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The Wonder Woman Thread

This thread is for sharing anything and everything Wonder Woman! Growing up, I loved the show, and had several WW products I wish I had kept for the memories! ❤️ 







Re: The Wonder Woman Thread

I think this belongs here... 


John Frieda joins forces with Wonder Woman 1984 for superhero-worthy hair


Re: The Wonder Woman Thread

Tim Burton inspired superhero artwork by Andrew Tarusov. I love his Disney ones, and now we have Wonderwoman! 



More superheroes in the spoiler:

We know Tim Burton directed the 1989 Batman and Batman Returns is one of Tarusov's favorite Burton films. So the reaction to the series has been overwhelmingly positive, "Everybody loved it! Especially the Batman picture."


Re: The Wonder Woman Thread

OMG!  I love this,  @lmi82!!! ❤️ ❤️ ❤️

Re: The Wonder Woman Thread

I think this belongs here Smiley Wink 



Behind the scenes with Gal Gadot for Revlon.


Does makeup have a place in feminism?

If you ask “Wonder Woman” star Gal Gadot, the answer is, “definitely.”

“Anything that makes you feel more confident more beautiful and better about yourself has to do with [feminism],” she said during an interview about her latest gig as a Revlon Global Ambassador. “There’s a big misinterpretation about the way that people view the term of feminism. I have friends — girlfriends — who have careers and they’re mothers and they do it all, and they are afraid to say that they’re a feminist.”

“Feminism is not about hating men or burning bras or fighting anyone,” Gadot continued. “It’s about, first of all, equality, and it’s about freedom of choice and I think that in this world we should all be feminists and whoever is not is a sexist. And I am that [a feminist], and I love women, and I think especially now with everything that’s been going on in Hollywood, we’re in a beautiful momentum and in a very interesting era for women. It truly feels like there’s this cultural change — shift — and I think that it’s necessary.”

Gadot, a model, actress and mother of two who has competed in beauty pageants and served in the Israeli military, shot to superstardom in 2017 with the release of “Wonder Woman.” Revlon is her first big beauty contract.

“I’ve been familiar with them since I can remember myself wearing makeup,” Gadot said. “They love women, they celebrate women and they’re very accessible.”

While now Gadot says she wears makeup nearly every day —”unless I’m on vacation” — it wasn’t a habit she picked up particularly young. “The first time I really started to understand the value and really understand makeup was when I started modeling,” she said.

Such is not the case for her six-year old daughter, Alma, though.

“She loves to play with it — she loves to put makeup on me, she loves to put makeup on herself and just play with it and feel like she’s an adult while trying to walk in my high heels,” Gadot said. “I must confess that when I was a young girl I never did that. I was a tomboy.”

These days, Gadot keeps her makeup routine relatively simple. On an average day, she’s wearing light foundation, bronzer, blush and mascara, she said.

“I’m about enhancing the right things,” Gadot said. “I don’t like to wear too much makeup, I don’t like when it shows too much. But I’m a working mother, so I do like to cover darkness around my eyes, etc., etc., and when I go out, to wear bold lips and mascara.” For Sunday’s Golden Globes, she went the bold lip route — pairing it with all-black Tom Ford. From the Revlon lineup, she called out Super Lustrous Lipstick (in red), Mega MultiplierMascara and ColorStay Foundation as go-to’s.

For Revlon, Gadot, who is Israeli, lends a more global perspective to the company’s latest marketing initiative, called Live Boldly.

“That’s where Gal really comes in, ” said Anne Talley, global brand president of Revlon. “She’s a worldwide symbol of feminine strength and beauty, but she’s also a modern, multifaceted woman … She’s a strong advocate for women, recognized for using her voice and platform to encourage the entertainment industry to strive for fairness. We really see her embracing feminine power and what a woman can accomplish with their own special strength.”

Revlon’s past two marketing campaigns — Choose Love and Love Is On — have centered around love. Live Boldly, which will roll out in multiple parts with additional ambassadors throughout January, is an intentional departure from that message.

“We are definitely shifting the way we communicate as part of our Live Boldly campaign and having a broader representation of women because we are a brand that represents women all around the world,” Talley said.

Re: The Wonder Woman Thread

I came across this while browsing antique jewelry instagrams. Such an amazing cosplay!



Re: The Wonder Woman Thread

I love this @lmi82! Heart

Re: The Wonder Woman Thread

Oops, also, these are at Hot Topic...



They have a HUGE section dedicated to Wonder Woman - I'd be broke in 2 seconds...had to walk out of the store, for restraint. 

Re: The Wonder Woman Thread

OMG!  I had to do a double take on this's someone doing CosPlay!  Smiley Surprised  I swear she could be a double on the next film....

ha ha ha, I also love the comment posted below it. Smiley LOL


Anonymous Insider

Re: The Wonder Woman Thread

Love this thread @angel7594!  Brings back childhood memories for me - I would watch the TV show with my dad.  


Picked up a few of these bags as gifts for friends ... and kept one for myself as well!  😉


We Are All Wonderwomen bag.jpg



Re: The Wonder Woman Thread

OH!!  I remember this image was posted on the Party Thread - I think it was @fatimamummy that posted it.  I remember thinking that was such an awesome image!  Heart  Where did you get the bag from @Anonymous?

Anonymous Insider

Re: The Wonder Woman Thread

@ZombieMetroAnt, sorry for the delay in responding; didn't even see the notification.  I got the bag at - they have a few different sizes and they have the image on other items as well - mugs, notepads, etc.

Re: The Wonder Woman Thread

Awww - I love this bag, @Anonymous!  I used to watch Womder Woman with my dad, too!❤️💙

Re: The Wonder Woman Thread

Thank you for sharing @Anonymous! I really love that bag! ❤️

Re: The Wonder Woman Thread

They need to make a movie of all amazon fight scenes! That was so awesome! I think Gal Gadot is amazing but still heart Lynda Carter like whoa! ❤️❤️❤️






Re: The Wonder Woman Thread

Yes!   I totally agree, @sister13! ❤️ ❤️ ❤️

Re: The Wonder Woman Thread

@Tamara76, you probably saw this since you introduced me to SleepyKoi Heart  

I wanted to order more Sally stickers Smiley Wink 

Re: The Wonder Woman Thread

Yaaassss!   I love it and love Sleepy Koi!!!!  @ZombieMetroAnt


I did get a couple of stickers to make my work-issued laptop more fun:


I also have a blingy pink WW emblem on the front of the laptop. 😉 


Also, @trishavt may recognize the Chanel stickers - thanks again, girl!  I get a lot of compliments on them! ❤️

Re: The Wonder Woman Thread

@angel7594 As promised, I pulled together some of my WW collection today - this isn't everything as it would have taken forever to get it all out, but you get the gist. 🙂


I totally missed the MAC x WW collab a few years back, but have managed to grab a few WW beauty products from Missha and Walgreens, plus my beloved compact from Luxie.


@ZombieMetroAnt might recognize something in this pic (thanks again!!!). ❤️

RE: Re: The Wonder Woman Thread

Is that a WW compact?

Re: The Wonder Woman Thread

OMG @Tamara76!  Nothing makes me happier than to have contributed to your wonderful collection Heart  and you still kept the post-it?  AAWWWWW  ::blushing::


This is why this quote reminds me of you, Tamara Heart  

 "And remember that, in a world full of ordinary mortals, you are a Wonder Woman." — Queen Hippolyta

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