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Trans-Canadian Cosmetics Travelling Box/Train!!

New Canadian travelling box, with BNIB MAC etc!**CLOSED**



* You must PM the person sending to you with your address now, don't wait until the box is near you!

** Remember posting tracking #'s in this thread is required!

*** Remember to take photos of what you take out and put into the box!




1) Bcteagirl

2) KBmatthews: Arrived April 22nd Departed:  April 23

tracking#: 0103605000505393

3) MyUsername Sent to LovingLondon April 26th tracking number: 0289787000890910

4) LovingLondon: Arrived April 30th Dparted May 1st Tracking #: 0103107000377289


5) Ivyxox


6) HappyGen (Switched orders of #5,6 due to new travel plans at station #5)

Sent on May 9th, tracking #  0103516000342768



7) Clemon: Arrived May 15th, Departed May 26, tracking number 0657131000458040

8) Heartsmyface: Arrived May 30th! Left June 2nd 0102872000370974

9) Deesa - Arrived June 6th! On the way again June 9th Tracking # 0649325000350317


10) Ditzcore: Arrived June 12th, Dept June 16th: 0285072000761365


11) Firespinner: Arrived June 23rd Departed June 25th 0102517000379397

12) Yumst3r: Arrived June 30th! sent on July 2nd 0103181000351456

13) Mkimimi: Arrived July 6th, left July 8th

14) Yullz

15) Bcteagirl


Starting shortly, I would love to have a nice long train! This is a second round of a box, so there is a HUGE variety in here, so much great stuff (thank you previous participants!!). Very exciting to start a box that is such a great mix to start with. We had so much fun on the previous train (and it moved so fast!) that I know this will be great!


I would love to keep this train moving quickly, I am putting more stuff together/reorganizing it as we speak. If you want to officially be on the train, you do need to send a message with complete address to me! I am borrowing most of the rules from a previous train.




****NO RESERVE****


****No Swatching items from the box****




ALL SEALED ITEMS are welcome, UNLESS sealed


NO: Nothing you dip your fingers in if opened NO opened mascara NO opened lip wands (the kind you dunk the wand in or things like stila lipglaze)




all cosmetic/skin care samples are fine


***Other: For full sized items, there is a strict one in one out policy for drug store items: ie: If you want to trade in a drug store item, you must be taking out a drug store item (Feel free to take out extra drug store items lol). This will ensure that this box is largely of higher quality cosmetics (While still allowing for some variety). There will be just a few drug store items per box


*** For new mascara, dip lip gloss, you must tape them up so they cannot be opened/swatched en route. Leave other lipstics/etc untapped so people can see the colours.


*Be polite *Don't keep the box longer than a few days (please try to keep the box moving in a timely manner)



*All packages must include a tracking number, Send me (@Bcteagirl) the tracking number.


*TRADE ON OR ABOVE the value of the item you took -don't take all of one kind of item, for example, if there are 3 of one perfume, take only 1 so that others will have a chance to try them - One in/one out rule for any drugstore cosmetics (which are limited) -post in a picture and/or text what you took and left -package things carefully and put things that could leak in ziplock bags



**YOU MUST have a tracking number for your package, and it must be posted here!



Once the train order is set, you need to PM the person who is sending to you your address right away, don't wait until the train is close to you!


Put a post here stating you want to participate, and PM me your name/address if you want in! Smiley Happy


Edit: spacing lol

Re: Trans-Canadian Cosmetics Travelling Box/Train!!

Awesome! Excited to see what lovelies you choose!

Re: Trans-Canadian Cosmetics Travelling Box/Train!!

I am excited already!

Re: Trans-Canadian Cosmetics Travelling Box/Train!!


Re: Trans-Canadian Cosmetics Travelling Box/Train!!


Deva Curl Styling Cream Sample
Sunday Riley Good Genes Treatment Sample
Sephora Pore Clarifying Mask
Elizabeth and James Perfume Deluxe Sample
Ouidad Climate Control Sample
Murad Clarifying Mask
PTR Laser-Free Resurfacer

Photospecific Moisturing Styling Cream Sample
Tonymoly Tomatox Magic White Massage Pack
boscia Detoxifying Black Cleanser
Dior Show Mascara
Bite Beauty Lipgloss 10
Sephora Makeup bag


Adding: Everything is new unless otherwise noted. 

MAC Eyeshadow Heat Element
MAC Eyeshadow Engaging - swatched/ sanitized
MAC Eyeshadow Haunting
Sephora Nano Lip liner
Lavanila Rollerball - used twice at most
Clean Rollerball - used few times
Urban Decay 24/7 Eyeliner in Junkie - swatched/ sanitized
Bareminerals marvelous moxie lipgloss
Origins GinZing sample
benefit sugarbom sample
Stila lip glaze sample
Givenchy Mini Rouge Lipstick
Nars Tinted Moisturizer Sample
Clinique Sample
benefit pore professional sample
Origins GinZing foil
B&B thickening sample
B&B foam wash sample
Yu-be moisturizing skin cream sample
Clinique acne solutions foil
tarte foil
benefit stay flawless foil
Perfume Samples


Let me know if you guys are cool with the swap and I'll label everything and ship it out tomorrow. Smiley Happy 

Re: Trans-Canadian Cosmetics Travelling Box/Train!!

