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TokyoMilk Dark mini trio set


Yay, finally something that I can use my 10% beautyfall discount and not feel like I am losing out by not waiting for the big 20% VIB sale in a week! Lord knows I love mini perfumes!


Re: TokyoMilk Dark mini trio set

That looks great.  I always want to try ordering those, but none of the shops near me carry them, and I hate to order unsmelled, regardless of the rave reviews and return policy.

Re: TokyoMilk Dark mini trio set

I picked up the set that was out last year, and if these fragrances live up to those I will be ecstatic! It's a great line of scents, but you're right, you just don't know if you don't try them out first. I was ready to pounce on NEST perfumes based on the notes and reviews, but they smell horrible on me Smiley Sad


Check the sale area in your Sephora, that's where I picked up last year's set, even though my store didn't carry the line ordinarily.


Re: TokyoMilk Dark mini trio set

Last year's set was the $10 one for Black Friday I think. I picked it up and still haven't used it... I should probably do that!

Re: TokyoMilk Dark mini trio set

I can't find the full bottles in my stores either, but it looks like they all got shipped this set. I can't wait to stop by and take a sniff.

Re: TokyoMilk Dark mini trio set

yaaay! I already have 79 and LOVE IT.  Thank you for the Tokyomilk Enabling.  As if this weren't bad enough, I placed a huge order from the Tokyomilk website earlier in the week (They have lots of products and scents sephora doesn't carry)  I'm a tiny bit obsessed with this brand.  

Re: TokyoMilk Dark mini trio set

I'm so glad this set doesn't have no.62 in it.  62 smells like bug spray on me, but all the other scents I've tried are awesome.  Can't wait to get this one.

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