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Travel Recommendations....

Help! I'm going to Colorado the end of next month on vacation for a week. Lots of hiking and outdoor fun. Can any of you lovely ladies who live/visited/know the area give me a heads up on what I should bring???

Sunscreen's a given, but what else??? I'm trying to pack light (both clothing & makeup/skincare).  Recommendations Please!!!

Re: Travel Recommendations....

Repel Lemon Eucalyptus Bug Spray! 

Re: Travel Recommendations....

Don't forget to bring insect repellent, too.  It doesn't smell nice, but the alternative is much worse.  You might also want a travel pack of hand wipes and possibly toilet wipes, depending on how off the beaten track you're going to be.  It's really nice to be prepared when you don't know the sanitary conditions if you're really out hiking for a while.


Don't forget to have decent sunglasses, too.

Re: Travel Recommendations....

You've been given some great tips! A water bottle, lip balm, lotion, extra hair ties, and sunglasses are musts for any trip no matter what the weather is. I also make sure to bring a warm coat, even if it's planning on staying relatively warm; just in case of unexpected cold weather, a chilly night, or simply a brisk plane.

Whimsically yours,

Re: Travel Recommendations....

You guys are awesome! I've never been off the east coast so I had no idea what to bring.


dii770 I wear Josie Maran argan moisturizer w/spf 40 almost daily so that will definitely go with me! I plan on taking some of the SPF's from this years Sun Safety Kit with me (including the Shiseido). I almost forgot about lip protection. I guess I'll need to find a good lip balm with spf.....


I have a bunch of moisturizer & eye cream sample packets from Sephora that will finally get used (easily kept in a pocket while hiking). 


Lol I might google map directions to the Sephora in CO just in case I forget something Smiley Very Happy




Re: Travel Recommendations....

I lived in Colorado 7 years. You need products to moisturize EVERYTHING! It's really dry there, so you want moisturizing hair, face and body products. Minimalist makeup, walking shoes (but since you hike, that shouldn't be a problem). Forget retinoid creams for the week you're there, because it may make you flake, since it's so dry there. Also, you're a mile up, so the sun will be more damaging.


Take one nice outfit as a just-in-case, and a couple of layers- check the national weather service when you're close to your departure date (it's been known to snow in June!) Light layers are recommended. It's only a week, so you don't need much.


And take a travel pack of Kleenex- you could get a little nosebleed if you're not used to the dry air. Drink a lot of water to help with altitude sickness, and try not to overdo the hiking.


Oh, and take your camera! The Colorado views are spectacular!


Hope you have fun!


Re: Travel Recommendations....

Snow in June??? How awesome would that be!

Re: Travel Recommendations....

I don't live in the area but travelled the Rockies extensively in the past (including Denver, which I've been to twice in the past 10 years).  What type of sunscreen are you taking with you?  Personally, when I'm travelling I take a moisturizer with sunscreen (I love Murad Essential-C SPF 30) in addition to a waterproof sunscreen(I've liked the Shiseido brand.  It's a splurge, though.).   Murad also makes an eye cream with SPF.  Don't forget your lips!  Try to find a lip balm with SPF.


Make sure that you have a small size of a waterproof sunscreen/moisturizer that you can carry with you when kayaking, etc.  Also, do not forget your body when it comes to sunscreen.  I like the spray kind. 


You might want to get an extra moisturizing shampoo and conditioner.  I love the Ojon shampoo and conditioner for dyed, damaged and dry hair (although I don't have any of those problems)!  It adds, in my opinion, just the extra care you need when travelling.  And it also will help if you end spending in time in the pool.  They also make a Damage Reverse Restorative Conditioner that you can comb into wet hair.  Sometimes, on days when there's alot of static in the air, I spread some on the palms of my hands and rub it through my dry hair.  Sometimes you can find these products in travel size.


For evenings, Korres makes a fabulous night cream which not only adds moisture but smells and feels delicious.  Also, I carry a good general moisturizer for mornings and nights.


My experiences in Denver, Aspen, Vail and on a "dude ranch" have shown me that make up should be on the minimalist side.  I personally take eye makeup because I am blonde and if I don't wear eyeliner and mascara I don't have eyes and if I don't color my eyebrows I don't have eyebrows!  But I use brown eyeliner and apply it more thinly than I do at home.  If I am going to spend the day out shopping, I like Urban Decay's all-nighter spray which sets my makeup and protects me from looking like a raccoon.  There are many lip balms (refer back to the first paragraph) which also add subtle color and provide a smooth "finished" look.


Have fun!  Take a waterbottle!  Do NOT forget the sunglasses!

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