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The Post-Homecoming Apocalyptic State of my Vanity

IMG_0596.JPGThought this would be funny to share. And this is after I went through my first round of cleaning it lol. You should've seen it BEFORE this! (kicking myself for not taking a picture) But homecoming was a blast! I'll post a picture of my makeup when my phone decides to accept the fact that it is connected to my computer and must import pictures. (it hasn't been charging lately with my current chord, maybe I need a new one? i don't know, has this happened to anyone else?)


edit: found another chord and could import the photo!

hceyes.pngHere's my homecoming eye makeup! Took forever, but I was happy about how it turned out. Basically, I blended a bagillion colors into my crease, and Stila's Kitten on the lid with Benefit's Bikini-tini as a base.

Re: The Post-Homecoming Apocalyptic State of my Vanity

Beautiful eye makeup! It was worth it blending a "bagillion" colors into your crease!


And your vanity isn't that bad! You should see mine after a long week! Lol.


I hope you had tons of fun at homecoming! Smiley Happy

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