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Tired of waiting

I only bought the quad eyeshadow from the Jasmine collection, and nothing from the Cinderella collections.  Though I did stare heavily at both collections for quite some time.  Nothing must have caught my eye as I am an impulse buyer.  If you give me time to think about my purchase I more than likely will not buy it.  Now the Ariel palette ughhh I've been dying for it since it was first released.  I didn't buy it immediately as I didn't think it would disappear in 2 days.  Since Sephora said it would be out online the end of June and that has passed I don't even think I will buy it anymore.  The more I stare at the shades of eye shadows the more I realize I already have those shades.  I guess I am not in the boat of buying it purely because of the character (though I do love Ariel, I didn't grow up with her.  I grew up loving Annie haha Smiley Very Happy), and I am not one of the people collecting the mirrors.

Does anyone else lose interest the longer they have to wait?

Re: Tired of waiting

Last night I dreamed it had been released, haha. I was so happy. 


Of course it is disappointing to wait past what we were originally told, but I'm sure Sephora has a good reason, why would they delay it if they are all ready to go? There are so many things that can happen, a shipment could have been delayed, an error could have happened in production and a color is way different than it is supposed to be, a truck could have crashed and broken all the mirrors (think of the bad luck this would bring, haha), and since it's a collection I expect they have to hold everything if there is an issue with one product. 


Another thing to consider (especially when so many people are angry about Ariel being the last set) is Disney. They are famous for being very strict about how their characters are presented/marketed and if you look at the way they have always done their movie sales, they will feature a new (re)release of a title for a limited time and then back it goes into the "Disney Vault." They like to work the supply and demand side of things this way, so by the time they come back with the next feature, customers want to snap it up! If they did release collection after collection one after the other, some customers would get tired of seeing them and it wouldn't be a big deal anymore.


Not that any of these things is the case for sure, but it's something to think about. Smiley Happy



Re: Tired of waiting

I'm with Rikkie, I'm sure it's one of the reasons that she mentioned.  I'm positive they didn't give out a date and then change it just to annoy people. Smiley Happy  That would be really, really bad marketing.  But sometimes things happen -- delayed shipments, production errors, pressure from partners, who knows.


And yes, I am still looking forward to it.  But I'll admit, I'm a Disney nut.  My husband and I are vacation club members and go to Florida every other year.  I have more pins around than I want to think about.  So yes, I know I will get some of the items when they are available.  And I'm one of those people who will get things even if I don't actually use them.  (I might use them, but I might not.  I'll still get them.)


It's been a fun collection and I'm sorry to see the partnership end, even though I knew from the start that it was only for 3 princesses.  I know Disney is doing their own makeup range but so far, I'm not impressed.  The Sephora collaboration is so much more grown up.

Re: Tired of waiting

I agree but it's also bad marketing to give out a general time (end of June online) and to not have all your ducks in a row when doing so.  I'm not mad at Sephora, but I am disappointed. I wish they were upfront and honest with us.  If there were issues say so, people are understanding.  For me checking Sephora twice a day for almost 3 weeks now is tiring.  I just going to move on.

@Rikkie I woke up on 7/1 at 4 am with this overwhelming feeling in my stomach that they had released it.  I was on my feet and running to the bathroom with my arms out to keep me from slamming into things.  Put my contacts in at record speed and was online checking within minutes.  Of course I was disappointed.  And couldn't get back to sleep with all the adrenaline running through me.  lol

Re: Tired of waiting

Oh! That must have been the most disappointing feeling. Smiley Sad Like waking up on Christmas and discovering santa hadn't come.

Re: Tired of waiting

I am starting to get annoyed. I disapproves of Sephora's way of handling things like making promos super secret, but telling us a release date then pushing it back is just as annoying.


I was planning to buy a couple items, but if it got pushed back this far, I also have items from Marc Jacob's new beauty collection I want, so yeah, losing interest.

Re: Tired of waiting

I'm starting to lose interest as well. I'm getting really tired of waiting and no one seems to know when this will even be released. I don't know how much longer I'm going to wait for it or if I even want it anymore. Ariel is my favorite princess but waiting around for this palette is getting ridiculous. 

Re: Tired of waiting

Hi ladies,


We all appreciate your patience in waiting for the Ariel collection. It WILL be coming soon and that's all we can say for now on the matter ; ).

Whimsically yours,

Re: Tired of waiting

Yep! Which is why I wait!  I figure if I still want it in 2 weeks, then I'll buy it. The exceptions will be a Belle palette for my daughter (her name is Belle, though not after the princess, her great great grandma was named Belle)  and Snow White cuz I'm obsessed.  Smiley Happy  

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