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Things you're not good at (humorous)

In light of the awesome "6 Things You're Good At" post I thought we could do a funny, "I'm really awful at..." post too.  While reading through some of the other ladies' talents I realized I got skipped over on a few things...


1 - Singing.  Or I should say singing well.  I could not carry a tune if you put it in bucket for me.  This does not stop me mind you.

2 - Art.  Cannot draw a straight line with a ruler.

3 - Directions.  I could get lost in my living room.  This is only a minor exaggeration.

4 - Rhythm. White girl from Wisconsin cannot dance.

5 - Gracefulness.  I constantly have bruises I don't remember getting.  There is no use in wondering who put the door frame there - just say, "ow" and keep going!

Re: Things you're not good at (humorous)

1. Drawing a straight line, I've been an art student all my life and have excelled in art and even branched into all sorts of facets, but ask me to draw a straight line and NOPE! I can draw circles freehanded that look excellent, but lines...nope, nope, nope. Maybe it's just too linear for my free form ways! Smiley Tongue


2. Navigating downtown, regular areas and even the suburbs are fine, but throw me downtown and areas filled with one way streets, constant construction, and parking garages and I'm going in circles over and over again! Once I even find where I'm suppose to be I have to loop around to find parking and once I get that finished I have to find my bearings again and get back to point A!


3. Holding back, not in the sense of not being able to hold back words or use tact, but holding back my personality at times. I've really done a 180 from when I was younger. I used to be SUUUUUPER shy and quiet, to the point where I didn't speak at all until someone at school talked to me and even then, if it was a student I would keep quiet but now I'm not afraid to talk to random folks and be the super lively one at social gatherings, this can be a bad thing if I'm around new people who aren't used to a stronger or bolder personality, it tends to make them cower and retreat into themselves, which makes it tougher for me to befriend or get to know them.


4. At wearing socks....oh gosh how I can't stand socks! I mean sure, if I have on a pair of boots or if it's super cold then fine, but under any other circumstance, get those suckers off! I try to resist any shoe that requires socks (no sneakers for me). I love being barefoot and socks are the arch enemy (although I love a fabulous pump or high heel anyday)!


5. Straightening my hair, this takes FOREVER and I get lazy. My hair is thick and wavy and past my hips. Everytime I try to flat iron it I start off super precise and section off pieces and take my time, and by midway I'm just letting my hair all down and going over random top portions and the ends. I get so impatient!


6. Backing up into parking spaces, I had to practice this over and over again during the time of getting my license and was a pro, but since then I've hardly ever had to use this so now the few times where I could back into a parking space, I can't and I get worried I'll end up bumping into the car next to me or backing up into something!

Re: Things you're not good at (humorous)

1. Keeping beat, my family constantly reminds me of this, thanks guys!

2. Dancing, this kind of goes with keeping beat!

3. Reverse parking- ARRG!

4. Telling you what I ate for lunch, or five minutes ago for that matter.

5. Being healthy- I'd do anything to lose weight! Except exercise and diet... sorry!

6. Telling you what that classical/opera song was, I love hearing them but I can't tell you the name of one!

Re: Things you're not good at (humorous)

Have to add: saving money. I spend it so quickly (is anyone else doing a bunch of online shopping today...hello summer sales!)...however in the sense of "saving money" on my purchases, I kick a** at that...gotta love finding stuff on sale (with free shipping and a discount code today...hello $40 maxi dresses)...


Happy 4th everyone!

Re: Things you're not good at (humorous)

Me too!  Much to husband's dismay.  I only placed a couple of orders today though despite my inbox overflowing with sale emails.  My birthday was just last month and I took advantage of several b-day offers so there wasn't much I still wanted/needed!


Happy Fourth!  I'm wondering if it's late enough to make myself a Paloma yet...


Re: Things you're not good at (humorous)

What am I thinking?  I'm using Grapefruit juice as opposed to Grapefruit soda.  That makes it downright breakfast-y and therefore totally appropriate for earlier hours.  Smiley Happy

Re: Things you're not good at (humorous)

Yep, I placed a few, but all for stuff I'd had my eye on/ all on sale etc. Husband can't get mad, it's my money after all! But yeah he's like "I keep wondering where she is getting all of these dresses" is like a game for me sometimes, saving $=winning.

Re: Things you're not good at (humorous)

1. Patience. I am not patient whatsoever. 

2. Saving money. It's been a problem for years now!

3. Math. Please don't give my anything complicated. I just cant.

4. Directions. Bad bad bad. Even if it's the simplest directions, I always seem to make it more complicated then it should be.

5. Washing my eye makeup brushes. I'm great at washing my face brushes since if I dont i'll break out. But when it comes to eye brushes, i probably wash them 2-3 times a month. I have too many!

Re: Things you're not good at (humorous)

I saw this in my twitter feed today and it reminded me of this thread and how many of us can't dance.  Maybe some of us balter instead!   Smiley Happy


Re: Things you're not good at (humorous)

1. Doing my hair. It's a CONSTANT battle and you would think that at 39, I would have it mastered. My hair is curly/wavy and has a mind of it's own. For years, I would straighten it, but recently, I decided to give that up. To time consuming and it looks better "natural" anyway. Just wish I knew what to do with it.
2. Math. Absolutely HATE it. My son is in 4th grade and when he needs help, he knows to get with Dad because Mom is just as clueless as he is!
3. Applying makeup. As much as I makeup addict I am, you would think I'd be a pro, not really. Perhaps it's just low self-esteem, but I always feel like I'm doing something wrong or don't look as good as other women when it comes to makeup.
4. Not getting annoyed with stupid people. (I work with the public, so I really need to try to get better at that!)
5. Eating healthy. Enough said!
6. Drawing. I love to doodle and draw, but that doesn't mean my "art" come out good!

Re: Things you're not good at (humorous)

1. Singing - I can't sing. It's quite sad, but my voice does NOT sound nice at all. It's rough having a passion for musicals but knowing you can never actually participate in one because of your awful, awful voice. Ah well Smiley Happy We all have our gifts. 

2. Driving - I am an awful driver. In fact, I have yet to pass my drivers test! I have awful anxiety behind the wheel. In fact, once when I was taking my drivers test, I ran a red light because I was so nervous about staying between the lines. 

3. Straightening my hair - My hair is frizzy, thick and simply can't be tamed. I CAN'T straighten my hair alone, and straightening it with help takes professional tools and a couple of hours. Totally not worth it. 

4. Dancing - I so bad. Unless there's choreography, I can't just dance spontaneously. I can swing-dance, which is where the girl relies on the guy to lead, and do aerials, flips, whatever. But put me on a school dance floor and tell me to shake my stuff and I just kinda stand there awkwardly and try to imitate someone else. 

5. Math - Okay, I CAN do math. But it takes a lot of effort, a lot of purposefully logical thinking. It's not something that comes easily to me, it's something I struggle with. I'm generally a straight A student and usually get the top grade in all my AP/honors classes without much work at all. However, when it comes to math, I'm in the regular math and working my butt off, barely eeking out a B. Definitely something that doesn't come naturally to me. 

6. Piano/anything musical - My mom made me start piano in pre-school. I struggled through it until I was a sophomore. My little sister composes her own music, and can play any classical piece you throw at her from memory. I can play Frere Jacques. And that is all. Literally. That is the only thing I retained from 10+ years of piano lessons. I was so bad at piano it was painful. And it's not that I didn't study it and practice. I'm just the most unmusical person on the planet. It's like a foreign language to me.