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Things you're not good at (humorous)

In light of the awesome "6 Things You're Good At" post I thought we could do a funny, "I'm really awful at..." post too.  While reading through some of the other ladies' talents I realized I got skipped over on a few things...


1 - Singing.  Or I should say singing well.  I could not carry a tune if you put it in bucket for me.  This does not stop me mind you.

2 - Art.  Cannot draw a straight line with a ruler.

3 - Directions.  I could get lost in my living room.  This is only a minor exaggeration.

4 - Rhythm. White girl from Wisconsin cannot dance.

5 - Gracefulness.  I constantly have bruises I don't remember getting.  There is no use in wondering who put the door frame there - just say, "ow" and keep going!

Re: Things you're not good at (humorous)

1. Cooking: I love my mom, but she's a horrible cook so I think it's genetic.

2. Directions: I don't think I learned my right/left until first grade.

3. Anything athletic: I was not gifted with running, kicking, throwing, etc.

4. Blow drying my hair: I don't have the dexterity to do it.

5. Eyeliner: I love to draw, but for some reason can't do eyeliner if my life depended on it.

6. Anything social: I'm very awkward in social situations and would rather just be by myself.

Re: Things you're not good at (humorous)

1. Cooking.  My specialties are cereal and sandwiches.  I buy a lot of ready made meals from Fresh and Easy.

2. Anything artistic.  I cannot sing, draw, dance, etc.

3. Makeup.  No matter how long it takes or how hard I try, it never looks quite right.

4. Over shopping.  I usually cannot resist a good deal, so I buy way more stuff than I should.

5. Directions.  I never know where I am, where I am going or how to return unless I have been a lot.

6. Gracefulness.  I am always running into things and have broken more toes than anyone I know.


It looks like I have all of the same flaws as you, plus quite a few more!

Re: Things you're not good at (humorous)

1. My eyebrows. I can't pluck em myself, can't shape them myself and when I fill them in I look like a man. Smiley Sad

2.  Driving. There is a reason I take the train everywhere. I'm destroyed so many bumpers. . .

3. Cleaning/Organization. I get way too distracted way too easily, also I'm super lazy! Let's just be honest here! Smiley Tongue



I know that's only three, but I'm kinda in a down mood, so no point beating me up over everything else I'm terrible at. > w<

Re: Things you're not good at (humorous)

We're poking fun at ourselves!  No need to be down!

Re: Things you're not good at (humorous)

Awesome thread!!! Smiley Happy 

Cooking - I get bored and distracted often leaving things to burn
and well go bad.


Saving Money - I can't, I always end up needing something baddly and spend it all. :/


Calling people back on the phone, I have never liked to talk on the phone, ever.
I come from the generation when texting was even a thing in high school, we used beepers.
So like yeah I don't like talking on the phone. I rather text. I will hit ignore and not answer.


Magazines - I order so many and then never even look at them! But I love to have them.
I like to see the person on the cover and then I put it in the pile and won't read it until like
never O.o and then it gets recycled.


Reading - I hate to read, yep, these days I am viewed is a moron because reading is the NEW
IT thing. But I can't stand it, I LOVE looking at pictures though. So give me a picture book Smiley Tongue


Organized- everything is everywhere, important things get stuck with non-important stuff.
I don't even know where my birth certificate is at, it's in some planner, but who knows which
one. O.o

Re: Things you're not good at (humorous)

1. Spelling. Let me just get that one out of the way first. Can't do it. Life before spell check was *hell.* I can't remember what words are "supposed to look like" so that is no help to me at all. And if I spell it like it sounds - well, that is what I did - and clearly that is wrong. Most frustrating, I can spell things so wrong that even spell check doesn't know what I was going for.

2. Singing. I love to sing but I am so so bad. My kids liked my singing when they were babies (because they didn't know any better). Now they tell me 'Mom - OMG - please stop!"

3. Keeping a journal. I have tried so many times but apparently lack the self discipline to stick with it. Also, I am struck, in my attempts to write a journal, at how incredibly boring I am.

4. Painting my nails. This is really just best left to professionals. Lately I've been keeping them short (they break and suck anyhow).

5. Keeping a budget. This year, I swear, I am going to make one. I am going to get my records together and figure out my spending and make a budget.

6. Are we doing 5 or 6... My last one is getting my photos printed. I have like 4 years of photos - and I even bought photo albums - not a single photo has been printed for them. I should put the albums in the Goodwill pile and quit pretending that I have time for this.


Re: Things you're not good at (humorous)

1. Getting anywhere on time. I literally am late everywhere. I always joke that I have an excuse because I have two different sleep disorders, both of which cause excessive daytime sleepiness so needless to say I am hardly a morning person. Besides that, I have no concept of time either and I like to take my time because I like to be nicely put together. Frankly that is all a lethal combo.

2. Cat eye liner. I can't. I simply cannot. One of my eyes is more hooded than the other annnd yeah. I can't get it to look right on that eye for the life of me.

3. Organization. My apartment is a mess. Granted, the floors are vacuumed and the furniture is dusted and all. I just have neat little stacks of stuff all over because I don't know what the heck to do with it!

