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The Random Picture Thread

With cell phones and the portability of digital cameras, I'd say most of us have taken a spur of the moment picture that comes out awesome or of something hilarious.  I figured it'd be cool to have a thread to share some photos like that.  Here are some I picked from my Facebook for the first post.





On my way back to my college apartment one weekend, I came across this.  I normally do not mess with my iPhone when driving, but I HAD to take a picture of this!  People just amaze me at times.  When I uploaded it, I gave it the captian "Haulin' that Power Wheel truck, like a boss!!"  lol.  All that was holding it to the roof were a couple of bungee cords.







A screenshot of one of my Words with Friends games.  No longer is it a planet, but it's not a word either.  Kind of sad.







From the past weekend.  What's funny is that Foxy didn't try to get it off.  I honestly think she liked it.  She's sassy and loves attention lol.




Re: The Random Picture Thread


Re: The Random Picture Thread

Here's are some I have in my Favorites on Twitter


This one is from ‏@EmrgencyKittens 
omg. I did not know that. 


This one is from ‏@CuteEmergency 
"My laptop snaps a photo of the person that wakes up my computer..." 



Another from @CuteEmergency

Watching scary movies


Re: The Random Picture Thread

2013-10-22 21.43.45.jpgmy 6 year old niece tried to take on the anatomy of a cookie! my sister was decorating cookies with her then my niece dropped three hershey's kisses onto the cookie meticulously placed and dove under the table no lie. my sister snapped the pic hysterically laughing. and of course posted the pic and story on facebook I had to share this. 

Re: The Random Picture Thread

LOL. This needs to be shared. Selfie-lovers, you've been challenged!

Can someone please do this with their pets?



Re: The Random Picture Thread

the selfie olympics is one of my favorite things! There's a bunch more of them on @SelfieOlympics on twitter, some of them made me laugh until I had tears in my eyes.

Re: The Random Picture Thread

ohhh, going to go look this up I need a laugh right now. 

Re: The Random Picture Thread

Picture 2.jpgMy cat being scholarly

Re: The Random Picture Thread


Where I like to spend my weekends...




Re: The Random Picture Thread

ohhhhh, I am jealous! Do you surf Erendira?

Re: The Random Picture Thread

Smiley Happy 


No surfing for me. I'm more of a snorkeler

Re: The Random Picture Thread

Ha pluto is not a word, but selfie has been added lol!

S'mores and her hiding places...


It's rarely warm enough to be anywhere near the beach here, but this day was perfection, wish there were more of them.


Backyard artists.


You might cringe at this one...I cried...came home to this one day last year...


Re: The Random Picture Thread

I have a very interesting cat...but I love her to death Smiley Happy3.jpg4.jpg8.jpg6.jpg

Re: The Random Picture Thread

Ahahahaha! She's playing dead in hope she can catch a glimpse of Santa. ;P

Re: The Random Picture Thread

Lol she's definitely a character!

Re: The Random Picture Thread


It was Thor's Helm

Now it's pink.


Re: The Random Picture Thread

Addicted to doing #caturday posts...


Re: The Random Picture Thread

Ahahaha, oh it's so funny and cute. Apparently eagles like selfies too. "This eagle grabbed a small wildlife camera in western Australia, flew away with it [70 miles] and then pecked away at the lens."

upload_5603241064867848549.jpgHere's the abridged version of stealing the camera and pecking at it, the 70 mile flight not included.

Re: The Random Picture Thread

How do you put youtube videos on sephora like that, I'm dying to know.

Re: The Random Picture Thread

On the top menu, Its the little film icon in the 2nd section along with the tree pic, which was the ancient way of including pictures from the old days.

Re: The Random Picture Thread

Oh thank you. I've tried and tried....Never knew that's what I have to do

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