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Things you're not good at (humorous)

In light of the awesome "6 Things You're Good At" post I thought we could do a funny, "I'm really awful at..." post too.  While reading through some of the other ladies' talents I realized I got skipped over on a few things...


1 - Singing.  Or I should say singing well.  I could not carry a tune if you put it in bucket for me.  This does not stop me mind you.

2 - Art.  Cannot draw a straight line with a ruler.

3 - Directions.  I could get lost in my living room.  This is only a minor exaggeration.

4 - Rhythm. White girl from Wisconsin cannot dance.

5 - Gracefulness.  I constantly have bruises I don't remember getting.  There is no use in wondering who put the door frame there - just say, "ow" and keep going!

Re: Things you're not good at (humorous)

Ah yeah, that's my rising sign...but Sagitarrius only makes the connections that will benefit them, so maybe everyone actually deserves a yes who gets one from you!

Re: Things you're not good at (humorous)

lol, am I the only math lover here? the reason why I'm bad at exercising is that ever since I started high school, I substituted all my PE classes with math classes. Thus I have never exercised after Junior High. And my hobby used to be googling math jokes/pick up lines (yeah, ok, I know whatchu thinkin', no).

Re: Things you're not good at (humorous)

Math is a beautiful thing Smiley Happy

Re: Things you're not good at (humorous)

I love math and am disheartened when my students say, "Why are you making us do math, this is a science class!" I actually like being the one who figures out the tip whenever I go out with friends...

Re: Things you're not good at (humorous)

Yay! Cheers for math nerds! XD

Re: Things you're not good at (humorous)

Fellow math geek here too!

Re: Things you're not good at (humorous)

Lol, math was always one of my best classes. I had a teacher in jr. high who told a friend and I that he knew we didn't need to pay attention in class but we shouldn't distract others by passing notes. So he gave us his set of school keys and said we could go explore all the locked areas we wanted Smiley Very Happy

Re: Things you're not good at (humorous)

I'm a Math Lover @beautytester!! I was always good at it!!

Re: Things you're not good at (humorous)

Now this should be entertaining! *makes popcorn*


7.) Numbers. It speaks for itself...


2.) Public speaking. Anxiety issues (unless I take my prescribed "mellow pill")


3.) Memorizing simple tasks. I have little post it notes all over my desk to remind me certain things.


4.) Interactive games, specifically video games. That hand/eye coordination just throws me off. 


5.) Saving. I'm slowly starting to get better at it this year, though all these promo codes aren't really helping (it's a love/hate relationship) Haha Smiley Wink


6.) Mechanics. How things work.

Re: Things you're not good at (humorous)

1. Singing. Oh how I wish. You know the sound your cat makes when you step on it's tail? yeah that's me singing.

2. Socializing, in person. I'm a super efficient/to-the-point person, so I always get antsy when ppl come up to me and small talk. I need to learn how to small talk. o.O

3. Texting and social media. I feel so old (yeah, 25 here) and so behind times cuz I'm in the tech field, but I just don't like typing on anything other than a normal keyboard, and I don't go all excited-Biebier-fangirl style when I hear about new Apple products like my friends do...

4. Self-restraint in front of pretty things or tasty things. I have no immunity towards them. My mom told me that when I was little, we got on a bus and there was a guy with a cake in front of me. My mom refused to buy me a cake, so I staaaared at it the whole trip (prob 10-20min) so my mom finally brought me a tiny one. lol.

5. Dealing with cold/hot weather. Seriously, if it's above 80F and I don't have an AC, you are about to see a volcano (my temper) explode. And I absolutely HATE cold. Mostly because my nose is the first to feel cold. I have, on multiple occasions, seriously considered getting one of those clown nose thing so I won't feel like my nose is falling off.

Re: Things you're not good at (humorous)

1- Singing. I also am somewhat tone deaf so even though I can play various musical instruments, I can't tell if they are in tune. Thank goodness someone invented digital tuners so if it's flashing green, I know it's in tune. 


2) I get lost too. I rarely drive places that I've never been before because I get so lost. I once ended up in a scary section of the Bronx while trying to get on the GW bridge into NYC. I even have trouble following spoken directions, I have to carry a paper  and pen so if someone tells me how to get back to where I was supposed to be, I don't get further lost.


3) I'm with you Kalex on the dancing part. Epic fail!


4) Rethinking a decision. Once I make up my mind (which can take awhile if I'm in a dithery mood), it's full speed ahead. Drives my hubby nuts.


5) Accepting that sometimes I'm going to be late. It drives me crazy when I'm late and I get all upset and act like it's the end of the world. Oh well, I'm working on this one.

Re: Things you're not good at (humorous)

1. Cooking. While I can bake like nobody's business, that does not carry over into cooking. Don't let me touch any course besides dessert Smiley Very Happy

2. Being quiet. I am loud. I laugh loud, get carried away and talk loud, and my parents called me a "little elephant" when I was younger. I also tend to drop things, walk into things, and bang things loudly without intending to.

3. Eyeliner. Be it liquid, gel, pencil, etc- it is NOT PRETTY when I attempt this, ladies!

4. Math. I carry a calculator at all times at work. No lie.

5. Controlling my beauty-related spending habits Smiley Very Happy

6. Tasting the difference between "good coffee" and "bad coffee." My coworkers think I'm nuts. Instant coffee, fresh coffee, coffee that has been sitting cold and was remicrowaved- it all tastes the same to me!

Re: Things you're not good at (humorous)

Ok it's clear that kalex ,arielaaaaaaaa  and I will never take a trip together.Smiley Tongue  We all have the getting lost syndrome.

Re: Things you're not good at (humorous)

Omg!! That is sooo funny!! GPS is my BEST FRIEND!!!

Re: Things you're not good at (humorous)

I'd totally go anyway!  Either we'd eventually find our way back or find ourselves in one of those "little creepy town in the middle of nowhere" horror movie scenarios.  Either way - adventure!

Re: Things you're not good at (humorous)

Haha Adventure!! That's one way to describe it!!

Re: Things you're not good at (humorous)

Take me along.....I can get you wherever you want to go...... eventually. We may have to take a few backroads but we'll have a fun time getting there!

Re: Things you're not good at (humorous)

1. I'm not good at driving in large cities my husband always just looks at me like "NO your not driving" and it's always just a look with no word have to come out of his mouth. (Always makes me laugh)!

2.I'm not good at hiding my feelings, good, bad or ugly  your always gonna know what I'm thinking even if I don't say a word.

3. I'm not good at being patient when I need something done or am doing something I have to get it done.

4.And another girl here that better have a large land mark to go by or I'm so lost.

5. I also get bruises that I have no idea where they come from and always think "That's gonna leave a mark but completely forget I do it by the time I get a bruise.

Re: Things you're not good at (humorous)

I don't have a "poker face" either.  Drives me crazy that my feelings are an open book!

Re: Things you're not good at (humorous)

I was just thinking the same thing! Great ideaSmiley Happy


Things I'm Not Good At:


1. Laying off coffee. I tried switching to tea for a day or two, I just couldn't do it!


2. Planning trips. I don't take vacations so often and I find that I'm not so great at finding new places to go, booking things etc. I sometimes rather just go there and do some exploring!


3. Texting on my new smart phone.


4. Keeping the same nail polish on longer than a week. I always have something on my nails.


5. Sitting still! I find that I always have to be busy doing something.


6. Singing as well (I'm terrible).

<3 Melissa

Re: Things you're not good at (humorous)

Lol my smart phone is definately smarter than I am!  My kids had to show me how to answer it and its still hit or miss. Lots if people get hung up on before I can even answer