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Things you're HORRIBLE at?

Spin off from Andy's thread! What are you horrible at?


I'm super bad at most sports. It's pathetic. 


I'm also really bad at self-control. I am really trying to exercise it now though, so I don't keep buying unnecessary makeup/snacks/shoes.


And I'm horrible at tanning! LOL


This is literally me.



Re: Things you're HORRIBLE at?

Budgeting and/or saving for long-term goals. 


Thankfully I'm fairly stingy and don't tend to spend gratuitous amounts of money either so I just kind of save naturally that way. 


I'm also horrible at making decisions. Like... awful. 

Re: Things you're HORRIBLE at?

Focusing on one task.

I cannot complete anything all the way through in one pass. For example when doing an exam I’ll start at the beginning, jump to the end, go to middle, got back to the start etc. At work I can't compete one task and move to the next, I must be working on 5 things at once. 

Re: Things you're HORRIBLE at?

I'm terrible at biting my tongue. I'm very direct. I try very hard to not offend people, but it just happens sometimes. 


I have very little impulse control when it comes to shopping at Sephora or for makeup in general. 


I don't mind doing laundry, but I hate putting it away. So technically I'm not bad at it; I just don't like doing it.


I'm not great at being spontaneous. Although I am getting better about it. I try to plan for everything. And I make lists for so many things. 


Oh, and I'm pretty terrible at ironing. I just send things to the dry cleaner when they need to look nice.

Re: Things you're HORRIBLE at?

I make lists for everything - and then post those lists on Post-It's around the house. My mind just can't relax unless I have it written down!


Also, I 2nd the folding of the laundry - hate it! 

Re: Things you're HORRIBLE at?

I can't relax until I make my lists too!

Re: Things you're HORRIBLE at?

I'm terrible at going to sleep at a decent hour - I'm a night owl!!!!


And navigating downtown in my homecity, Vancouver. I was literally lost during the Olympics, and I grew up here in Vancouver. Smiley Sad My friend actually gave me a map of downtown (the one they give to tourists), as a joke. The funny thing is that I have NO TROUBLE navigating in strange cities. >_<

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