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Today is the day

I was waiting for this friday and finaly its here when Twilight is finally hit the theaters but i have some other plans And that is may be i will stream Twilight saga reaking dawn online or make Breaking Dawn download. What are your plans?

Re: Today is the day

I am not a twi-hater, I used to be a twi-hard, but now i am like whatever. One of the reasons I stopped loving the books was because of the 1rst movie (Edward's lack of sparkle, seriously, skip special effects and go straight to body glitter galore!). But Breaking Dawn looks better, I am seeing the movie tomorrow with my 2 friends. 

Re: Today is the day

I am exciting the movie is finally out as well....but I am going to wait it out until it comes out and I can download it at watch it at home....i did the same thing with the last two....

Re: Today is the day

I know!!! I can't wait to see Twilight too! I already have tickets for me and a friend (It's her birthday today! Smiley Very Happy) for the 5:00 showing... I'm a team Jacob, and so is my friend. She can go a little extreme with her "Team Jacob"ness though Smiley Happy I can't wait to see the movie!

I hope you enjoy the movie!
-dreamysmile Smiley Happy
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