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Things you're not good at (humorous)

In light of the awesome "6 Things You're Good At" post I thought we could do a funny, "I'm really awful at..." post too.  While reading through some of the other ladies' talents I realized I got skipped over on a few things...


1 - Singing.  Or I should say singing well.  I could not carry a tune if you put it in bucket for me.  This does not stop me mind you.

2 - Art.  Cannot draw a straight line with a ruler.

3 - Directions.  I could get lost in my living room.  This is only a minor exaggeration.

4 - Rhythm. White girl from Wisconsin cannot dance.

5 - Gracefulness.  I constantly have bruises I don't remember getting.  There is no use in wondering who put the door frame there - just say, "ow" and keep going!

Re: Things you're not good at (humorous)

Oh hahahaha!!  Maybe I should keep myself from this one...

1. Cleaning house -- just not good at it!!

2.  Making people laugh when I want them to -- oh I can make people laugh, but never at a joke, witty comeback, funny story...

3.  Being on time-- Anywhere.  Ever.  

4.  Edges -- I don't do edges.  2000 feet up or just 2, the center is fine but do not put me up to that edge!!!

5.  Water slides -- the tube kind.  I hate the water spraying in my face and I'm super claustrophobic!!!!

6.  Yelling -- I have this soft, sweet, baby voice and zero volume!!!!

Re: Things you're not good at (humorous)

Well, here it goes (at least the top six...)


1.  Organizing paperwork (stacks and stacks everywhere I go)

2.  Straightening my hair

3.  Lying (whether in serious or comical situations)

4.  Swimming (you will not find me in or near any bodies of water)

5.  Getting rid of stuff (kind of goes along with #1)

6.  Saying no to any yummy food that is within arms length!

Re: Things you're not good at (humorous)

LOL  I love it!


1. Braiding my hair

2. Painting my nails

3. Counting and listening at the same time

4. Philosophy

5. Leaving my pimples alone

6. Taking care of my feet

Re: Things you're not good at (humorous)

1) Being nice - seriously.  If you tell me what's nice, I'm glad to do it, but just to look at a situation and know that it would be nice to ______, I have no clue.  Thank goodness for southern manners.  I can wing it for a while. 


2) No dancing.  Just broke my foot walking.  Didn't even fall, just turned my ankle...walking.  I admit it. 


3) Drop certain parts of my southern accent.  The word is can't.  I'll say "cain't" every time!  At least I do say pinch instead of peench.


4) Give up on a stray.  If a dog or cat shows up at my house, it's getting fed.  Probably why I have so many dogs and cats showing up at my house.  It's like they pass it down the "barking chain" - free food!


5) Nothing creative.  Can't draw.  Can't design.  I can knit like nobody's business as long as I'm following instructions.  But tweak a pattern to make it fit better?  Forget it.


6) Not work - I had LASIK, then broke my foot so I spent about a week and a half at home.  AAACCCKKK!  I was so ready to get back to work!

Re: Things you're not good at (humorous)

This whole post is just hilarious I love reading everyone's replies!

Re: Things you're not good at (humorous)

Shows our humility and grace, lol Smiley Happy i think it is fun too!

Re: Things you're not good at (humorous)

@kalex- I know everyone always says they have no trouble figuring out what I'm thinking I think being expressive with no words might be a good thing in some sort of crazy way.

Re: Things you're not good at (humorous)

Oh, this will be hard to keep to a small number! 


Definitely nth-ing things everyone else has said, haha.



1. Gracefulness/hand-eye coordination


2. Awkwardness around strangers (even with LOTS of mellow pills!)


3. Dealing with hot and cold extremes. My mom has been telling me about the weather in my hometown the past two weeks or so... not sure exactly how many days of each of these, but the weather changes in a second. Funnel clouds and a serious tornado warning one day; torrential rain for days leading to flooding, washed out roads, sinkholes, etc; several days of ~110 degree heat; tonight a warning about 60 mph winds and possible hail an inch in diameter, honestly it has snowed in July there, that's about all they need to complete the weather set!


4. Making decisions (time spend deciding is inversely proportionate to the importance of said decision, so deciding what I want at a restaurant is a major crisis!)


5.DANCING. We had awesome board games to play after dinner at our wedding, no way was I going to dance. And we had a huge candy buffet for favors, so people had lots to do besides sit and catch up with everyone who never sees each other.


6. Making myself do things I don't want to. I can pretend things are fine when they aren't for so long it's not even funny and just distract myself with whatever irresponsible things I'd rather be doing. Not so good, hahaha.

Re: Things you're not good at (humorous)

Wait, wait... Are you from Texas??  That weather sounds familiar!!!!

Re: Things you're not good at (humorous)

Canada's Texas: Alberta! Pretty similar stereotypes but worse weather due to winter being like 8 months of the year I swear. Smiley Tongue

Re: Things you're not good at (humorous)

Oh yuck!!  Even though our weather is ridiculous, I enjoy that it's summer for about 7 months and whenever else in the year it feels like it.  Winter is not so fun.  :/  except for Winter sports!!!!  Today, though, we are expecting high 86, low 62.  Oddly cold for summer in Texas.

Re: Things you're not good at (humorous)

I'm loving these temps in Arkansas too.  I've actually enjoyed yard work these past few days!  Let's hope it lasts until the 4th!

Re: Things you're not good at (humorous)

I love the board game idea, that is so cute!

Re: Things you're not good at (humorous)

We did almost everything ourselves for our wedding and made it very very "us." I think it's one of the reasons I hated it so much, it was so much effort it wasn't even fun! We handmade our save the date cards and invitations and hand addressed the envelopes for each. (worst idea everrrr) I didn't want to spend a million dollars on flowers, so we went all over town and found dramatic birdcages and lanterns and little things to put inside for centerpieces etc etc etc. I swear we hated each other and the idea of a wedding for months ahead of it hahaha. 

Re: Things you're not good at (humorous)

@kalex- You make a good point ! Except I don't know about the creepy little town thing.

Re: Things you're not good at (humorous)

Sh*t I forgot a good one (should add remembering stuff if I don't write it down)...penmanship..since working in e-commerce since 2003, my penmanship has steadily taken a dive. I make lots of a notepad on my computer! Notes to myself I may be able to read, but I don't think anyone else would be able to.


It's my secret language apparently.

Re: Things you're not good at (humorous)

1-6 would all be variations of keeping my voice down Smiley Wink I can't help it, I'm Cuban and the stereotype is totally true!

Re: Things you're not good at (humorous)

Riding a bike, driving, djing, singing, directions.

Re: Things you're not good at (humorous)

1. Painting my nails. Like just standard nail painting, can't do it.


2. Playing cards. Don't understand the rules of any game except maybe rummy :/  


3 Getting anywhere on time.  


4 Saying NO. I always over extend myself


5. Sleeping. I know, right! How do you fail at sleeping! But I do, unless I need to be somewhere then I oversleep.


6  Keeping anything organized.



This is so much easier than stuff I'm good at! 

Re: Things you're not good at (humorous)

I'm great at saying no and cutting people loose...must be a gemini trait!

Re: Things you're not good at (humorous)

I'm a Sagittarius. Total over committer. Smiley Happy

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