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The Fabz No Buy Challenge

I figured we needed an official thread for this.  The goal is to detox from frequent beauty purchases (beauty basics exempt) for one month beginning on March 1st.   This is the place to give tips and tricks on your willpower, support for it, and whatever random cravings that may come your way!


Good luck, ladies!

Re: The Fabz No Buy Challenge

It's ok, we'll only hate you forever Smiley Wink lulz!

Re: The Fabz No Buy Challenge

Nooooooo T.T

*go splurge on to comfort myself*

Re: The Fabz No Buy Challenge

I'd think that sunscreen (as long as you're replacing an item that you are running low on and must have) seems fair Smiley Happy  I know if I was running low on shampoo or something I'd definitely not want to be left in the lurch! Smiley Tongue

Re: The Fabz No Buy Challenge

Of course sunscreen in a necessity! unless of course you have dozens. The things that are allowed are necessities like sunscreen, shampoo/conditioner (only if you are running low now to try something new!), makeup cleanser,nailpolish remover. Stuff like that. I think I wont be checking my email to help. once I see a sale I am a goner. If you are going to try something new I'd suggest getting it before the first. 


Re: The Fabz No Buy Challenge

Nope, I don't have dozens of sunscreen, I have 2 really large tubes that I use at home (one for face and one for body), but they are really messy to transfer for flying, so it is so nice to have the sample size to tuck in my quart bag.


OK, I'm in.

Re: The Fabz No Buy Challenge

I don't know what kind of router you have, but you could always block the basket page ( on your firmware if you log into your router settings.  That or I'm sure there's a way to block it on your browser which may even be more simple!  The great Google oracle will definitely be a help in doing this.  While it may seem odd, it'll prevent you from visiting the basket page, and therefore, from hitting the checkout button Smiley Tongue  


Re: The Fabz No Buy Challenge

Check this out.. I have a name thread, righteous! So buy your lippie products now and get it out of your system! 

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