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The cost of beauty?

Hello ladies!!


I was on sephora looking at the new products today, and holy cow, there's a sephora eyeshadow palette that's $599 USD, or $719 for 80 eyeshadows??

This seems completely insane. I have a blockbuster palette that essentially has exactly the same colors, even if these have apparently been "reformulated"


Has anyone ever seen any other beauty products that they think the price is insane??

Re: The cost of beauty?

That price is definitely crazy! That's more than the UD Mother Lode was!

Re: The cost of beauty?

These are the full sized shadows and are better quality than the blockbuster, but I agree it's a little outrageous. I don't consider Sephora products much more quality than drugstore so there is just no way I'd spend that.

Re: The cost of beauty?

I don't know if they made a mistake, or if it is the actual price. I certainly wouldn't buy it though. Like I said above, I own a blockbuster palette from a few years ago and I've never really liked the quality of eyeshadows. They were chalky and had lots of fall out. And I swear, I already have all those colors. Who would pay $599 USD or $719 CAN, when they can buy the blockbuster for $60ish?


If I was going to spend that kind of money on eyeshadow, it DEFINITELY wouldn't be Sephora brand.

Re: The cost of beauty?

That... HAS to be a glitch. Please be a glitch. 

Re: The cost of beauty?

There was a thread about this about a week or two ago...its not a glitch. Its sephora's version of ud motherlode. I guess its supposedly a good deal since each eyeshadow is $13 by itself plus you get the portfolio with a mirror.

Re: The cost of beauty?

I think the pricing is ridiculous as well, but maybe there are some people that want that type of product. I don't typically want palettes that have 100 colors. 16 or so is enough for me...

Re: The cost of beauty?

I was shocked at the price of the set as well! If I'm not going to drop all that cash on the MotherLode, Sephora can bet their booty I won't be buying their silly no-name set. 

I can see though, how it would be useful for a makeup artist. Still, if I was a MUA - I'd buy the MotherLode instead. 

Re: The cost of beauty?

I'm sure it's a mistake.  It's so far out of line with their prices.  


What bothers me is all the low reviews from people who don't own it, just over and over complaining about the price.  Jeez, that is not what the review section is for!

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