box was still in the process of getting filled up, I took out 6 items and put in 23. I think if you're in these boxes you have to be willing to help build the boxes and not just take things out. Luckily the box I've been in, people seem to be willing to do that (which is fabulous).


Although I've only participated in one box so far, I'm on several lists for future boxes (including the one you're on). Smiley Happy


For Kimchikween, I love the boxes that are organized well. I think it's easiest for people to have items that are similar in the same baggies (i.e. a skin care bag, a hair care bag, a mascara bag, etc...) it makes finding items and adding items a lot more efficient. Anything glass should be wrapped in paper or bubble wrap and then put into baggies. I've read about items leaking/spilling in other TSBs and if it occurs in a baggie, there's a lot less mess to clean up.


Everyone in a TSB should pick up a medium and large flat rate box from the post office BEFORE it's their turn. You never know if you'll get a beat up box by the time it gets to you. If you've got paypal, the flat rate shipping labels are cheaper through paypal than the USPS site.


Just like most of the lists indicate: you should take out the things you like, but don't take more than one of the same item (ex: if there are two fragrance samples of Daisy, only take one if you want it... let someone else try out the other). Make sure the items you're putting into the box are worth more than you're taking out (no one wants to see someone take a high-end item only to replace it with a low-end item... or at least I don't). haha.


If you've got a blush or something that you've tried and you want to include it in a TSB, you'll need to sanitize it. You can do this by putting isopropyl alcohol (70% or higher) into a spray bottle and spritz the blush until wet. Then lie the blush upside-down on a paper towel to dry.


I hope this helps give you a bit better insight. I'm still a relative newbie to these TSBs but I follow all of the threads like a hawk and have picked up some really smart tips along the way. Smiley Happy

Re: Traveling sephora box

Thanks for the sanitizing tip. I am the first person in Lilahtov TSB but I do have a couple of items that need sanitizing. Later today I will go to CVS and purchase a small spray bottle.

Re: Traveling sephora box

Could you help me finding how to ship via paypal, please? I was looking for it in my paypal account, but couldn't locate it at all...

Re: Traveling sephora box

Sure! Log in to Paypal. Then under "my account tools" you'll see "multi-order shipping." Click that and it'll bring up a template. Then you click "create new order." This is where you'll fill in the name and address of the person you'll be shipping. After you've filled out all the information and select the type of label you need (either medium flat rate box or large flat rate box... depends on how much stuff is in the box when you get it), you can pay and then print it right from the template. I hope this helps! Smiley Happy

Re: Traveling sephora box

Thank you SO much! I will try it next time Smiley Happy 

Re: Traveling sephora box

I, too, am finally on the list for a TSB (actually 2!) and am so looking forward to it - mostly to put items in and get rid of some of the unused makeup I have. In addition to the above questions, any tips for first-time TSBers - lessons learned about packaging, shipping, picking what to put in and take out, sanitizing, etc....   Thx in advance!

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