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The Fabz No Buy Challenge

I figured we needed an official thread for this.  The goal is to detox from frequent beauty purchases (beauty basics exempt) for one month beginning on March 1st.   This is the place to give tips and tricks on your willpower, support for it, and whatever random cravings that may come your way!


Good luck, ladies!

Re: The Fabz No Buy Challenge

TheBalm still hasnt put up their new website. Its 1:33 PM now.....I want to take advantage of the 50% everything sale but....what gives?


This better not be some april fools joke.

Re: The Fabz No Buy Challenge

I feel you I've been waiting too.

Re: The Fabz No Buy Challenge

Yay No Buy for March is over! Has been over for the most of us who ended once April rolled over. Those who are doing No Buy til April 11th, you are strong! I just wanted to say Congrats and happy spending once the 11th comes around. HAUL HAUL HAUL!

Re: The Fabz No Buy Challenge

Trying to be strong till April 11th but it's so hard!  There are so many things on my list that I want to get now.  Tomorrow I will be getting the Blinc Amplified  mascara and benefit fake up concealer that I ordered, this should help the shopping withdrawal I'm feeling!   

Re: The Fabz No Buy Challenge

I tried to hold off til April 11th..but the 100 pointers this month got me..I dont want to miss out.

Re: The Fabz No Buy Challenge

I'm tired of waiting for thebalm. Its April 4 and they still havent opened up the site. I give up.

Re: The Fabz No Buy Challenge

@sephoramusthave  I sent you a private message about The Balm and a sale

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