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Traveling Sephora Box #9 - 2013

Since pipsqueek1582 so graciously offered her free items to us and there were enough items to start a box, we are officially opening Traveling Sephora Box #9 - 2013!  I offered to help set up this thread with the rules and list of participants just to make it easier for everyone.  I am calling this box #9 because box 7 split into 2 different boxes.  The rules are basically the same as previous boxes which I borrowed (cut and pasted) from previous threads.



1. Please, NO DRUGSTORE items! 

2. To keep things moving as quickly as possible, I'm requesting that people with U.S. ADDRESSES ONLY participate in this box. (I'm sorry Canadian BTers! Smiley Sad   )

3. Once the box comes back to pipsqueek1582, she will donate what is left to a worthy charity in her area.

4. If you do not see your name on this list from the previous thread, or would like to change your spot on the list, please post a request and send me a PM if you are able to swap with someone.

5. Please be aware that shipping costs may reach upwards of $17 if the TSB gets really full. Previous TSBs have used either the Priority Mail Flat Rate Medium or Large Box (comes out to $12.35 or $16.85 with tracking & shipping confirmation). If you are going to participate, please be prepared for the shipping costs!



Here is how it works:

Pipsqueek1582 will fill a box with products and send it through USPS to the next person on the list. They will go through the box, take what they want, add their own items in, then send it to the next person.


What you need to do:

1. Send a Personal Message to the person before you on the list with your mailing address right away so there's no delay in shipping.
2. Start collecting, sanitizing, and labeling your beauty goodies.  Please label swatched & sanitized on a plastic bag or with a removable sticker instead of using a marker on the product.
3. Read through the Rules below to know what is allowed & what is not



☆ High-End products and items you got from subscription boxes 
☆ All opened items must be labeled ("swatched", "opened", "tried/used"…)
☆ Fragrance if it's in a spray bottle (can be 1/2 used too) & must be wrapped
☆ Nail polish must be tightly closed & bubble wrapped/bagged/in a box
☆ Makeup as long as you've cleaned it with alcohol & it doesn't have big fingerprint marks/dents in it
☆ Mascara if it's sealed and/or has not been used 
☆ Tools/Brushes/Cases/Bags as long as they are clean
☆ Anything that is sealed
☆ Skin care items in tubes & bottles Jars only allowed if it's sealed or unopened
☆ Items will be organized in bags by type. Make sure products are wrapped well so they won't leak or break & ruin everything else
☆ Keep non beauty related items to a minimum (please do not overload the box with makeup bags, cases, etc).
☆ every explodable/leakable item needs to be inside a plastic bag/ziplock


Not Allowed:
☹ Pre-made samples

☹ Drugstore items

☹ No USED items with wands, such as lip glosses, mascara, or concealers

☹ Heavily used items (except for perfume)

☹ Anything that might be considered unsanitary

☹ Taking more than you put in. Keep the Value of items equal

☹ Swatching items in the box



4  Do not keep the box for more than 3 days. (USPS does home pickup, so no EXCUSES! ) If you are traveling or something comes up, please let us know ASAP so we can move you down on the list.

5. Package things carefully and put in ziplock bags.

6. TRADE on or ABOVE the value of what you took.
7. Please include a tracking number.  It makes it more fun anticipating your turn.  Please post it and also send me a PM.
8. Post in a picture and/or text what you took and left (picture AND written description preferred).

9. Have fun and try some things you haven't tried before!


Please ask if you have anything that is questionable.

♥ No drama
♥ Be polite
♥ NO RESERVES (you may ask for people to TRY to include items. If it gets to you terriffic. If not, that's okay too)


If you think there is a need for more rules, post a reply to this.

*******The list is closed********

Here is the list of participants:

Pipsqueek1582 (I'll start it ;-) sent 12/17

1. suddenlyforever - arrived 12/21, sent 12/23

2. wendyomgwar - arrived 12/24, sent 1/4

3. Srikandi

4. AznAngelLiz - arrived 1/6, sent 1/7

5. missey1973 - arrived 1/11, sent 1/13

6. ireneh - arrived 1/17, sent 1/21

7. bambina2011 - arrived 1/27, sent 1/30

8. beethousand - arrived 2/1, sent 2/3

9.  taisha27

10. bisoubisou - arrived 2/5, sent 2/6

11. killahbabe - arrived 2/8, sent 2/10

12. DesertRose0706 - arrived 2/12, sent 2/14

13. sbowden - arrived 2/19, sent 2/22

14. sn22

15. wingatprsct - arrived 2/24, sent 2/27

16. Erendira - arrived 3/3, sent 3/4

17. mityren

18. StraightRhodes - arrived 3/10, sent 3/13

19. LumiarHy

20. jamielove - arrived 3/15, sent 4/19

21. laurennnlove

22. 1crosent il4givn

23. pipsqueek1582, arrived 4/21


Happy Swapping to all!  Smiley Happy

Re: Traveling Sephora Box #9 - 2013

Box update:


The box is on its way to pipsqueek1582 and is scheduled to arrive today! Jaimelove had two tsbs that were about to complete at about the same time she had pipsqueek1582's box. She wanted to remove any items that might have been in the box from the beginning and swap with nice items from the other boxes that were going to charity. Also, pipsqueek1582 had a new addition to her family about that time also!


