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Tornadoes in Missouri

Could I ask all of you lovely Bic friends to take a moment and send some good vibes, karma and prayers my son's way. Last night he got hit by a tornado in Eldon Missouri, lost everything. He did save his beloved cat before his car literally flew into the neighbors house. He choose to stay and help dig his fellow neighbors out of the houses that literally got demolished. He was lucky enough to not be hurt, but he's pretty distraught, and he just turned 20, so he really doesn't have much experience in these types of situations. But I'm proud of him for putting himself at risk and helping others in the middle of all this chaos. I live 5 hours from him, so we were not impacted, but I'm afraid he might have PTS after all this, so any positive vibes are greatly appreciated in Missouri. Thanks everyone30514~2.jpeg








Re: Tornadoes in Missouri

@StephanieBT thank you so much! I appreciate all the prayers and good vibes to all that were impacted by these terrible tornadoes

Re: Tornadoes in Missouri

Omg @lmaster !! So brave and kind of him to stay and help his neighbours. Hearing things like this always remind me that there are so many incredible, good people in the world (which sometimes gets overshadowed by the craziness of the world today!). Sending all the prayers, good vibes and positive thoughts to him, your family and the people unfortunately affected by this. So happy he’s save ❤️❤️

Re: Tornadoes in Missouri

Thank you so much @cianni I really appreciate all the prayers 😘

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