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Things that make you mad in the makeup isle

I can think of several really stupid things I have ran into lately that irritate me to death. 


For starters I had to yell at my teenage male cousin one time for drawing with the lipsticks on the displays. Then he wondered why I yelled at him. I was like, really? I have to tell you at age 14 not to draw all over things like a preschooler. That's pathetic. I see it all the time at different stores with various items. It makes me mad. Not only have you probably ruined a perfectly good lipstick but you made a mess for one of the poor old ladies in Walmart to have to clean up. Instead of going in Walmart to "play" go outside or actually do an activity. Better yet read a book.


Another thing that bugs me is when people swatch things that aren't testers. I don't mind if you open it, but don't rub your hands in it. If it's a pump or something you can dispense and swatch I could care less. It's happened to me a few times that their was only one left of what I wanted, only to open it and notice someone had destroyed it. 


Finally people who leave nasty little notes in the makeup isle. I found one wrote on a posted note and stuck on one of the displays. It said something along the lines of "Inner beauty is more important". O.k. I get that, it's not like I don't think it's important. However for someone to go out of their way, write out a note, and post it in the makeup isle is obnoxious. I could care less that you don't like makeup but to take the time specifically to do that is annoying. My boyfriend instantly started making fun of it (with things I won't repeat). I was just like what good will this do? All it will do is make some pre-teen feel like they are doing something wrong for wearing a little bit of makeup to boost their confidence. It was very insulting from the tone of it. 


Feel free to post your own. 

Re: Things that make you mad in the makeup isle

The sad is that most of those hipster sorts talk about how body shaming is wrong, and that we should all love who we are in whatever form that is, but then they turn around and mock the people who are trying to better themselves for their own personal reasons, whether it's by diet, exercise, or beauty products.  Shaming is shaming, and it's all bad.


Just because I use makeup or am trying to lose weight doesn't mean I don't love myself, it just means that I like using makeup and want to fit back into the clothes I spent a lot of money on.  Smiley Very Happy

Re: Things that make you mad in the makeup isle

Yes!! Body shaming is body shaming.  Period.  I don't care what you weigh, what your skin is like, what your hair is like- no one has any right to comment.  

Re: Things that make you mad in the makeup isle

So true...I don't understand why so many people even care about other people's personal decisions when it in no way affects them. Someone posted on facebook yesterday: I dunno why girls wear so much makeup, let your freakin skin breathe! But yet she has how many tattoos? I told her what's the difference between you covering your skin with tattoos and me wearing makeup that I can wash off at the end of the day? It's art in both manners if you think about it. Shut her right up hahaha!


Re: Things that make you mad in the makeup isle

I think their problem is that contemplating any real world issue is too hard for them. So they nit pick at things that really don't matter. There are lots of issues people should have strong opinions about. Makeup is not one of them. 

Re: Things that make you mad in the makeup isle

The things that bother me is when people, at least in my sephora take the item out of the box and move it to another box, like i bought an eyeliner from UD it was supposed to be perversion, and i got home and it was some dark purple color, so i guess someone moved perversion to purple liner box and vise versa, causing me to go back to the store and return it, i was so angry.


i also don't like when people don't clean testers for lips before and after they use them! like gross! 


my ultimate though would have to be when i'm walking down the perfume isle and someone decides to DRENCH themselves in perfume, it smells up the isle and the whole store and its just gross, spray some on your wrist or neck and walk away, my god.



Re: Things that make you mad in the makeup isle

I've had that swap thing happen with shoes!  Someone had put the wrong size shoes back in the box, so when I grabbed what I thought were 10s, I wound up with 8.5s instead.  Gah!

Re: Things that make you mad in the makeup isle

Its so irritating, i just don't get it like who puts in the time and effort to do something like that! so immature

Re: Things that make you mad in the makeup isle

Those are so bad! Reading alot of your posts here, and omg why can't people act decent? I mean what is the purpose of ruining someone else's property? Gesh.


I don't like when I am looking at an item and there's always that one girl who comes over so close I can smell her breath looming over me to see what I picked and then right by my face grabs the same thing. omg why? It happens so much, I have a constant shadow.


Not putting the item back where it belongs, so all the colors are not in their correct spot.


Smearing the products all over the display, they have tissues right there, hello, use one.


So I really try not to touch so many products because then I think of all the germs lol

Re: Things that make you mad in the makeup isle

I hate when Sephora is out of something on display, and I ask a Cast Member if they have any. If there is some left in the drawers, they never replenish the display. They hand me one & walk away. 


I always see people putting eyeliner or mascara on from the testers... GROSS! & it's not just the teenagers, I've seen grown women doing it too. One of the main reasons I will NOT use my rouge studio pass. I've seen way too many gross eye infections due to eye makeup sharing, no thanks! Some makeup counters have 2 sets of testers, one that's out for the public to play with & one that's behind the counter that the MUA use for application. Makes total sense! 

I swatch a lot in store, my hands are always covered in glitter & marks. I will walk around the mall for hours with stripes of eye liner & mascara to see if they smudge, are in fact waterproof... 

Re: Things that make you mad in the makeup isle

I think some of your posts are actually what has made me hesitate on using that pass too lol! I cringe when I see girls doing this, especially right up in the mirror using the pencil on their waterline. The last time I saw it, I almost wanted to tell the girl for her own sake that it wasn't sanitary wondering if she had even thought about or just didn't care.

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