I also need to mention that the last two names were removed from the list. Laurennnlove had never even signed up! I put her name in by accident when she responded on the initial thread!


Here is the tracking number:



Yay! The box made full circle! I had fun and I hope everyone else did too! I am thankful for pipsqueek1582 for offering her items to start the box! It was nice to get to know all of you! Thanks everyone for making this a fun, easy and worry free box!

Re: Traveling Sephora Box #9 - 2013

Who has the box?? 

I want to see the lovely pictures!!!



Re: Traveling Sephora Box #9 - 2013

I love this kitty!

Re: Traveling Sephora Box #9 - 2013

I haven't followed this thread in a while. Did the box ever get back to pipsqueek?

Re: Traveling Sephora Box #9 - 2013

Did this box get lost???  I haven't gotten it back yet...

Re: Traveling Sephora Box #9 - 2013

the box is here Smiley Happy i've gone through it and took my pictures, but then i went through it again when trying to pack it back up so i need to take some new pictures of what i took/added in addition to my first run through Smiley Wink


hopefully we'll be able to get the box out tomorrow, and i'll post pictures as soon as i have the chance Smiley Happy


@laurennnlove can you send me your address please? Smiley Happy

Re: Traveling Sephora Box #9 - 2013

box 9 taking.jpgi put back the happy mini, took one more BM mini shadow, a starlooks lip liner, and a josie maran lip stain.


box 9 adding.jpg

i added another E&J matchbox set, an urban decay mini liner in demolition, and a VS lipstick. 


still waiting on laurennnlove for an address, so the box is sitting here waiting for that. 

Re: Traveling Sephora Box #9 - 2013

Ooohhh....hoping love sweet love makes it to me Smiley Wink so excited for this to make the full circle!

Re: Traveling Sephora Box #9 - 2013

taken.jpgWhat I took


putin.jpgWhat I put in

Pantone + Sephora Palette - Swatched
Sepora Shadow - Swatched
Micabella Shadow - New
UD Half Baked Shadow - Swatched
Illumifill highlighter - New
Josie Maran Lip stain - Swatched (on clean hand, not used on lips)
(Not pictured)UD PP in Greed - New
Deluxe Benefit Sunbeam - New
Deluxe Stila liquid lipstick in Dolce - New
Deluxe UD liner - New

Several foil samples


I had to toss a couple of leaky samples of perfume and also a leaking bottle of perfume, the Avon Urban Flowers London. It was leaking from a damaged top so it couldn't be saved. 


The box was sent on to Jamielove and should arrived Saturday. Tracking number: 9114901189866071338166

Re: Traveling Sephora Box #9 - 2013

So excited to see the progress of this box! Looks like it might arrive right around the time baby does! Scheduled c-section March 26! Going to be an awesome week!!!!

Re: Traveling Sephora Box #9 - 2013

I'm going to try to post pictures and send the box out tomorrow. If not then Friday for sure. I've just been super busy. Yesterday I was at work until after midnight, hahahah.

Re: Traveling Sephora Box #9 - 2013

The box arrived! I'm in shock over how heavy it was. Mad props to Erendira for her fabulous packing job.

Re: Traveling Sephora Box #9 - 2013

It was tough

! Hopefully you find some nice goodies Smiley Happy

Re: Traveling Sephora Box #9 - 2013

I definitely found some things I like but I have no idea how I'm going to fit everything back in the box + what I'm putting in, hahahaha.

Re: Traveling Sephora Box #9 - 2013

Think tetris! I had to work things around 2 or 3 different ways to get everything in.

Re: Traveling Sephora Box #9 - 2013

I may have to discard some boxes that some deluxe samples came in. Boxes take up a lot of space.

Re: Traveling Sephora Box #9 - 2013

Just to let everyone know: The package was estimated to get to me yesterday but it hasn't arrived and the tracking still says Hawaii, haha. 

Re: Traveling Sephora Box #9 - 2013

Track, track, track:





Re: Traveling Sephora Box #9 - 2013

I just realized that it's on to me Smiley Very Happy Better make sure all my stuff I'm putting in is in order.

Re: Traveling Sephora Box #9 - 2013


Got the box! There was a minor spill so I had to throw out an hourglass primer. Luckily it was in a plastic bag and  nothing else got damaged. Here is what Im taking 


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