Looks lovely, hope you had a good time! Very fast turnaround!

Re: Trans-Canadian Cosmetics Travelling Box/Train!!

I did! Thanks for including me. 

Re: Trans-Canadian Cosmetics Travelling Box/Train!!

OMG I love givenchy le rouge!

Re: Trans-Canadian Cosmetics Travelling Box/Train!!

LOL Smiley Happy  I am glad you can have it my dear! Smiley Happy Smiley Happy I already have one that I don't use myself... so I could gladly put it in the box if anyone else would like it Smiley Happy Smiley Happy 

Re: Trans-Canadian Cosmetics Travelling Box/Train!!

hahaha thanks! You are the best <3 I will make sure to put in some deluxe samples as well.

Re: Trans-Canadian Cosmetics Travelling Box/Train!!

Glad to hear that. I went a little crazy with the sephora luxe promo so I had a few spares to share. 

Re: Trans-Canadian Cosmetics Travelling Box/Train!!

Looks perfect to me!! Smiley Happy Smiley Happy  Hope you had fun! Smiley Happy Smiley Happy 

Re: Trans-Canadian Cosmetics Travelling Box/Train!!

Looks great!

Re: Trans-Canadian Cosmetics Travelling Box/Train!!

The box is in motion! Tracking #: 0103107000377289 Smiley Happy


Anyone else hate the pressure of writing out the shipping label? My hand can't function using a pen secured to a desk with a bunch of tethered elastic bands. 

Re: Trans-Canadian Cosmetics Travelling Box/Train!!

Expected Delivery : 2014/05/05

Will update as soon as I receive the box!

Re: Trans-Canadian Cosmetics Travelling Box/Train!!

Wow this is going real fast!! Smiley Happy Smiley Happy  Hope you have fun on Monday Ivy!! Smiley Happy Smiley Happy 

Re: Trans-Canadian Cosmetics Travelling Box/Train!!

LOL Smiley Happy  I know the feeling!! I absolutely hate those pen secured with a tiny little cord!!  Especially when there is a big line of people waiting behind you! LOL  Smiley Happy   Thanks for shipping it so fast though! Smiley Happy Smiley Happy Smiley Happy

Re: Trans-Canadian Cosmetics Travelling Box/Train!!

Yeah, but only cause I hate Waiting so much. 

Re: Trans-Canadian Cosmetics Travelling Box/Train!!

Thankyou! Sorry for the late reply, my computer died and is in for repairs.

Re: Trans-Canadian Cosmetics Travelling Box/Train!!

Ok, train updated. Sorry for the late update, my computer put on quite a show and then died. Hopefully will have it back by tues or thurs at the latest (Thankfully I have backups!!).

Re: Trans-Canadian Cosmetics Travelling Box/Train!!

The box has arrived! will update with photos very soon.

I'm trying to get rid of all the stickers on the box before it's heading to the next stopSmiley Happy

The post office near my place opens till 9pm today, so I might be able to send the box out tonight !

Re: Trans-Canadian Cosmetics Travelling Box/Train!!

Hiiii, I'm back with photos! Thanks for everyone's generosity and the selection is great!


Here is what I'm taking:

photo 1-1.JPG


FAB ultra facial cream ( My all-time fav moisturizer)

Givenchy le rouge (I almost finished mine! Thanks!)

Fresh life rollerball

Dior eyebrow pencil

UD eyeshadow in chase

MUFE foundation brush (so excited to try)

LM deluxe foundation powder 3g

1 perfume sample

1 origins eye cream sample

6 foils.


Here is what I'm adding:

photo 2-1.JPG


New Sephora makeup bag ( I saw the one in the box was taken, so I added another one for anyone who likes it)
New Avene makeup bag
New BBW forever night full size body cream
Nude cleansing oil 15mL (used once)
New Cleanance gel 50 mL (This cleanser is not full, but it is new!)

New Biotherm exfoliating milk 20mL

New Kiehl's rare earth deep pore cleanser 30mL

New deluxe size Dr Brandt retinol eye cream

New deluxe Estee lauder mascara

Clinique superbalm in black honey 7mL ( I think it is new, but I'm not sure, so I sanitized it just in case)

Deluxe Benefit what's up (swatched)

Clinique eyeshadow duo (swatched)

GA designer lift foundation 5mL (swatched)

MAC 212 eyeliner brush (sanitized)

New full size Illamasqua liquid metal

New full size Tarte lipsurgence lip luster

Tarte smoldereyes in rose gold (swatched)

New Mario Badescu enzyme cleansing gel sample 

New Jane Iredale dream tint deluxe sample

Bite beauty high pigment pencil deluxe size (swatched)

New Deborah Lippmann nail polish

2 New deluxe samples from Clarins

New Ren day cream 5mL

New Rodial bee venom moisturizer 5mL

New B.Kamins Rejuvenating cream 3g

3 foils and 1 MJ daisy perfume sample


Let me know if you think this is a fair trade ( I feel like I need to add more :s) Also, what type of products would you like me to add in? I will ship this box out tonight after dinner.


PS. There are quite a few Sephora fragrance postcards in the box and some small cards in the sealed perfume bag. Does anyone want the postcards? I can take out some of them because it can get heavy.

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