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Thursday Questions

Wow, I can't believe it's Thursday already... Don't you love 4 day work weeks?!?!

1. Have you had a Fall food/drink yet?

2. Are you're leaves changing? 

3. Are you already using your fall makeup items?

4. What Fall/Winter collection are you drooling over the most? 



1. Almost... saw pumpkin ice cream on Monday & was this close to getting a pumpkin latte yesterday, but I ended up going with my usual dbl shoot espresso 

2. Starting too & it was 80* yesterday yet there was a crispness to the air that forced me to leave the house in leggings & a T-Shirt

3. I will be purchasing a darker YSL glossy stain this weekend Smiley Tongue 

4. That Chanel palette or the Guerlain. 

Re: Thursday Questions

1. Well well, right on time. I just had a Coconut curry noodles bowl (with pork and kimchi). As much as I'm clinging onto the summer fruits by teeth and nails, my tastebuds have started to switch.

2. Are you're leaves changing? not yet. Doooooon't! Cuz if it does then it means windy season is coming and I'm not ready to bundle up yet!

3. Yup, started using eyeshadows this week.

4. Fall winter collection. Marc Jacob a fall/winter collection? I'm liking the Sephora Favorites, but majority of the holiday sets haven't come in yet.

Re: Thursday Questions

I feel like I didn't eat enough summer fruits this year... * must go stock up now * But I'm already craving squash soup Smiley Sad 

Re: Thursday Questions

I know!!! I don't recall eating any really good strawberries, I've had a decent amount of watermelons but I'm *just* beginning to buy peaches. They are certainly tasty but I'm already looking at soup recipes and pulled out my 3 cans of pumpkin puree for pumpkin bread/cake.

Re: Thursday Questions

1. Have you had a Fall food/drink yet?
Not yet but I love pumpkin-anything

2. Are your leaves changing?
Nope - they barely change.maybe in December?
3. Are you already using your fall makeup items?
Been changing my nail polish from pink/coral to more red/brown

4. What Fall/Winter collection are you drooling over the most?
Chanel Holiday collection

Re: Thursday Questions

1. Nope haven't had any Fall food or drink yet, but I reallllly want to get a spiced pumpkin latte and pumpkin muffin (with cream cheese filling) from Starbucks... mmmmmm That is when fall has arrived lol


2.Not really, - at least if it is its not noticeable. It'll happen all at once - gotta love fall in canada.


3.Nope, not yet.havent bought any new fall items either, also my birthday marks the calender end of summer/beginning of fall so maybe then lol.


4.Saw a Vice 2 palette picture that Urban Decay is releasing in the fall i think? And it looks gorgeous!

Re: Thursday Questions


Fun questions!

1.'s over 100 degrees where I live Smiley Sad. It usually starts to cool off around November.


2. Yup - from green to dry LOL!


3. Haven't started yet! I can barely wait when it's below 80 degrees to wear my plums and berries!


4. Chanel, Guerlain, or UD!

Re: Thursday Questions

4 day work weeks are nice, yup.


1. Do hazelnut Frappuccinos count? It's 100° where I live too. Smiley Sad

2. I don't have leaves Smiley Tongue

3. Definitely not. I am using crazy amounts of a/c though.

4. I haven't even seen any in person yet. All of the stores are still doing end of summer & back to school stuff. No fall pretties yet. Smiley Sad

Re: Thursday Questions

I think I would have had a nervous breakdown if this week hadn't been a shorter one!!!  Most of my co-workers have been on vacation last week or this week, so for those of us who remain things have been... stressful!


1) I don't think so! I like apple cider but i'm not a huge fan of pumpkin stuff.


2) Not yet... but i'm excited for them to start!


3) oh yes.  Burgundy lips are a must Smiley Happy


4) I cannot wait to see more reviews of holiday collections!!!!  There isn't anything yet that has caught my eye.


Re: Thursday Questions

1 not yet


2. no still green


3. i'm actually still working on purchasing my fall makeups


4.  i really want the Nars soulshine palette

Re: Thursday Questions

1. Have you had a Fall food/drink yet? not yet but I'm sure I will soon
2. Are you're leaves changing? not in California 
3. Are you already using your fall makeup items? yep, love those colors
4. What Fall/Winter collection are you drooling over the most? I'm trying to avoid the collections this year to save money so I havent looked

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