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Things that make you mad in the makeup isle

I can think of several really stupid things I have ran into lately that irritate me to death. 


For starters I had to yell at my teenage male cousin one time for drawing with the lipsticks on the displays. Then he wondered why I yelled at him. I was like, really? I have to tell you at age 14 not to draw all over things like a preschooler. That's pathetic. I see it all the time at different stores with various items. It makes me mad. Not only have you probably ruined a perfectly good lipstick but you made a mess for one of the poor old ladies in Walmart to have to clean up. Instead of going in Walmart to "play" go outside or actually do an activity. Better yet read a book.


Another thing that bugs me is when people swatch things that aren't testers. I don't mind if you open it, but don't rub your hands in it. If it's a pump or something you can dispense and swatch I could care less. It's happened to me a few times that their was only one left of what I wanted, only to open it and notice someone had destroyed it. 


Finally people who leave nasty little notes in the makeup isle. I found one wrote on a posted note and stuck on one of the displays. It said something along the lines of "Inner beauty is more important". O.k. I get that, it's not like I don't think it's important. However for someone to go out of their way, write out a note, and post it in the makeup isle is obnoxious. I could care less that you don't like makeup but to take the time specifically to do that is annoying. My boyfriend instantly started making fun of it (with things I won't repeat). I was just like what good will this do? All it will do is make some pre-teen feel like they are doing something wrong for wearing a little bit of makeup to boost their confidence. It was very insulting from the tone of it. 


Feel free to post your own. 

Re: Things that make you mad in the makeup isle

Being a teenager is no excuse for being an idiot (I just finished high school). If no one yells at kids they will never learn. I suppose my parents just conditioned me differently. 


It's in schools now as well. I've seen entire school rules be changed because the freshmen act like wild monkeys. It was really sad.

Re: Things that make you mad in the makeup isle

Honestly my own qualm is simply not being able to RETURN products that I bought that don't work. Unfortunately in Canada we don't get the ability to return products especially if their defective. I also find that some products look like their expired but they are still on the displays to be sold. I agree with the ladies who talk about the lipsticks being used as crayons. I went into my Walmart and noticed the floor was a drawing board for someone. I seen lipticks all messy and mixed up. Not very taken care of. It's sad people abuse the makeup that someone wants to purchase. 

Re: Things that make you mad in the makeup isle

When people *aim* for the trashcan and miss, see that they missed, and refuse to get down and actually put their trash in the trashcan.....

Re: Things that make you mad in the makeup isle

Y'know, after this thread, I feel like I need to go home and take a shower.  So many cooties....

Re: Things that make you mad in the makeup isle

The things that erk me the most, are products that have been opened, are missing the seal and have been used. At the drugstore, this happens a TON. With any kind of product really. I tend to stay away from buying items that don't have some sort of a seal, because you never know. Even with foundations, I have seen a lot with pumps that have foundation oozing down the spout. WHO DOES THAT! Literally every single one. I don't even want to know. 

Re: Things that make you mad in the makeup isle

1. Products that don't have some sort of safety seal! I try not to buy products that aren't sealed close. If something that I REALLY want doesn't have a seal or package, I will order it from from a reputable retailer online. You don't know what people could have done to those products.


2. When a store's website says that a product is "in stock" at my store but I go there and the product is damaged or not there.


3. When people steal testers. I went out of my way to go to Sephora to swatch a UD lipstick and the tester was gone! Almost all of the other lipsticks were there.


4. When there are no testers and the manufacturer puts the item in a box that isn't see-thru. Shade stickers are not accurate! 

Re: Things that make you mad in the makeup isle

I hate the in stock silliness. I can't tell you how many times I have been looking for something at the drusgtore, look online and it says in stock, show up and nothing. Empty shelves, everytime. I refuse to waste my time even looking now. 

Re: Things that make you mad in the makeup isle

I don't spend a lot of time in the drugstore cosmetic sections - I can't swatch stuff and the CVS near me always has about 50% of the stuff out of stock anyhow.


However - at Sephora, Nordstroms, Ulta, etc. I hate when the displays are all messy and gooped up - like people have tested things by swiping their hands across the display, then wiped thier fingers on the packaging or something. I don't even want to swatch something that is all gross and dirty looking. And when testers are all broken and globbed up. Totally gives me the heeby jeebies. Some Sephora's seem better than others (also depends on if it is a busy weekend) at keeping things tidy. The SiJCP near here is just always *gross* where as the fancy free standing store in the fancy part of town is super clean.

Re: Things that make you mad in the makeup isle

In drugstores when there's like 6 shades of the same color but every SINGLE one has been swatched/used!!! I went to three different drugstores just to get one that hasn't been touched, but not surprisingly I left with none since every single store that had them were messed with! That is a waste of a product and some companies should really think about doing testers (drugstore mainly) or they will just continue to lose sales and products because everything is damaged and no one will want to buy it.

Re: Things that make you mad in the makeup isle

Probably like 75% of the brands in the drugstore are owned by L'Oreal anyway (number I totally pulled out of nowhere, so don't quote me! I'd be kind of curious to know what that percentage really is though.), so they don't care much if product gets wasted or someone buys one of their other brands thinking they are supporting a different company. It's kind of horrible with these uber conglomerates these days.

Re: Things that make you mad in the makeup isle

One time, I went to a SiJCP and bought my Tarte Lights, Camera, Flashes! mascara. I made sure I didn't get a waterproof one because my already sparse lashes hate waterproof mascaras. But  then I go home and someone put a Splashes tube in a Lashes box. Ergh! I prefer not to make returns, especially when I buy the wrong product, but you have to do what you have to do. It just makes me sad...

Re: Things that make you mad in the makeup isle

I don't understand how people can do that. It is not at all funny! Such a hassle to have to go back and exchange it, etc. 

Re: Things that make you mad in the makeup isle

I was in Wal-Mart yesterday walking by the makeup aisles and I had to do a double take because there was a young woman trying on lip glosses in front of her mother (I only know that because I was close enough to hear her ask her Mom what she thought) at the end of the aisle.  I watched as she opened them, tried them on, and then put them back on the shelf.  I walked away shaking my head to find an employee and tell them so they could go deal with it.  So gross.

Re: Things that make you mad in the makeup isle

That is horrible. I open the lipsticks to look at them but I don't even swatch them.


You would think parents would have enough sense to tell their kids not to do that. You run into two extremes, parents that want to yell at their kids for everything and parents that will never say anything to their kids. I know some people that will be aware the child has a problem and not take any action on it until it makes them "look bad".


Not to mention the punishments are lousy these days. "I took your phone" doesn't do anything. Someone they know has a cell phone and they will just use theirs. My Dad told me about the days where if you did something wrong they'd go and make you choose your own switch. If you came back with a little one you were in trouble because they would pick the biggest one they could find. If you ran off you'd be in even more trouble, that is if they didn't hunt you down and drag you back. Even if you don't want to physically smack your kid come up with something a little more creative (you can take their phone as well though). Like I don't know, make them stay home and hand copy the dictionary or something, and sit there and watch them do it. If nothing else they will have a better vocabulary by the end of the weekend with some calluses and blisters. Maybe then they won't want to text or play video games because it hurts.  


Bottom line is if the kids keep doing the same thing and don't care about the consequences that's a lousy punishment. 

Re: Things that make you mad in the makeup isle

I just couldn't believe that the Mom didn't tell her she shouldn't be doing it and take the lip glosses out of her hand.  I would have if she was my child & I would have purchased them & thrown them away so nobody else would have mistakenly bought them after lecturing her intently on not doing that ever again.




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