4. Understanding how other people think. Sounds crazy but stick with me on this one. There are times when someone will be doing something that I think is horribly stupid and that person instead thinks their behavior is 100% completely justifiable. I legit am always dying to know what in that person's mind makes it justifiable. In example, an old roommate of mine once was on a date with one guy, made out with another guy during said date, went home with the original date all while on the morning after pill from a third guy. I apparently was judging her and in fact, the guy she was on the date with was lucky she did not go home with the guy she made out with. I literally would be so eager to know what made her think that was totally okay while I thought it was totally insane! And this is not a sarcasm thing, I legit am very curious what makes one persons thought process go one way while someone else's goes another!

5. Leaving a mall/store without buying anything. Hello my name is Brittany, and I am a shopaholic.

Re: Things you're not good at (humorous)

1. Raising boys- I seem to have managed to get the girl right, but I suppose I just cannot relate as well to boys. Mine are rude, crude and socially unacceptable. I try to correct this but it is a major EPIC FAIL... 

2. Cannot do a proper cat eye- one eyelid is slightly puffy so it makes me look lopsided- I gave up

3. Following sports- could care less.. I know some people are die hard fans, but I would rather follow the newest meteorites set! 

4. Math- The concepts besides addition, subtraction, division and basic multiplication escapes me

5. Tactfullness- I tend to just blurt stuff out that I probably should have kept to myself, but it's done and out, so why backpedal??

Re: Things you're not good at (humorous)

#1. I can relate 100% 

Re: Things you're not good at (humorous)

Yes to #1 here too.  My oldest boy is 13.  Who wants to come over and have some wine and chocolate with me?  

Re: Things you're not good at (humorous)

Wine and chocolate??? You have my full attention!!!

Re: Things you're not good at (humorous)

I just finished my Godiva Sea salt and Caramel .... need to restock the wine, I may, however a Lime-A- Rita somewhere I can drink!

Re: Things you're not good at (humorous)

1) Admitting when I am wrong

2) Ageing

3) Having patients

4) Spelling

5) Putting on make up



Re: Things you're not good at (humorous)

1. i can't draw a straight line either.

2. i cannot for my life shampoo my hair well (seriously) though i am getting better. (like, i fail to wash part of it, or i leave shampoo in my hair, or some combo of both) my fiance always makes fun of me

3. i can't handle long hair because of the shampoo issue but then, WITHOUT FAIL, manage to shut it in car doors/windows, get it in my food... ugh!

4. I suck at scraping snow off my car lol. pretty pathetic scene.

5. i let doors hit me lol and sometimes just have no concept of space and don't care if i am sort of bumping into things? Lol

6. Doing my nails. I am terrible. slowly getting better but seriously AWFUL

Re: Things you're not good at (humorous)

1. I can't file my nails so I have to go to salons to get my nails done. 

2. Can't keep my temper. I probably should take anger management classes. 


4. Being modest when swimming... oh trust me, this becomes funny. I think I trashed talked everyone swimming once to try to get my crush to notice me... Well I backed up my trash talking by winning! 

5. Keeping calm. I tried yoga, I got pissed at how slow it was. I get nervous at meets. The only way I can NOT get nervous at swim meets is... See number 4 where I end up being really cocky. 

Re: Things you're not good at (humorous)

1. Doing my nails. Seriously, I'm terrible. Polish ALL over my cuticles and sometimes even all over my fingers. Even my boyfriend notices, and he wouldn't notice the color of his own bedroom wall.


2. Not being klutzy. I can't not trip, fall, drop things, spill things. It's a problem I'm trying to work on.


3. Dieting. I can diet for a few days and then -- CHOCOLATE.


4. Making small talk. My mind goes blank.. am I really talking about the weather? REALLY? Is this what it has come to? I suck.


5. Anything athletic. I play volley-ball in the summer to pretend like I have a talent for at least one sport, but I am the only player who has consistently been smacked in the face with the ball. Every year. 

Re: Things you're not good at (humorous)

Chocolate.  Smiley Happy gets me everytime 

Re: Things you're not good at (humorous)

#5 made me laugh because that's my oldest daughter.  She gets wacked in the face every time she plays soccer, volleyball, or anything.  It baffles me that she completely lacks the reflex to put up her hands when a ball is flying at her face.

Re: Things you're not good at (humorous)

1. Math. Oh, how I loathe thee. I am a languages person, and I can't do numbers. Statistics is the closest I can get. I avoided calculus altogether.

2. Directions. I remember landmarks, so I give directions like, turn left when you see this thing. It works for me--usually.F I get lost and disoriented so easily, it's lucky I have a compass and Maps on my iPhone!

3. Letting things go. I wouldn't say I hold grudges, but if something bothers me and I know I shouldn't say anything, I often have trouble keeping my mouth shut. Also, if I want something that I can't have, I often end up saving up forever for it instead of giving up on it. This goes for gifts for others, too Smiley Wink

4. Hurrying up. I like to take my time. I am pretty punctual, but said punctuality involves lots of planning beforehand. I'd rather get less sleep and not have to worry about rushing through my eye makeup or dressing--NOT a pretty sight! Smiley Very Happy

5. Hand-eye coordination. One of my closest friends is an athlete, and she always pokes fun at me for this. I can do makeup, but I can't conceptualize a ball in space. It's pathetic. Oh well, at least I don't poke my eye out!


Re: Things you're not good at (humorous)

#4 I agree!!

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