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The Disney Thread!

I've been meaning to start this thread forever and thanks to @lmi82 for giving me the push! Please post any current or upcoming Disney collections here. There are so many which include beauty, fragrance and fashion. Whether it's Sephora, Danielle Nicole handbags, Jamberry nails or my favorite cheap stuff from the drugstore collections, add it here. There are so many Disney fans here on BT and our posts get scattered. Hope this enables our shopping habits all the more.  ✨Faith, Trust and Pixiedust!



Re: The Disney Thread!

@lylysa Since you love John Smith, you might get a kick out of this! Be forewarned, you won't get how Taran Killam says "John Smith" out of your head. Hahaha! Smiley Very Happy


Re: The Disney Thread!

Jahhhhnnnnnn Smiiiiiiithhhhhh!

Poor John Smith! LOL!


I had a huge crush growing up on Mel Gibson, I think I first saw him in a promo shot for Braveheart and the long hair and facepaint got me. When I found out he was voicing John Smith I was so excited.


Then he became bananas.... -_-

Re: The Disney Thread!

@lylysa I know what you mean. He's got a great voice and was pretty good looking in younger days, but yikes, his personality is awful. 

Re: The Disney Thread!

Did you ever hear the Mel Gibson/Judy Kuhn version of "If I Never Knew You"? 


I love it ^_^!

Re: The Disney Thread!

@lylysa Yes! I love that one. 

Re: The Disney Thread!

I'm listening to it right now...this whole week has been a Disney moment on Spotify.



Re: The Disney Thread!

Came across this little gem. It's so true! Smiley Very Happy


Re: The Disney Thread!

Best song ever!  That was my favorite running song for the longest

Re: The Disney Thread!

Totally just read those lines in the voices of the characters. 


No lie!

Re: The Disney Thread!

There's no way not to! Hahaha. 

Re: The Disney Thread!

I know! I love it!!! ^_^


Welp, time to listen to the Mulan soundtrack on Spotify!

Image result for mulan girl worth fighting for gifs

Re: The Disney Thread!

Image result for mulan gifsImage result for mulan gifs


So much much confidence.

They were feelin' themselves.

Re: The Disney Thread!

What if Tim Burton directed all Disney classic movies? Artwork by Andrew Tarusov.

I'm thinking that @ZombieMetroAnt @pixiedust2 and @veronika23 will really like these. 





Re: The Disney Thread!

Nice @lmi82! Thanks for sharing! Smiley Happy

Re: The Disney Thread!

LOVE Tim Burton!!

Re: The Disney Thread!

Me, too!  These are amazing! ❤️




Re: The Disney Thread!

I love Tim Burton too! Smiley Very Happy

These are stunning. I particularly love Sleeping Beauty.

Re: The Disney Thread!

OMG!  I do love these and would totally go see these if they existed 💕👍 The Lion King interpretation is my fave 😘

Re: The Disney Thread!

Honest Trailers are one of my favorite things ever... and they just did one for Beauty and the Beast!  Enjoy Smiley Happy


And if you loved that one, they've done so many of Disney movies


And of course After Ever After.

Re: The Disney Thread!

Hahahaha the songs are pretty funny! Smiley Very Happy

Re: The Disney Thread!

i love honest trailers! and bad lip readings

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